Day 22 – 11th March

Have you ever thought about pure love? The kind of love that accepts without question. It doesn’t agree with wrong doing, hurting others or selfishness. It is the kind of love that is completely other- focused.

Many people know of the love of parents that is selfless and sacrificing and yet there are many people who come from families where they have not experienced this love for one reason or the other.

I remember when I did youth work in my past it was always difficult to talk of the love of parents as there were always people who did not know this love and to talk about it caused pain and a sense of separation from others.

My parents loved my brothers and I and I truly believe that if their lives had been required to protect ours they would have willingly given their life for us. Despite this however they were not perfect.

God however loves us perfectly.

ACTION: As you pray today reflect on the concept of pure acceptance. It does not mean our actions are accepted but that we are accepted.

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 5:17-19

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 Day 22 – 11th March


  1. Joanne | | Reply

    Talking to God is not where I have a problem… It’s in listening that I have difficulty, :(

  2. Robert de Weger | | Reply

    Bruce I’m realy enjoying your Lenten videos. You have such a great way with words. So much so that I would loved to use some of your videos for My Catholic Corner that I put out once a week. It reaches about 3000 people.
    I start of with a quote from a saint, followed by a faith clip for four or five minutes, followed by a Q and A on the Catholic Faith. If you like I could include you on the list?

    Yours in Christ

    Robert de Weger (Emmanuel Community}

  3. Jacqui Scholte | | Reply

    I agree that many people feel they have not experienced love from their parents…….they either cannot remember it….perhaps life’s sadness and traumas obliterated the memory, or they were too young to remember, when their parent or parents died or left them.

    Yet I feel we could safely say that babies, when they are born and are placed in their mother’s arms, there is love in abundance. The absence of love would be very rare. Even in later life as the child is growing up……and there is unhappiness and dischord in the family……the parents deep down still love their children.
    We need to talk about this imperfect love… that children are still able to recognise this love in their lives so that the perfect love of God is easier to taste.

  4. chris | | Reply

    Hello Bruce,
    I so much look forward to what you have to say everyday, this time of reflection during Lent has made me more aware of my place on this earth as a christian.
    Todays talk made me realise why I am now at this stage of my life seeking out Jesus more & more-talking, praying, listening to him, as I have lost my Mum recently-my Dad 20 yrs ago, but I have lost that Pure love I always had from Mum, even tho Jesus has always “been there” for me with His pure love for me, I am feeling His full impact on my life-I guess with out the distraction of Mum.
    Thank-you for your time to help me become closer to God.

  5. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    I am so very thankful to have had parents like yours who loved us unconditionally and were selfless . There was not one day I didn’t feel loved. Thank you Mum and Dad.
    Thank you God!

  6. John Tomczak | | Reply

    Hi Bruce,
    Like so many others who have made comments, I also am truly great full for your daily talks and reflective messages.
    I look forward every day to playing them and listening to what you have to say in God’s name.
    I also like reading other followers comments & find I am not alone in some of our human falings, but I’m working on it

  7. karen | | Reply

    Thank you for your most inspiring videos and messages…that really speaks to the heart….Our Lord truly loves us unconditionally.

  8. Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    B there ruce, thank you for the image of three little boys…so familiar and so comforting. I have discovered through the nurturing I receive in prayer that the person I had to nurture was myself, it is an ongoing process to accept myself as I am with the willingness to say to myself Vonny there are some few things with the support of our Lord that can be brushed up.He is so gentle with me and that inspires me to try.

  9. Veronica | | Reply

    Today’s words are beautiful. Felt gods love for me. Will pray more from the heart and more naturally instead of having a fixed method. Thanks Bruce and keep up the great work

  10. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Bruce dear, u keep me going with ur life experiences that are so inspiring and encouraging. Unconditional love like chist’s and parent’s can’t be measured and when u give it or receive it, it is amazing. Love is like a mystery that is not easy to comprehend but can easily be shared in the community and the world at large. Remember the second commandment, ” LOVE UR NEIGHBOUR AS UR SELF “

  11. Angela | | Reply

    Hi Catholic Guy,

    Thank you.

    For sharing a daily reflection and drawing me in to the scriptures which follow.

    This lenten experience is gently spurring me on to draw in closer to God and is making my relationship with my Father in Heaven real (again), instead of feeling distanced and awkward with God.

    Thank you.
    May your life be ever Blessed.

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