Day 19 – 8th March: Third Sunday of Lent

After the Dominican Sisters left me that night I walked back to my room from the door of the hotel and I reflected on the life that they were living. I had gone to their website before they had come and discovered a group of woman living radical lives of devotion to God and to the education of children and youth.

These woman did not appear to me to be tired or worn down or lacking in joy but exactly the opposite. They were filled with a vitality that I found infectious and I wanted to be infected by.

As I listened to them and they graciously listened to my story, what was evident was that these Sisters had each in their own lives experienced a calling or a leading. They were doing what God was asking them to do and because of it they were filled with an infectious joy.

While we lay people are not called to the same life as the Sisters, we are created by God to respond to His leadings in our life.

A vocation is not just a job that we do but rather a lifestyle that we live, of which our occupation may be a part.

For a long time I thought that priests, sisters and brothers had a vocation but for lay people a vocation was their job. I now know I was wrong.

A vocation is being the person that God created you to be and doing the things that He has created you to do.

I would encourage you to wander around their website and be encouraged by the language of dedication and devotion to God of the Dominican Sisters. Their life has inspired me to ask God whether I am following the steps in life He is asking of me today.

ACTION: Is the life you are living, the thoughts you are thinking and the actions that fill your day part of your vocation to be all that God created and wants you to be?

GOSPEL READING: John 2: 13-25

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 Day 19 – 8th March: Third Sunday of Lent


  1. Margie | | Reply

    I especially enjoyed today’s reflection Bruce and have been following you this lent every day!
    Yes indeed KEEP IT UP I first heard you speak here at St Thomas More Parish in Mt Maunganui NZ Father Michael Gielen was our amazing Parish Priest at the time. I have passed in your links to others who are also enjoying this time of reflection. No coincidences but Gods divine doing!! May he bless you abundantly and continue to guide you!

  2. Mario Chavez | | Reply

    Bruce ;
    Thanks for your words.
    Thanks for the perseverance …
    Thanks for your dedication…
    Thanks God.
    Your in Christ

  3. Sandra | | Reply

    thank you so much for the daily reflections. I look forward to each one of them. They help me as I go through my day to think more deeply about my relationship to God and how I can be of service to others.

  4. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this let program it’s help me a lot to reflect have a good day

  5. Dorothy | | Reply

    Wow! Just spent the last 11 minutes watching the video on their website. What truly inspirational women. Infectious. There is no better word to describe them. “…God wants to do unbelievable, phenomenal, surprising things in our lives. Beyond our wildest dreams… SO LET HIM!” Such powerful words that l will take with me. WOW! Thanks for sharing Bruce.

  6. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    I really enjoyed your reflection today Bruce, and I have been following you consistently. Your reflections are so inspiring and really help me in my every day life. I have a new energy for life especially when I hear your reflections. You remind me of my Assistant Parish Priest in Australia Canberra, his name is Father Luke Verrell. Father Luke is so amazing and so very inspirational. I am speaking to people about your amazing reflections and that they should sign up to receive them. It is so true that God gives us the signs and lead us to be the person , that He wants us to be. May God Bless you always in abundance. Erica

  7. Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Listening to your story today and smiling inside at the gentle working of our God through the Spirit of Jesus and your yes to The Spirit, reminds me of Mary’s awareness of the same Spirit and then what happened. I can identify so many times the wonderful God incidents in my lifeand the many shared ones by others. I consider that opening to God is real prayer, and the results are always joyous . Thank you Bruce for your continuing yes to God we are all the better for these reflections.

  8. Heather Munro | | Reply

    A wonderful lesson Bruce in mindfulness – in being mindful of Christ working in our lives – being present inChrist. Thankyou

  9. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Upon hearing your message, today Bruce, I also believe the events leading up to your meeting, were not coincidental. Indeed, the work of God, as he intended.

    During my work in Pastoral Care, in a hospital, my prayer walking towards the wards, was always the same; ‘Lord, please place me were you need me to be, where I am most needed . –
    I would always ‘stop, enter and engage randomly, – always to those who it turned out, truly needed visitation, support or to sit with, in silence’
    I was often amazed how I ‘knew’ where to go, ….. It was no coincidence, God had listened to my heart and responsed with his. Those we meet, come into our lives for a reason, …. We have lessons to learn from one another, and
    We never walk alone – God walks alongside us, all the way.

    May God bless you on your path, your travels, along the journey.
    Blessings, Rita

  10. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce,

    These Lentern Reflections have been a great part of my Lentern Journey. Some have resonated more than others, this is one of them. I firmly believe in seeing the “coincidences” of life as God working in one’s life. The difficulty is knowing when this happens and what God is telling us. I am trying to see the coincidences and find the answers more often through prayer.

    God bless you

  11. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    Thank you for your work and devotion, Bruce. I have gotten a lot out of your messages. I believe God will lead us if we walk and listen to him. Your message today reminded me of a time in my life that I was given an assignment in my job that I didn’t want to do, provide an activity for teen leaders (high school) on a retreat. As I sat outside the room, past the time I was supposed to be there waiting for them to let me in. I hear yelling and felt conflict and heat coming from inside. I was afraid of what I was walking into and lacked confidence in the activity I had planned. I decided to go through with my activity, although I hadn’t done it since my music therapy internship years before. After I did it, teens and teen sponsors were crying, hugging, asking for forgiveness from each other, and telling each other What they aprreciated about each other. They told me, “Thank you!” I told them that I was just there to watching the healing power of Christ. It was definitely a lesson on trusting in Jesus and listening to him.

  12. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    Bruce, I don’t think your experience or mine was coincidence ! I think God is more involved than some people give him credit for !

  13. Lorna | | Reply

    Thankyou for this , as we go through life I am always asking am I doing what God wants me to do? I work in aged care which I enjoy, but have just gone through a period where my work was questioned & I was wondering if it was time to move on. I am still open to change if that is what God wants.

  14. Mike Edwards | | Reply

    Thanks for your dedication.your messages help me a lot. God Bless

  15. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Bruce, thanks for this explanation. In our village in Cameroon back then we were blessed with a convent and many Rev Sisters. I thought that only Sisters had Vocations. Now I know and feel better that I too have a Vocstion.

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