DAY 7 – 24th Feb

Nearly a week has gone by of this Lenten journey.

You possibly have already picked up that either through the daily videos or the reflections we have focused on prayer as being the foundation of our daily lives with God. It is how we communicate and experience God. We can pray through the sacraments but also through the daily occurrences of life.

The videos and reflections have touched on a wide-ranging set of topics that are part of our daily lives.

Day 1 Taking stock of our lives.

Day 2 That life can be filled with difficult decisions and circumstances.

Day 3 Accepting God’s ways when we do not understand.

Day 4 Handling Criticism

Day 5 Counting our Blessings

Day 6 Holiness is being all that we can be in God.

Lent is taking stock of who we are and our need for God.

God desires to walk with us in the very mundane activities of our lives. It’s easy to feel a sense of God if we are standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon in the United States or looking upward at the dome in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome or looking at the beautiful colours of the Barrier Reef in Northern Australia but life is not always that inspiring.

It is in the ordinary and everyday happenings of life that we must find God close to us and not far away.


Today as you spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection, reflect on where you see and experience God at work in you right now.

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 6:7-15

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 DAY 7 – 24th Feb


  1. ana | | Reply

    Thank you for this msg I feel as God has spoken to me through it
    I was struggling with my own mission work as I am doing it without my husband. But this morning I got encouraged to keep trusting in God to not give up. Thank you!

  2. Sally Washer | | Reply

    Dear Bruce
    I am really enjoying your Lenten Reflections however I have not received the last two days of reflections.
    With thanks and blessings

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      Our servers are under a bit of strain from the overwhelming response we have had so some emails aren’t getting through. To catch up on any days you have missed you can visit and they will all be there

  3. Angie | | Reply

    So true, here I am struggling to cope with and accept the loss of my dear husband of 48 years , yes we all have to make that journey alone but God is always by our side supporting and guiding us.

  4. Lana | | Reply

    I have been walking through this Lent with the Catholic Guy feeling lost. But have gained a sense of relief as I felt god working within my life. He sensed my struggles and i answered an email to do this walk.
    thankyou Lord

  5. Veronica | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for doing this. Too few labourers for the lord. May the lord continue to strengthen and provide you and your ministry to continue to bring his light to others. This Lenten walk has kept me focused on the lord. Thank you once again.

  6. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    GOD is at work in my life daily. The heart is that part of the body that does not lie. I have faith that when I listen to my heart, I am listening to God and most of the time in deep faith i make good choices. This gives me a sense of positive direction in my daily life.

  7. Peter | | Reply

    Hi Bruce
    Thank you for all your good work.
    Bruce sometimes I feel confused about religion and God, I pray to God and talk to Him I feel good about it, Bruce how do I know if I’m talking to God or talking to myself?
    Thank you

  8. Carmen | | Reply

    Thank you for reminding me everyday that Lent is a journey that brings me closer to God!

  9. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    Praying is no longer an unattainable attempt to communicate with God. Jesus taught us how to Pray to the Father. Prayer is talking to God just as one would talk to their best friend or loved ones in the family. We talk to them about good, positive things they done, we talk to them when they have strayed or disappointed us. We love unconditionally and that is how God wants us to talk to Him. A flower, a baby’s eyes, the wag of a dog’s tail, a random act of kindness, forgiveness, so many things are the result of prayer. I praise Jesus for teaching us how to pray. Pray in the best of times, pray in the worst of times. God knows what we need before we even think.

  10. Angela | | Reply

    Thank you, I love being on this Lenten Journey, it has given me hope and strength every day. ❤️

  11. Joe Fragnoli | | Reply

    Your messages are inspirational. The timing could not be better for me as I count my blessings, accept my challenges and take on major life changes that have occurred in recent days. My relationship my my Lord and Savior has never been better. Thank you!!

  12. Penny | | Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful message. Will you continue after Lent? It is nice to have some place to go that can lead you in the right direction.

  13. Valerie | | Reply

    Your video today really touched me very personally, Bruce. I have been working for the Church in various ministries for many years but there have been times when I have felt alone despite knowing that there are others working with me. I never want to give up, but sometimes I leave feeling acutely that I am alone. Inside I know that Jesus is always with me; but my human side feels the emptiness. It is at times like these that I need to steep myself in prayer, which provides great consolation. Thank you!

  14. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    Your comments today made me think of the words of a John Denver song “What One Man Can Do”. “And it’s hard to stand alone, when you need someone beside you. Your spirit and your faith, they must be strong.” I think we accomplish that with frequent prayer.
    My aunt used to tell me that if you wake up at night, you need to pray, and I have found that helpful to going back to sleep.

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