Turn Towards the Son

I read an article the other day on why flowers turn towards the sun. They are physically made so that when the sun shines and is absorbed at a certain wavelength a chemical reaction occurs where the cells absorb more water and elongate and so the face of the flower turns towards the sun.  Also one reason for the buds tracking the sun is that insects are attracted to the warmth of the sun and are needed for pollination.   The plant has the ability to propagate itself by producing fertile seeds which can disperse and so grow more plants. This plant is now fruitful- whatever its “fruit” might be!

Wow, reflecting on this it is the same for us, we are physically and spiritually and mentally made to turn towards THE SON.    In Ecclesiastes 3:11 it states that God has ‘set eternity into our hearts.’

We are made with this hole within us that ONLY GOD can fill with His eternity. His FOREVERNESS is placed there available to everyone, we just have to acknowledge it/recognise it and so live by it.  If we are to be fruitful – whatever our ‘fruit’ is, we must turn ourselves towards what sustains us, that which allows us to grow and bear seed and so propagate – pass onto others what we have learnt, pass on our DNA.

Do you notice that when there is NO sun the flowers often look limp and droop over?  We are like that when we do not absorb CHRIST into our lives. We often live a life limping and drooped over. No wonder I don’t cope with life as much when I have taken my sight off God and have been doing life by myself.

What a reminder this was for me, hopefully it will encourage you to follow HIM more diligently and if you don’t know the Father, Son and Spirit – give them a go – ask them into your life. YOU WILL DEFINITELY NOTICE A HUGE DIFFERENCE, SO MAGNIFICENT THAT YOU WILL NOT LOOK BACK.

Our God WILL supply all your needs. HE is the ONLY one who can sustain you . John 3 :15 says ‘Everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that WHOEVER (it is available to everyone) believes in him shall NOT PERISH (I need this so often in my life- I feel like I’m drowning )  but have ETERNAL life.

(emphasis mine).

 Turn Towards the Son

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