Day 21 – 10th March

As I mentioned a few day ago when I left school I wanted to work in the Church sharing faith. There was however no place to do this as a young eighteen year old and certainly not as a fulltime job.

I was so frustrated by this but God had other plans. God had me in His school of preparation. I just didn’t realise it because I was looking at me and my circumstances and what I wanted and was not able to look at my life from God’s perspective.

It was not until I was 30 years old that I started actually working for the Church. In those years between 18 and 30 years of age I worked in various jobs out in the world, doing different types of training and gaining many experiences. What I didn’t realise was that in those years God was at work according to a timetable and plan that was simply divine. He was preparing me but I didn’t know.

God is not just interested in our academic training or even our skill development. God is more interested in our heart transformation and us becoming open to being led by Him in how we should live our lives.

What I have come to realise is that God’s delay does not mean God’s denial. God prepares us in so many different ways than we can possibly understand or comprehend. His thoughts and ways are so above ours but he constantly draws us closer to Himself through the experiences and circumstances of our lives.

When I look back over my life I can see God’s hand preparing me over the years for what I need to do right now.

ACTION: As you look back over your life what things took longer than you wanted or expected but turned out well?

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 18: 21-35

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 Day 21 – 10th March


  1. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you I m learning a lot from this let program you are running today’s gospel we all should should learn from God Bless

  2. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    The whole of human life is a mystery, take for example ‘sleep ‘ all u know is that u slept for a number of hours and woke up, even when u dream u are not sure of the interpretation of ur dream. God made it that way so we should have trust in Him and let his will be done.

  3. Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    It is heart warming to feel to be a part in your journey and to know that through this sharing that god is always here.Relationships are what our lives are about and the need to forgive and let go are all coming from our relationship with our God I thank my god each day for all the people I encounter through Him.

  4. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    It is so amazingly heart warming to be on this Lent journey with you Bruce. I thank God every day for the people who are in my life, my family and my friends. I also thank God for the experiences I have had in my life. It is because of God I have the people in my life. I trust God completely and pray is the way to become even close to God. Sometimes, something has happened and I did not quite understand at first then a few days or even weeks or months later I realized what God did for me was the best. I know that God will always do what is best for me.

  5. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    I really enjoy your talks. I can really relate to this one, because when I was younger, I was “wandering” in life not knowing what to do with myself. I worked different varying jobs. I started reading the bible from cover to cover and praying and eventually everything came together, by trusting in God. I heard myself telling a friend, “I love working with people, and I love music. What kind of job is that ?” I became a music therapist and worked with children and adults, mostly in psychiatric hospitals, Now I am a special ed. teacher, something I never dreamt of being, but I love it !

  6. Mike Edwards | | Reply

    As usual loved your talk this 21st Day. God Bless

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