Day 24 – 13th March

While prayer at its essence is listening to God and talking to God (which appears simple) there is so much we can learn about how to do it well. From the time of Adam and Eve human beings have been praying in one way or another.

We can improve how we pray by listening and reading about how others pray.

One of my prayer mentors taught me about the importance of finding the right place to pray. These places can be varied from places of stillness and silence to locations that are busy and noisy.

At home I have a chair in my lounge room that I pray in regularly. Even though I could pray in a different place everyday, by praying in the same place regularly, I can get more quickly into the mindset of prayer. If you don’t already do this I would encourage you to try it for the remainder of Lent. You will be surprised how having a regular place to pray helps in your focus and surrender to God.

At times my life can be tremendously busy, as I know it is for many people, and if I had to wait for quiet I would never find the opportunity to pray.

If this is you why not learn how to pray as you travel to work. It takes time to practice but it can be tremendously rewarding. The secret is how you deal with your thinking. Accept the fact that on the train, bus or in the car there is going to be noise. Maybe get some quite instrumental music and play it in your earphones. I catch a lot of planes and I find these tremendous places to pray. While people may be all around me it is possible to block all of the distractions out and focus upon God.

ACTION: If you have not already decided that you will then decide now to pray each day. Then decide on the best location. Make sure the chair is comfortable or decide how you will block out the distractions. Remember prayer changes our lives as it connects us more closely to God.

GOSPEL READING: Mark 12: 28-34

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 Day 24 – 13th March


  1. Stevan | | Reply

    I have to admit that I don’t pray no where near enough or with the passion I’ve witnessed recently,I often refer to myself as The Terrible Catholic because I’ve been too lazy and taken my Faith for granted!
    Bruce,thank you for shining the light of our Lord Jesus Christ and His message!

  2. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    This reflection has thought me the most important lesson about prayer. Selecting a location where u can sit, talk and listen to God is Awesome. As time goes on, when family and friends notice u praying often on the same location, they will surely turn to respect that location as a sanctuary. Once u are there they will deem it necessary to join u, and Jesus said ‘ where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I am in their mist ‘

  3. Paul Harvey | | Reply

    I believe prayer works and our Father in Heaven listens.
    Please prayer for me and my family.
    Paul Harvey

  4. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Your Lenten words and reflections are deep, heartfelt,
    and inspirational.
    Prayer that is regular and consistent, brings me closer to God, and connects me to the present moment. It takes me to the core and essence of self, thought and feeling.
    My prayer at mass, gives me joy, and prayer that comes randomly, at any time, any place, reminds me, I do not have to have an appointment, set day or time, to talk to God – He listens when I’m driving in my car, in the quiet of my thoughts, to the stillness in my heart, God hears me and he listens.
    Even now, as I struggle, to understand, why my circumstances, what is the plan?…… I speak , (on one side,), about my challengers, fears for the future, and my hopes. (& on the other hand), I trust that God knows best, that he knows the plan he has for me……
    Even, in the uncertainty, of not knowing; which path to take, questioning the direction, of choices made, and those still to come…….I firmly trust in his plan, his choosing, his timing, for me.
    Lent has strengthened my trust and made ‘firm my heart’, God’s love for me.

  5. Rita | | Reply

    As a Pastoral Carer , I have ‘felt’ God’s presence, in prayer and particularly, at times, when I have held the hand, of the patient, a family member, (or staff), in their moment of fear, pain, uncertainty and struggle.
    (In many cases), I have ‘witnessed’ the comfort, and power of prayer, & (with permission), holding hand.
    I believe in the ‘presence’ of
    God in that moment, and his reassuring hand, on mine.
    When we ask God to be with us, in our time of need, he listens.
    We may not always have an answer to our prayers, or have our prayer answered, but…
    We must firmly trust, in God’s greater plan.

  6. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    We have been told, to go out and share what you have been given and that simply is being a witness. I know that unless I start the day in the Presence of God and I liken this to the vertical part of the Cross….God and me…with me being filled with what is needed for this day,and then the rest of the day I liken to the horizontal part of the Cross; only in this way can I be even a tiny witness to what i have been given. Dear Bruce what a wonderful witness to your faith you are, and your brother who was off now back and on his way…thanks to God being able to use you.

  7. Di | | Reply

    I love the explanation of the balance between prayer, on one hand being able to confidently ask God for help and on the other hand completely trusting God. To me this puts at rest the conundrum of whether to pray for something OR to pray and “leave it in God’s hands”.

  8. Colleen VanHaeften | | Reply

    Thank you for your reflection on prayer. I struggle to focus during prayer and hope God will forgive the lukewarmness and distractions and hear my desire to talk to Him.

  9. Angela | | Reply

    Today’s reflection really touched my heart. It opened my mind and heart to prayer and that through prayer we may ask for what we need but it is really what God wants, because he knows what’s best for us ❤️

  10. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    I have a special place in my house where I pray and that is my bedroom. It is quiet and I can reflect and pray. I always feel so peaceful after I pray. Everyone in my family prays, I have learnt to pray from my Mother and Grandmother. I feel God’s presence with me every single day and especially when I am nervous or worried and stressed. I know that when I pray to God, God will make it alright. God always does things for the best, because he wants the best for us. It is so wonderful Bruce to witness your faith and the person you are. God is always guiding me, especially in my struggles. At times it is hard to be patient and to know which path to take and what will be the correct decision to make. I know that God guides me to make the right one. God has a plan for me and for everyone. Most times we cannot understand the decision made or work out, why things happened but then later you understand it completely. I firmly trust in God. Lent has made me strong. My faith has always been strong and now it is even stronger. Bruce I am so happy that I am on this Lent program with you. Cheers Erica

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