Day 15 – 4th March

The night I burnt my back I was only 5 years of age and yet all these years later I remember it vividly as if it had just happened yesterday.

The red coat of a nurse (that I told myself belonged to my mum) comforted me that night and gave me hope that mum was close and that I was safe now and into the future.

Hope is one of the great Christian virtues but it is not the same as wondering if something will happen such as hoping to get chosen for the sports team. When I was younger I called Rosemary before we were married and asked, “do you want to go out?” the first time and I really hoped she would say yes.

Hope in the Christian sense has another twofold meaning. It means both knowing and guarantee.

At Easter, the high point of the yearly Christian calendar, we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is when Jesus the Son of God pays the ultimate price by giving His life to overcome the effects of humanity’s rejection of God and God’s perfect ways. The consequence was our separation from God and we had no way of overcoming that ourselves. Before Jesus we had no way to get to God.

Now because of the action of Jesus we are “guaranteed” eternal life with God. This “knowledge” affects how we live. We do not live in fear or worry but in the confidence that we will be with God.

In other words we have Hope in our future life with God. We are saved.

The life we now live determines whether being set free from the power of wrongdoing will lead us to being more fully with God.

ACTION: Lent is a time when we meditate on the hope we are given by Christ. It affects every aspect of life. Reflect today on how this hope affects the way you think, feel, act and speak.

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 20:17-28

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 Day 15 – 4th March


  1. Patricia Cannard | | Reply

    Thank you for today’s message. I really like the way you link human experiences with spiritual hope -I hope my “red coat”
    experience of being with God each day will increase my belief in His presence in every aspect of my life. I pray today for a grandson with leukaemia – may the Lord bless him in his suffering and restore him to good health.

  2. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    From the reflections of today I have confirmed the fact that prayer is the master key to enter the kingdom of God. There is no other way of relating or talking to God than by prayers. Therefore All on the walk help me to pray.

  3. Ted | | Reply

    One of my red coats is ‘I will never forget you my people’;
    Another ‘The Impossible Dreams ‘. May every new corridor have a red coat for You and Your Loved Ones

  4. Leonie | | Reply

    I really enjoyed todays reflection. And I reflected on your statement, Without prayer we are just alone in the dark.

    Thank you. Since I started this renewal of my faith and growth some months now, my way of speaking and thinking and feeling has changed, especially as I look back. It hasnt been an easy time, especially as I have had tragedy and grief and disaappointments galore. But I am more at peace and more able to discern Gods presence and also a tiny bit more patient to wait on Him instead of working out what He would want for me , without asking Him.

  5. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    As a child, I too suffered a loss on my own in a hospital a long way from home. Your story Bruce brought the pain and the fear associated with being alone.
    But out of that painful time my trust in God began, for as little as I was I knew with a deep conviction that Jesus had listened to my prayer and had taken my cries to His Father.

  6. Loretta Amos | | Reply

    Thank you so much for your sharing of meeting God in your every day life. One of my favourite sayings to people about prayer is If you can’t find God in your every day life you will never find him in the pages of a book. He is as close to you as your very heart beat. My other saying is Be present to the Presence of God Who is already within you

  7. Barbara | | Reply

    I understand “red coat”
    Thank you for making me think and re-think, remember and hope.

  8. Jeannette | | Reply

    Whether the start or end of a day it is so good to take the time to listen to you. My first thought was we are alone in the day too without making God apart of our lives. Having God as part of our everyday in whatever small way makes each day special and allows us to think of those less fortunate or those suffering… Our griefs or problems are often nothing compared to that of others….

  9. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for reminding through prayer I am not alone. Jesus came to serve. Amen.

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