Day 14 – 3rd March

When I was young anything I did not understand when it came to God, the Church or why things happened in the world and in life the way they did I said was “a mystery.”

By describing what I did not understand as “a mystery,” it gave me permission to be at peace with what I did not not understand. This is obvious I know and yet there was a deeper level that I did not comprehend.

It was ok as a child to call everything I did not understand a mystery but there is a different richer concept of what “a mystery” is.

Life is so full of the unexplainable.

The sudden death of a person greatly loved or the loss of a plane at sea. Why some people seem so intelligent and others are not. Why some people have thick long luscious hair and then there’s me. All of these can be described as a mystery but when it comes to God it has a different meaning.

A mystery when it comes to God is not just a description of what we do not understand it is an acceptance that God is completely beyond are comprehension. That God is a being actually beyond words and description because we do not know how to describe Him. We can talk about what we know of God from the Scriptures and what others tell us of their experience of God but even these descriptions God is beyond.

Yet when our eyes are opened to faith in God we come to understand and describe God, this indescribable being, as love.

A Catholic priest taught me some years ago to pray by just being with God. That there was no need to say anything but just to be with God like we are with someone we love. There are no words required because being with each  other other is sufficient. It is a step of faith that is not an acceptance of not comprehending but rather that God is the ultimate being.

ACTION: As we enter more deeply into this Lenten journey try some days to sit with God when you pray and do not feel you need to say anything. I find this a very rich and transforming form of prayer.

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 23:1-12

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 Day 14 – 3rd March


  1. Ximena Morison | | Reply

    Dear Bruce.
    I had had a problem with my anti-virus and I was not able to see the reflections.(ok now) I have a great satisfaction with your definition of “mysteries “. I will pass to my students as well as the reflection and importance of prayer .
    Many thanks. God be with you all days of your life.

  2. tony keegan | | Reply

    thanks for your insight good for me to hear

  3. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Humility is the virtue needed to follow Jesus, to listen and to trust that whatever is needed to understand that in the right time for each of us He will open our minds to what is neede if we have surrendered our will to God’s will. I believe that each one of us is a beautiful mystery that only God knows.

  4. Laurie Hare | | Reply

    Dear Bruce

    I look forward everyday to listening to you in these emails for Lent. Every morning I wait with eager anticipation to listen to you, however this morning your email was not in my inbox early (as usually I receive it around 4:30am) – I found it later today – and have just listened to it this evening 6:59pm New Zealand time)

  5. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I find the Catholic priest who taught to pray by just being in the presence of God without saying anything freeing and deeply reverent at the same time. To see it as like we are with someone we love where there are no need for words because being with each other is enough is well put.
    God Bless

  6. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    The whole of human life, the world in which we live, the experiences we face interacting with all that God planted in the world he created, up to the time we expire, is beyond human compression and therefore a big mystery. Bruce please pray with all who are in this walk that God Almighty should give us a deeper faith to believe without seeing.Amen

  7. Angie | | Reply

    You have made my Lenten period very satisfying and full. I await your daily messages which have enriched my life. Prayer for me has changed over the years, now my hair is Gray and I have learned to listen to God and not keep talking with him all the time.
    Thank you and God Bless

  8. Judy | | Reply


    God bless and keep you. This daily sharing of your faith has shined a light on my Lenten journey. It is the start of my day and one I try to carry with me through out the day. What a blessing you are and your messages powerful.

    Thank you and God keep you in his loving care.

  9. Rosa | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, Thankyou for my messages. Some days i feel that you are talking to me alone and other days I just take it on board but I like your humour. Thanks again and keep up your great work!

  10. Chris | | Reply

    This mystery fascinates me. It is easy for fascinating moments to slip by unnoticed. Like:❓ Why was the email late?
    ❓Then I go to my small group and we talk about and pray for recent tradgedies affecting members of our group.
    ❓Then I come home tonight and listen to this message now.
    All appropriate, All complete, All a mystery. Our Incredible God.

  11. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    I started teaching in 1975. The Lord placed me in the classroom for 37 years. He guided me, He was with me in the classroom. Sure there were times when I was discouraged, would lose my temper with an unruly student, days I wished I was doing anything but teaching. Those would be the days when I thought I was in control and did not ask God to be with me that day. Jesus is the greatest Teacher that ever was and ever will be. Perhaps I had to deny him to know that He was in control. I could explain math, but I could not make all students understand it. Much the same with God.

  12. Tonia Allen | | Reply

    Love this…just to truly open our mind to being present with God is so peaceful. The irony is that He is with us all the time…we just need to be still and know.

  13. Deborah Fougeray | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. May God Bless you.

  14. Barbara | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce! When I wrote my comments before I was more open and honest than ever before… I think… You are praying for us and God listens to you….
    Last Sunday night, I was very early for my Mass, and I knelt with closed eyes and started to pray: Dear God, Bruce told me to pray and I don’t know what to do next… I think Bruce, our God listens to your prayers…Somehow I know something different now, I feel different too. I can and want to pray…And I really understand what you talking about :o) WOW!

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