DAY 5 – 22nd Feb: First Sunday of Lent

We can associate Lent with being stark, serious and solemn and Lent is all of these things but I find myself through Lent also in praise and worship of God because as I reflect on my human frailty I see my need for God. I get a glimpse through Lent of just how amazing God is.

Through Lent we discover that we are not abandoned. We are not left to our own devices but as I say at the end of every one of our television programs, “God is never far from you.”

Have you stopped recently and counted your blessings. No not your friend or colleagues blessings but your blessings.

When I have done this through Lent I discover how much God is at work in my life and loves me. I realise that I need God and without Him life is much less and lacks the fullness of peace, joy and purpose.

Our blessings lead us to greater belief. When we count our blessings it can cause us to say to God forgive me for my lack of trust in you. All along you have been at work in my life. In you I trust.

ACTION:  What have you been blessed with? Have you thanked God for those blessings?

GOSPEL READING: Mark 1:12-15

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 DAY 5 – 22nd Feb: First Sunday of Lent


  1. Margaret Chisanga | | Reply

    Today is day number 4 of lent and I am enjoying and learning every bit of it. I pray that nothing interrupts my Lent to the end (40 Days). It is giving me strength to be much closer to God as I listen from your Daily CD. Thank you so much ‘Catholic Guy’!!!

  2. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    My heart is saying thank you for what i am receiving. Thank you for your Lenten prayer-time. And I am thankful for my daughter who passed this joyful program to me.

  3. Debbie FitzHarris | | Reply

    Every single word spoke to me – one sentence greater than the last. Thank you for making this Lenten Season inspirational for me!

  4. Effie Troy | | Reply

    Thanks Catholic Guy, best lent ever and keeping me on track.

  5. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    I have always counted my friends blesseings. I started counting mine after I read this reflection and realized that I have been more blessed than them. At an old ripe age of 68, my four boys and my step daughter are there for me. I’m in good health and still supportive of my family. Great love exsist between us. My six grand kidsh love and are fund of me. God what else do I want from u . Thank U. Amen

  6. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    Yesterday I attended my great-niece’s 3rd birthday party. Others arrived from miles around for the occasion. All her little friends and cousins were there with their parents. My heart was swelling with so much love and happiness as I departed. The kitchen table was full of Disney’s Princesses play dough kit. The dad of my little 3-year old great-niece was in charge of the play dough pressings of the dresses for the Disney Characters. I knew Jesus was at that party too. Not many dads would be in the middle of these activities. I thank Jesus for birthday parties and that my family is a part of God’s family. Oh, and no one ever watched a moment of the soccer game on the big screen. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  7. jean | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your daily messages, they are a great blessing and make me more aware each day of how much God loves us, and is always present with us.

  8. Jackie | | Reply

    You are one of the blessings I counted today.

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