For the last few weeks I have looked after two of my grandchildren on my day off so my daughter can go to work. One child is two years old the other is nine months old and both are little girls. I think I must have forgotten what it was like to look after little children even though I had five of my own.

One morning, Charlotte, the 2 year old, found some nail polish that my twenty one year old daughter had left out.  She was quite competently screwing off the lid so she could paint her nails. I grabbed it off her and said I would help and then started to paint her nails a bright shade of blue as this was the colour of the nail polish she found.  Then out of the corner of my eye I could see Eden the nine month old baby, climbing up on the kid’s table and was just about to fall off. (I only found out she climbed because she was standing up on the table.)  So as I ran to grab Eden off the table, I called out to Charlotte to keep her hands above her head and blow on her nails because they were not quite dry yet.  As I turned back to Charlotte after rescuing Eden and putting the offending chair away from the table so “the climber” would not repeat her performance, Charlotte had an itchy nose and so had started to scratch her nose – with her WET nails. Guess what?  She now had a blue nose!  I wondered what her Mum was going to say when she came home.

I grabbed Charlotte’s hands, helped her scratch her nose and blew on the nails to dry them faster. Then I hunted around for the nail polish remover so I could remove the offending blue stains. While Charlotte was watching TV, I used a saturated tissue to rub gently at her blue nose.  Of course nail polish remover smells, so I was told by the two year old, “it’s smelly!” Between pulling away from me and watching TV, we finally got her looking normal and not like a blue Martian from another planet.

Naturally the climber then crawls over to see what is happening, because even at this young age, she tries to do whatever her big sister is doing. As she tried to climb up my legs to sit on the couch where we were sitting, she noticed some other toys that were more interesting and dropped down to the floor to seek them out.

All children at this young age need constant attention so they don’t get injured or get into something they shouldn’t. They need people to teach them, to guide them, to encourage and love them, to correct behaviour – to show them the “rules”.

All of this is done in a caring, loving environment.  It made me realise that I had been taught all of this years ago by my own parents. I have been blessed to come from a loving home that had disciplined me and taught me right and wrong and set me on the right path for life. Thank you Mum and Dad!

Do I think like this towards my loving God? Who over the years has guided me, taught me, cared for me, protected me from harm- came running to my aid when I was going to “fall off that table” in my life. He taught me right and wrong and set me on the right path for life. THANK YOU GOD for looking after me – especially when I did not deserve it. THANK YOU for sending your SON for me, for dying for me.  You have given me the choice to live with you forever. THANK YOU.

That day made me wonder if God is as exhausted as I was looking after two children.  No, God is inexhaustible! Thank goodness He has that nature, for we can depend on HIM for everything.  He never grows weary and He NEVER gives up on US. We are that precious to Him! Thank you God that as a grandparent, I can depend on you, and YOU restore my Soul (and my energy) especially for the next babysitting day!


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