Day 23 – 12th March

Throughout the videos that we have watched on this Lenten journey we have touched on many different issues such as surrendering to God, coming back to God, trusting God, keeping on through the struggles of life, celebrating God in our life, responding to the leadings that God puts before us, etc.

Lent is an intense forty­day season when we reflect and make changes to the way we are living as we ask God to come into our ‘everyday’ lives more fully. Through Lent we reflect on our need for God.

The daily videos and written reflections are an addition to the daily Gospel readings and place the emphasis on God and what God did to express His love for us.

If prayer is being present to God through talking and listening to God then how do we do this on a consistent basis?

In the next few reflections we are going to look at some ways to pray. For this reason this might be a few paragraphs longer today.

You might be a ‘veteran prayer’ and if this is the case then keep going as you are.

For many Catholics the Mass is central to their prayer life but there are also many of us who do not know what to do and how to pray.

Prayer is being present to God’s presence. Think of it this way ­ there is nothing you can say to God that He doesn’t already know. There is no feeling you have that He is not already completely aware of. The words we think we must use in prayer are for our benefit because God already knows what we are going to say.

Prayer is therefore about honesty before God and because of this the words we use are important.

I use to think that ‘good’ prayers were done in a certain way, that there was a formula. That those prayers from books or those at Church on Sunday were the right way to pray and that my own words were not as good. This is not true.

The prayers in books and at Church on Sunday often contain truths about God that maybe we do not know and therefore they are helpful to our prayer and understanding of God.

Your words and thoughts are important because they reflect who you are. I was taught by my mentors to write my prayers out in a journal everyday. I have done this since 1973. It has changed my life.

In the next few days let’s explore how we might pray.

ACTION: Because God knows everything about you, what do you want to say to Him today as you walk through your day?

GOSPEL READING: Luke 11: 14-23

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 Day 23 – 12th March


  1. Mary | | Reply

    I have been enjoying “walk thru Lent” very much. It’s concise, easy to follow and thought provoking. Is there a daily or weekly version for the rest of the year?

  2. Tonia Allen | | Reply

    This is so spooky (in a good way)…I was just last night re-reading the book “The Help.” I have read this book a couple of times in the past and every time I read it, one of the things that I love is that Abilene writes her prayers out in a journal each night. It has always inspired me to do the same. Just last night, I was thinking how it would help me to keep track of things I want to talk to God about. You have just reinforced this idea…I feel it would help my prayer life so much. You have been so inspirational to me through this time of Lent. Thank you!

  3. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, looking at some ways to pray in next few reflections will be my best option. Sometimes my mind drift to other issues when I pray especially when I am alone, and I lost concentration. I consulted our spiritual director and he adviced that I should pray for the people and circumstances that I think of at the time. I still need alot to learn about some ways to pray. I really need ur help Bruce pls.

  4. Joanne | | Reply

    Thank you for addressing the issue of how to pray. Something that I struggle with in my life.

  5. Barbara | | Reply

    “Walking” with you this Lent Bruce, helped me to move from being a “spectator” to being a “player” in my prayers. At first I was writing my reflections as comments “we need, we should, we …” etc. Now I am starting to write “I need, I should, I…” , and actually, I am talking-connecting-discussing-submitting to God all day every day :) It requires some effort, will power do want to!, then to feel His presence… But yes – beautiful surprises come in small and big ways :o)
    God bless you Bruce

  6. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Through this Lenten program I feel that I am getting closer to God by prayer. Like everyone I have a lot of challenges and when I pray I am able to meet those challenges in life. I always feel so calm and connected when I pray and I love attending Mass. I feel very happy when I attend Mass and a new sense of renewal and calm, as well getting a new sense of positivity in my life. I always celebrate having God in my life and because of him, all the blessings I have in my life are because of God. There are times when I cannot understand why something is happening and then days or weeks later I understand exactly why it happened. It is truly amazing what God does for me and for all of us.

  7. elizabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for qll the videos and reflectiuns. Todays is especially true for me. I had decided to sell the family home and went to an auction sale for a unit which I ws so sure was just what I neede at 85 years–small but with a lovely outlok which I was so used to at my family home.. I bid even more than I thought the place was relly eworth–I wanted it so much. I eventually let it go to the other bidder and came away thinking “well God is telling me to stay where I am” In no time a grandson coming from the country needed a home while he did his appreniceship! Next a grandaughter came from America to go to university in Sydney and so the home is once more filled with family. God has always looked afterme and I place my trust in Him. Had to share this as it is what has happenned all through my life.

  8. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, like the disciples going out in pairs trusting that what they have is what they have has been given to them and knowing the need to keep returning back to Jesus trusting that they will never be let down. You and your wife are being true images for each one of us to learn how to trust. I was asked some time ago to share how I saw myself in relationship with the Lord and all I could offer to try and explain was”needy”. I have discovered that I will never be self sufficient, I can only be God-sufficient; and I praise God for knowing this.

  9. Frankie van den Hoek | | Reply

    I have loved and got a lot out of all your reflections I am not a catholic but appreciate your bible based wise and prayerful comments. I live in Sydney so it’s nice to hear you are going to have a Centre here as well, please keep us informed where it is going to be.

  10. Angela | | Reply

    This is what I needed to hear, I feel so blessed, even when I don’t understand a lot of things in life, I feel blessed knowing God is with me and he knows. Thank you again, I love being on this Lenten journey.

  11. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    Thank you, Dear Lord, for knowing my needs, for Loving me, for forgiving me.

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