Day 17 – 6th March

Sometimes in the busyness and noise of life it can be hard to figure out what are the right things to be doing. What complicates life even more is that as we grow older and go through the various stages of life there are different questions that we must answer. There are different times of our lives where we need to be asking the question what is the right thing for me to be doing now?

So often I wish I could just pick up the phone and call God so that He can tell me the right and the best thing to do at that moment in time. However it not as easy as that.

This is where prayer has a powerful role to play in our lives. 

In Romans 12:2 St Paul says to the Christians in the early Roman church, ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can judge what is gods will, what is good, pleasing and perfect.’

The season of Lent is recognising our need for God’s will to take place in our lives more perfectly. Through Lent this transformation can take place in our lives.

Should we engage it deliberately?

Prayer draws us into the presence of God where we can discover and discern more accurately His will for our lives.

ACTION: What areas of your life do you need to be transformed in? Once you have answered the first question reflect on the second question. If you were to meet Jesus right now, what would He say is the area of your life that needs to change?

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46

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 Day 17 – 6th March


  1. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, for your contribution, in word, and in reflection. –
    In reminding us; the strength and the empowerment, we receive, by opening our eyes and hearts to prayer.

    I look, with eager anticipation to your daily Lenten message.
    I am humbled that each and every message, aligns with a present moment in my life.

    Such is the power of prayer. –
    Blessings, as we continue to make our heart’s (and commitment), to God, firm.
    Rita Lewis

  2. Awhina White | | Reply

    I panicked initially because when I first clicked on the video it said that you had removed it. So I reflected on your comments first and wrote some answers to your 2 questions.
    I decided that whenever I come across an ugly part of my behaviour/attitude I need to pray for 5 minutes. ( I profess that I always ask for God’s help but most times I’m too busy, the sign gets lost among all the others – to hear His answer. )
    I’ve timed it now – how many “conventional” prayers it takes for 5 minutes. In time I know that personal prayer will be added along the way but at least I know that 5 minutes will make me stop, listen and know that the “sign” will be there.
    Then I went back again to the video and there you were.
    Had to laugh about the missing days. Very timely.

  3. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    I was getting stressed because I missed a couple of days. You made me feel so at peace and you made me feel good about myself. I become so motivated when I hear your videos. Thank you for pointing out that all of us have such busy lives and that it is sometimes hard to hear Gods voice. Prayer is when we can really hear God. I also feel at peace when I go to Church. When I am stressed and when I pray, the stress goes away and I can make the right decision and everything works out the way is should.

  4. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Gratitude is the first prayer of my day, for I have so much to be thankful for. God speaks to me in many ways and uses some of the most unlikley people and situations and I confess, some are very challenging….especially when I think my truth is the only one! But they are the graced opportunities that our God offers…and when I allow this to change my direction I am a better person than before. They say “all growth is painful” ouch! Thank you Bruce for what God is giving us through. You

  5. Leonie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for todays message. I have certainly got behind a day or two over the time. I decided to do two days a day for a couple of days and spaced that out over the day so that I had time and energy to reflect properly. Took me a while, but that worked for me. Seeing signs is very hard for me in normal life. And I have done some things that I know now just could not be asked by God, leaving either waste or mess in my wake. So I know I now have to take that time each day, and I am doing my best to make that happen in a good time of the day, but sometimes it is late at night, and probably I am not at my best at reflecting then. I like what Awhina above me says. My way is more read a scripture, either write a letter to God or sit and wait or use my own words. I probably need to do more set prayers as I promised myself to do at the begining to supplement my own personal prayer which seems so lame at times. But I know God knows me and my intentions and so I am at peace with that, I will grow if I just keep on doing it. Thanks again for all you offer me Bruce with your ministry.

  6. Barbara | | Reply

    Funny thing happened today… The first chance I have to watch the video and read the reflections this week is after work, late afternoon. Today’s topic, or rather your example to portray the topic, was speeding… I smiled when I listened. Why? All day long (leaving home at 5 am, driving around the city in the transporting people in the ambulance -200km – and returning back home around 4pm) I kept thinking about the ethics of my driving. Speeding, pushing in, making interesting U-turns, racing… – all that and more :o) I am able to explain and justify. And yet, today!, I could hear the voice – DON’T. All day long…
    Thank you Bruce for the topic and for sharing your personal experience, and most of all for helping me to understand THE VOICE.

  7. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Thank u Bruce for encouraging those of us who are lacking behind not to give up. Evething caught up with me and I thought I will never catch up. Christ failed three times and still made it to calvary to die for us. Lord if I fall give me the strength to pick up my own cross and follow u.

  8. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    Thank you for your remarks and encouragement. I too have fallen behind and thought of quitting, but I have not. I at least have watched the videoes, if not read the scriptures. I am determined to hear everyone, because it might be something I need to hear. I, also, have been praying the rosary at times this leten season, and am planning to do it more. Acting on my deceased aunt’s advice of praying when you can’t sleep (instead of tossing and turning), I got up and prayed the rosary this early morning, since I couldn’t sleep. I will get caught up !

  9. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    Thank you, Catholic Guy. God Blessing you has Blessed me.

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