Day 9 – 26th Feb

People often think that because we are in Lent we should be solemn and quiet and while this is the classical view of Lent – underpinning this is an aspect of prayer known as worship.

Worship can be spoken about in many different ways and one of those ways is that of gratefulness.

My mentors taught me at the beginning of my daily personal prayer to get a right “perspective” of God. We start off by saying something like, “God you made the universe and I am made by you. You are unlimited but I am limited. You are the creator but I am created by you. God you see all things but I can only see what is before me.”

In other words, “God you are amazing and glorious.”

Through Lent as we do this, the mystery of God becoming a human being and suffering for us out of love on the cross takes on a far richer understanding.

ACTION: Write a list of phrases that you can say to God that puts yourself in right perspective to God.

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 7:7-12

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 Day 9 – 26th Feb


  1. Mary Krier | | Reply

    I am enjoying my first series with the Catholic Guy. He is thought provoking, and easy to follow!

  2. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    God has done marvelous things in my life that I can’t contend. Jan 7th 2015 He crowned it all with a job of my life. I do live in jobs but don’t drive. For 7yrs I prayed to work with a Catholic family in order to attend Church More often. I worked with 13 families 4 were Catholic but often there was something to keep me back. I got the answer 7yrs later.This family is awesome Masses, Rosary, B.Reading, we do all + + +

  3. Tess | | Reply


  4. margherita bull | | Reply

    What inspiring words – thank you for reminding us of the joy in prayer and how God amazingly answers us and waits for us to realise that!

  5. Maria Wargovich | | Reply

    These daily devotions with the Catholic Guy have helped me to carve out a piece of my day that I can devote entirely to Jesus. His gentle voice and loving encouragement keep me grounded in the reason for the season of Lent-to talk to our Lord!! To pray to Him and to get closer to Him and to learn how to block out the irritating noise and distractions of the world! Thank you, C.G., for doing this for all of us who love the Lord, but just need a gentle push and a bit of guidance!

  6. Ted | | Reply

    Thank you Catholic Guy Unity for giving metal to my Trust our Father God accepts and loves me. May the Spirit of Love, Truth and Wisdom have fun recreating you to be pure and perfect images as the Father wills us to be. With gratitude and blessings. Ted.

  7. Lorraine Wilson | | Reply

    I am enjoying walking through Lent with all those who subscribed and am paying more attention to my prayers and conversations with God. I thought all subscribers would enjoy the following:

    Without God our weeks would be:
    Seven days without God,makes one weak.

  8. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Catholic Guy for the devotions, video’s and messages contained in them. They help me focus on the Lord and on my relationship with Him. Keep up the good work for us all
    Love in the Lord

  9. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    I thank you, Lord, for my family. Thank you for Jaxon and his parents for being so near to me. Thank you for Dianne and give me patience as she asks for advice and then does what she intended to do anyway. Right or wrong, instill in me a loving heart. It is not my place to judge anyone when asked for advice. Instead give me the words, talk through me as you have before. Without you, I am nothing. I love that you love me. Keep me still and quiet. Give me strength. Shine through me. I am lost. Keep me in your loving arms.

  10. Mike Edwards | | Reply

    Thank you Catholic Guy .

  11. Nancy | | Reply

    This is the second day that im unable to hear Bruce’s message, and I have my volumn all the way up. Any helpfulness would be appreciated.

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      I have sent you an email with some suggestions.

  12. Susan Akers | | Reply

    I proclaim that God is a glorious and powerful God! A little over a week ago I just “met” The Catholic Guy through this site. Tonight I met you in person in Nashville, TN with the Dominican Sisters. What a wonderful evening! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I know I was blessed! God bless you in your work. I will be praying for you!

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