DAY 3 – 20th Feb

We are living in a world of so many unexplainable happenings. Just this morning news of another terrorist event is on television. Many more people have lost their lives. Severe dementia is slowly affecting all of my mother’s memories and even her ability to do the most basic things. Even though we have tried to keep our dog locked up he keeps escaping and if he does something to the neighbours it will be to his detriment.

Our need to make sense and understand the broader world and also the small world of our own circumstances is understandable.

But at times needing to understand can get in the way of our faith and has been the cause of many people actually losing their faith in God.

It is not a question of just abandonment, of saying,  “oh well whatever happens” but developing a heart that says, “God in you I trust despite the fact that I do not understand why life is like it is at times.”

To trust God means to surrender, to give up but not like when we are captured in a war and have our will taken from us but to willing say God despite the challenges and my understanding of them I want more of you in my life.

It is through Lent that we have the perfect opportunity to surrender to God and trust in him despite our limited understanding of the happenings in our world both large and small.

ACTION: What areas of your life do you need to accept God more?

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 9:14-15

 DAY 3 – 20th Feb


  1. Leonie | | Reply

    Hello The Lenten programme is truly reaching me. Everything I hear relates to how I feel at times. Thank you so much for sharing your own life and relating it to prayer and scripture.

    Oh and by the way, thanks for clarifying how to reach the reflections. I was maybe only 1 of the people who could not find the reflections that first day. telling us to scroll down makes so much more sense. Makes you realise that sometimes what I say and think I am being clear, does not always translate to being clear to others even those close to you. Love always . Thank YOu God for finding me The Catholic Guy. Blessings to you and your team. I do hope to actually meet you one day this year. God willing.

  2. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    I pray for God to diminish my pride and instill humility. I am not as important as I think I am.

  3. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Lord throughout this Lenten journey let me pray for the oppress and those who suffer for what they believe. Change the hearts of the oppressors and make them see reason. Make me to love my neighbor as myself.

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