DAY 2 – 19th Feb

Lent came about through the amalgamation of three fasts; an ancient paschal fast, people preparing for baptism at Easter and those who had already been baptised but had fallen away from the practice of their faith and were starting once again to live their faith.

So Lent is a period of preparation for the great events of Holy Week at Easter when God in Jesus enters our world for our benefit. Whether we know it personally or not God’s action for us changes everything.

Life can be so tremendously complicated at times whether in our relationships, family life, study, career or even our own sense of usefulness or purpose.

Prayer allows us to come into contact with God in such a manner that we lift above the actual circumstances of our lives into the aspect of God’s love that understands our dilemmas and provides a peace at our core even though we might be in the midst of the storms of life.

 Prayer and Lent are inseparable. I used to think it was just good enough to give something up for Lent but that falls far short from what it is all about. It misses the essential aspect of preparation for the coming of Jesus at Easter through Lent which will only happen when what we do for lent or give up for lent is accompanied by prayer.

ACTION: Take a moment to either write in your journal or reflect on how you will pray through this Lent. Will it be through prayer books, the rosary or the Divine Office that priests and religious say? Will those prayers be personal from you or someone else? Can I encourage you to put yourself in your prayers today?

 GOSPEL READING: Luke 9:22-25

 DAY 2 – 19th Feb


  1. Marianne Kovacevic | | Reply

    i talk to God all day but realised on reading this morning that I do not stop and pray/talk to him. Thank you will begin today and sit still and pray!

  2. Patricia Cannard | | Reply

    Give me the grace to continue with my prayer life

  3. Wendy Whiteman | | Reply

    Unfortunately I’m going away for some time and will miss the reflections but will try to follow the daily readings following Mark’s Gospel.
    I wish everyone the “happiest” of Lent.

  4. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    I know God hears my prayers in time of need. It it not enough to pray in times of crisis. Jesus said “pray without ceasing”. Once is was much more difficult to pray to God, as, well, He is God and I would ask myself, How do I pray to God? God knows our needs even before we pray. If I am very quiet and very still, God does speak to me. I regret conversations I was too busy to listen to. Jesus is approachable through prayer and He loves us to talk with him. I sometimes feel his smile in my heart. I have a pencil from when I was a very small child. I got it at church and on the pencil it reads, “Jesus Loves Me Just the Way I Am.” Jesus comforts me and gives me strength. The pencil is a reminder.

  5. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    I missed day 2 cause my phone Had a problem. I knew that too many words were good when u pray. Now I have learned that it is fullfeeling when u just sit in the presence of God lack of words. Just being there enveloped by him body and soul. He knows ur needs and will answer u. Therefore pray with or without words.

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