DAY 4 – 21st Feb

Have you ever been unfairly criticised?

It causes us to want to strike out and attack the other person whether that is directly or to talk about them to others. On the other hand criticism can also have the affect of causing us to withdraw and hold back from others and therefore affect our relationships and the contribution we can make in our world.

In today’s Gospel reading, which you can find in the link below, Jesus gets criticised for spending time with people who are ‘sinners.’ Jesus is clear why He is spending time with them but to those who are ridiculing Him His reasons are of little interest. They still want to do Him harm.

Unfair criticism is all around us. Some magazines and television programs have it as their main focus.

We are called by God to strive to be all that we can be whether in our friendships, marriages, study life, career, etc. Don’t let unfair criticism rob you of being who God wants you to be and in the process have your peace robbed.

There was nothing fair about what Jesus faced throughout His entire ministry. From the time of His birth when Herod wanted to kill Him to when they did kill Him on Calvary, Jesus lived as the focus of unfair criticism.

When Jesus was in the right He always stood His ground. At other times Jesus remained silent letting the unfair criticism go by unanswered.

Throughout Lent make a decision not to have to have the last word. Fight not against others but rather fight to keep your peace. In other words let Lent be a period of change in you to become more like Jesus.

ACTION: What unfair criticism is still hurting you whether it is from yesterday or 50 years ago? How might you be like Jesus and retain your peace?

GOSPEL READING: Luke 5:27-32

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 DAY 4 – 21st Feb


  1. Marcy | | Reply

    Thank you so much for doing this and allowing us to walk with you. It is appreciated

  2. Bazza | | Reply

    day4 lent reflection.
    Wow I recognise that what Bruce says, wrapping the gospel in a context that is relevant to the receiver is now days called contextualised mission. It is something I am passionate about to and it is my major in seminary. The amount of criticism I get, not directly but around my back is huge. It makes it very hard to be part of a Church. Not to be able to be part of a church community as a ministry student because of this destructive criticism is just ridiculous. All I can really do is, indeed, pray and trust the Lord.

  3. Maria Mayo | | Reply

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of walking through Lent this way. Keep up your good work, you are a Blessing sent. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. Angela Zakarias | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, I’ve been on your prayer support team for some time and have also been promoting the message that you are putting out there! As opportunities arise people get to listen to and hear about the Catholic Guy here in Adelaide amongst friends & groups that I am with. Sometimes it seems Our Lord sends people my way or we just cross paths because they need to know there is support for them of the kind you offer. Thanks for today’s message for Lent on this day 4 which especially resonates with me. Please persevere so more people, especially the young and those who have little idea of the basics of the Catholic Faith even though at Mass, are supported and strengthened to ask more and be stronger witnesses. Many blessings Angela

  5. Deirdre FRain | | Reply

    Enjoying your talk. Relate to many of us in different situations, but feeling would be the same. They say it take 21 days to break a habit and the worst one we have is Criticism. It can strip a vulnerable person in seconds. If we took one day and focused on not criticising we would really test ourselves on how much we do of it.

  6. Tonia Allen | | Reply

    This really spoke to my heart today. This is actually one of the things I’m doing for lent to bring me closer to God…trying to be the better person, not arguing, just trying to do what is right. Thank you for going through this journey with me.

  7. Maria | | Reply

    “Fight not against others but rather fight to keep your peace.” This so resonated with me. Peace and calmness did fill my heart and the reason for the potential criticism a distant memory. Enjoying the daily videos.

  8. Ximena Morison | | Reply

    18/2 I open my prayer to focus on Jesus in a private quite place I follow the readings of the day. 19/2 Obey “The commandments”, with all my heart, and be faithful to GOD. 20/2 to address Sundays as a Holy day dedicated to My creator. 21/2 On my daily living I decided not to be critical of different ways of thinking.
    Thanks Bruce for providing me with the opportunity to reflect and pray during the day.
    God Bless you and your family.

  9. Barbara | | Reply

    Thank you! What an inspiration!
    I pray to the Boss that you continue your mission for many years to come and remain to touch our hearts, our minds, our souls. God bless you Bruce!

  10. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    I pray for the strength to endure the consequences of my thoughts, words, and actions. I am painfully aware how comments from others can inflate/deflate my being. I am painfully aware I can make uncalled for comments when it would have been better to be still and quiet. I pray for my pride in critical remarks be removed from my life and replaced by humility. I know not what God has planned for me and that should be my only concern. What God has planned for others is none of my business and my uncalled for comments put me in a role that is not attractive or demonstrates irony in my desire to draw closer to God. I am not God. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  11. MJC | | Reply

    No doubt today’s message will strike loud cords in many followers. I am one of the many to whom you refer and currently rarely go to church : not because i don’t believe or pray but because i fail to connect with the traditional format of the mass. The prayers are not my words and are not personal. There is a sense that God’s kingdom is to be found somehow “out there and only through the church” – I do not see my spiritual journey through the church-i find it more within- others may find it differently- whatever brings them closer to their truth. I can however relate deeply to your approach to teaching and am captivated by your methods. Thank you and may you continue to positively influence the many, who like myself, need a different and more direct approach to pray.

  12. Leonie | | Reply

    Thank you for todays message. I know I am reading it late, but was out of touch with internet, so am happy to catch up. Critisism is always with us, and being unfair seems to make me hide away. Todays reading shows us Jesus way of dealing with it. And with His strength, we can either stay our last word, or stand up for our belief and action and know in our hearts which is the most appropriate for each time. Blessings for each day and every thing you offer us Bruce and team.

  13. George Chaknis | | Reply

    Thanks for the videos & reflections. God Bless!

  14. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    I am the black ship of my family, l am sorry to say, but it is a fact. The more I tried as hard as I could, to do my best to please my 5 siblings, non of them ever loved me. I was constantly under attack and criticism to a point where I hated myself and my Mum ( may she rest in perfect peace ) for bringing me into this world.

    I have learned to accept it and live with it and it is now part and parcel of me. when I use to get hurt the criticisms poured like rain. Now that I am taking everything for granted the criticisms are reducing.

    I have just discovered that anger dose not help neither doSe fighting back. I am praying to my God to please make me as humble and as calm as he wants me to be. Let me accept criticism like Jesus did.

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