DAY 6 – 23rd Feb

When I was younger I thought life was all about what I would achieve and who I would become in the future but as I got older I realised that life is about holiness. Many people would never describe themselves as holy but it has a few different expressions. Another way of thinking about holiness is being all that God created us to be and not necessarily what we achieve or who we become even though holiness might express itself through these things.

Our human thinking says that our effort is most important. However, Lent points out to us as we prepare to meet Jesus at Easter, that we need God in our everyday life because no matter how hard we try God will always make us a better version of who we can be.

Our effort is not as important as our surrender.

ACTION: How have your priorities changed over the years? What is truly important to you now?

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 25:31-46

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 DAY 6 – 23rd Feb


  1. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Thank u Family Guy for the day to day reflections that will truly change my life. Six days into the walk and I feel amazing. From the Bible reading of today, u don’t only give up material things, u can drive laziness away, give up ur time and walk the 40 days to Easter. That I will do with u.

  2. MaryAnn | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce. These daily video sessions have brought a different meaning of Lent to me. God works in mysterious ways.

  3. Joanne | | Reply

    Surrender…a concept that I struggle with. Being somewhat of a ” control freak” I find this to be extremely difficult. I pray that throughout this Lent I may surrender more.

  4. Ted | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your Blessed Team for planting messages of Hope in my heart and inspiring me to have more Trust in the prodigality of my Father, God.

  5. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    I am following this Lent program with Bruce has really made me realize that it is all about our effort that we put in, and that God will do the rest and , that God listen’s to our prayers. Also God gives us little signs in life that makes us realize then a problem we were having is solved and God shows us and gives us a clue how to do that. Also praying is so wonderful because God does hear our prayers. Especially when you are going through a rough, troubling and stressful time in your life, you will see how God helps you and makes everything alright. I used to think quite immensely about who I was to become in the future and what job I will get. Now I realize it is about who God wants you to be and will help you achieve what you also want to achieve.

  6. Greta | | Reply

    Thank you for your personal sharing Bruce. Many of us wonder when God will answer the prayers of our hearts. We often feel that He keeps us in the waiting room far too long. But what we forget is that God has not forgotten us; in the waiting room, He is grooming us, dealing with things within us that even we ourselves are not aware of, so that He can use us to our full potential. Thank you Bruce (and your ministry) for inspiring us and keeping us focused on Jesus

  7. Georgia | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for the sharing. For the past five days, I did the devotion only when I got some free time to spare. Today I told myself I’ll do before I get caught up in the chores. I startedreading the daily readings & thanking God I managed to put Him first & asking for the grace to persevere in what I just resolved to do.
    I always strive to be holy, thinking I would never be, today I am comforted to know that is not what I tried so hard to achieve but is who I am that God created to be by His Grace & not my efforts. Thanks

  8. Made leine Pierre | | Reply

    Your words are very encouraging and reach me at the time when I really need to hear them. I am actually planning a meeting with my adult grandchildren for some sharing, and now that I have listened to you ,I am confident that I should go ahead with it and that The Holy Spirit will put the right words into my mouth…Thank you Bruce.

  9. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    How wonderful to pray in the shower. Jesus is approachable anytime, anywhere. Teach me more, Dear Jesus. Make me listen. Use my vessel as you see fit.

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