Day 11 – 28th Feb

Lent is that period when we come face to face with the reality of who we ‘really’ are. As a young people we can often feel invincible. Life is all before us. Possibilities seem endless. God made us to have this type of energy and enthusiasm during those early years.
Then something happens. Disappointments, mistakes, opportunities lost, not getting chosen for that opportunity that comes along or we just come to the realisation that we are not that intelligent or physically gifted for some things because truthfully we are not. For others we do achieve only to find that when we arrive at our destination that it was not as fulfilling as we thought it would be.

It is here that Lent has a very important role to play in our lives.

As we have said already and will do again during this Lenten journey is that we need God to lift us up in these times when we face who we truly are.

Through Lent we are preparing to invite God more deeply into our lives.

Through Lent we come to that deeper reality of dependence on God.

ACTION: During your prayer today continue to be honest with God. Express your need for God in your daily life.

Matthew 5: 43-48

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 Day 11 – 28th Feb


  1. Nancy | | Reply

    It’s funny because the actual video plays on my computer, but not on my iPhone.

  2. Heather Munro | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce for your insightful words that really hit the spot. GodBless you and your team

  3. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you for giving me this opputunite to be part of the lent programme

  4. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you for the lent programe

  5. Norma | | Reply

    Have loved your Reflections the last 11 days, and the new web page. It really makes me want to find quiet time in this busy world I live in to pray. But I can’t find today’s video. Is it there? or maybe I’m just getting older and blind?

  6. Margaret Rampersad | | Reply

    Need all the help I can get to walk this journey,reading and listening to your videos has certainly helped.

  7. Lupe | | Reply

    I thank you Bruce for tirelessly working to answer the call that our true God has called you to. I’m sure HE has blessed you abundantly with the gift given to you.

    As I reflect on today’s reading I feel my inadequatesy looking deeper into my life and my GOD. I call upon HIM to lift me up, to help me make a deeper commitment to HIM and walk my life wherever HE leads me!!! No words could express my gratefulness to GOD for leading me to where I am today. May my entire life be a reflection of HIS great love for me. Thank you Lord.

  8. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    The words “get behind me Peter”, I believe are for each one of us. Getting behind Jesus shows me that fom this viewpoint I can see Jesus’ need to be alone with the Father and that is what i need to know..that on my own I am just a bunch of good intentions. Only through my relationship with The Lord can I then go out to others and share what I have been given, and that is to love through choice , especially when it becomes really hard…I then ask God to loan me His forgiveness.

  9. Barbara | | Reply

    spot on….
    Today I have learned that I am very small and insignificant and not doing that well… Prayer is the answer but today I don’t know how…

  10. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    Lord, enter more into my life. You have never failed me but I have failed you. I know the way life is supposed to be and I know the way life is. All the more to allow you deeper into my spirit in order to live the live I was meant to live. As always, you know all. Teach me to quietly listen and obey…

  11. John Tomczak | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, I really am feeling very much conected this lenten period and like so many of those who have made comments of gratitude to the work you do in reviving ones faith in our Lord.
    I generally like to visit your site around breakfast time and take in the message you present, the gospel readings and reflection, then do a follow up on the readings in the evening.
    I love the commitment that I am making which brings my focus on to God more interactive throughout the day.
    As the lenten program has progressed, I have found the commitment easier each day, as well as everything I do has a positive impact on my communication with others around me
    Thanks for your voice and unselfish inspiration with your interpretation of our Christian values
    God’s grace

  12. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, I have been unavailable for a few day, there was a problem with my phone. By a deeper self examination I have actually known who I am. This walk is helping me to build a better me by accepting my faults and reconciling with my God. Without the walk Lent could have just been a period when we fast and pray and wait to celebrate the Resurrection. Thanks for the reflections and all the doctrine we are getting.

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