DAY 8 – 25th Feb

When Rosemary and I built our first home I remember being very frustrated. We had bought a block of land upon which we were going to build our home. It was not level and was covered by scrub and bush.

The first day the builders arrived they cleared the block fairly quickly and then they started putting in the foundations. They spent days on the foundation. After a few weeks the only thing we had to show was a concrete slab that would be the floor of the house. The whole building process seemed to be so slow with almost no progress to be seen.

As we enter into the second week of Lent that is a period of preparation for Easter, we can be tempted to give up. As you may recall we said that Lent is a season where life change can and very typically does occur if you engage the time deliberately.

Now is not the time to stop but rather to double your efforts in the way you talk to God. We might look at the first week as laying down the foundation for this period of Lent and what will occur by the end.

We started the first reflection with taking stock of our lives. You may want to go back and look at what you wrote down if you did. Lent is that period where we say to God I need you in my life to be the woman or man you are asking me to be now.

ACTION: The foundation of my future is the life that I have lived. If you want a different future start laying a new foundation now through Lent. For example change what you dwell on and the words that you speak. What might they be? Make yourself see those less fortunate than you and then ask yourself what would the best version of me do in response to them?

GOSPEL READING: Luke 11:29-32

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 DAY 8 – 25th Feb


  1. Dick Bergmann | | Reply

    I love this.

  2. Bernadette | | Reply

    Good morning:) Thank you for all these beautiful videos. My two children (age 10 and 11) and I have been watching the Lent videos since Day 2 together in the morning while having breakfast. My niece and nephew (age 10 and 7) have been with us the last two mornings. This morning I asked them all what message they got out of this morning’s video. They all agreed it was always trying their hardest and never giving up no matter what anyone says. I said we had all had big changes in our lives (both my and my sister’s marriages had sadly broken down the last few years) which has impacted every area of our lives. We talked about how some people don’t do the right things at school or in the family like Bruce said, and even though we are sad we can ask Jesus to help us to be the best we can be because he is in our hearts. Today was very impactful. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Inquisitive | | Reply

    Hi Bruce and fellow Lentern travellers.
    I have been finding this so refreshing so a heartfelt thank you Bruce!
    I look forward to the words you share and questions you pose – they aid my reflection on my life, prayer and my relationship with God.

    I just wanted to share – talking with my son who is 12years the other day, I stopped my self from asking “What are you giving up for Lent” (which was so much the focus of my childhood) and asked him What will you do more of during Lent? We discussed this whole idea and he said he would pray more. I felt honored.

    Thanks again!

  4. Bec Hicks | | Reply

    Thank you for this inspirational words. It is a blessing to me.

  5. Maureen Dews | | Reply

    Today after 1 week I just found the comment button,thank you all for all you have given this week in your videos and reflections you bring the presence of God so close to me it has been very inspiring.

    God Bless you and your team.

    Maureen Dewd

  6. Veronica | | Reply

    Your reflection and lesson today is really good. Especially the part about not allowing others frailties, bitterness, negativity to deplete us and staying in prayer, in relationship with God to strengthen us against this. Also your sharing on laying a new foundation if we wanna change and what the best version of me would react in a situation! Inspiring! Insightful! Life changing, Bruce! I’m doing those things right now!! Thank you and God bless you!

  7. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Bruc and all Lenten travelers thanks for ur reflections and com.

  8. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi friendsv again all I wanted to say above is that after reading the reflections and comments, I was moved by Bruce’s advice to start a new foundation and all I have to say is, Lord give me the strength to overcome all obstacles on my way that are keeping me from reaching u. Those obstacles that kept God’s chosen people from reaching the Promise Land should be taken out of our lives and cast into the sea.

  9. Mike Edwards | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for all you have done bringing this to me.

  10. Kim | | Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful videos and readings which have been such a blessing in my Lenten journey. I wake each morning looking forward to your inspiring words and gospel readings. May God continue to bless and inspire you.

  11. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    Thank you for this Bruce. You talked about other people’s actions affecting you. My family has been dealing with my son killing himself last March. At first we were overcome with grief, then we were overcome with love, caring, support, and prayer by family, friends, neighbors, and many in our church community. Prayer has been a part of my trying to keep going everyday and over come the deep sadness I feel. I feel happy when I sing praise to God. One partial consolation I have is that many people have told us how much they loved him, and how he showed love and kindness to them.

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