Day 16 – 5th March

I can still remember where I was in 1978 when on the radio it was announced that the Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla had been elected as Pope. He chose the name Pope John Paul II.

He was a man of great intellect, who was a charismatic figure loved by both Catholics, Christians and non Christians who respected him as was testified by the world observing his death and funeral.

He was brave in defending people against injustice and all of this came from his life of prayer.

The following is a quote by Pope John Paul II. It summarises so much of what we have been focusing on in the Lenten journey. I would encourage you to put it in a place where you see it often and reflect upon it.

“Prayer gives us strength for great ideals, for keeping up our faith, charity, purity, generosity; prayer gives us strength to rise up from indifference and guilt, if we have had the misfortune to give in to temptation and weakness. Prayer gives us light by which to see and to judge from God’s perspective and from eternity. That is why you must not give up on praying!”

GOSPEL READING: Luke 16:19-31

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 Day 16 – 5th March


  1. Bazza | | Reply

    Yesterday I had a very upset customer, she was rude and cranky. There was no indication as to why she was so upset, I questioned myself if I had done something wrong? I was was getting frustrated and upset with her, to the point of almost being rude and angry with her. I walked out of the house to my van to get some tools. In my van I prayed for her and myself. During the job it gave me strength to keep friendly in spite having to deal with Mrs rude. Once I was finished she smiled at me and thank me for being so polite.

  2. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Thank you for what I have heard today, I find that it is prayer,this coming into Pesence that keeps me from thinking I know everything…and He is always so gentle with me that I come back every day. I love the effect on the tree that grows so close to the water and pray that I too can show the same effect in my life for others.

  3. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    It is by prayiny that I do little things for others since Lent started, like doing choose around the house, running errands, and praying. I have always said, my hands are Full but l found out that where there’s a will there is a way and that u can always find time to help others by the will of God Almighty.

  4. Stephen (Perth) | | Reply

    Bruce, Excellent. Keeping me engaged with the Lenten journey.

  5. John Tomczak | | Reply

    Today has been one of those hectic days where I have tried to spread myself around and do as much as I could, yes I sort of succeeded, however as I reflect on today’s message I would have had more success and less off a challenge had I only taken ti e out for prayer and reflection.
    I think this often happens to us all in some way, we are so busy trying to achieve and forget the necessary time for prayer to help us get to where we are going
    Thanks for the opportunity to take the time to reflect on today’s events

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