• BDTCG S01E12 Poster Frame

    Greeting With Intention

    We are living in a world where more and more people are experiencing a terrible sense of disconnection. The pace of our lives keeps us busy but that can mean that we don’t have time …

  • BDTCG S01E10 Poster Frame

    What Makes A Disciple

    The call that Jesus extended to the fishermen to “Come with me,” still stands for each and every one of us today. Will we, like these men, say “yes,” to Jesus and have our lives …

  • Identity Web v1

    Identity Crisis

    We’re living in a world where people are experiencing unbelievable identity crises. When you don’t understand your identity you make poor decisions in your relationships, with your money and in what you value.

  • TheBirdClub WEB v1

    The Bird Club

    Is the Church meant to be just like the local bird club or is it meant to be something more?