Day 26 – 15th March: Fourth Sunday of Lent

The past two reflections have focused on finding a regular place to pray, as well as possibly writing out your prayers which is what I do, especially if I find I am getting distracted easily or find I am finding it hard to focus.

If you met a dignitary, leader or even senior boss it would not be unusual to consider who they were, what you would say to them or even how you would say it.

It is the same when we commence our time of daily prayer. Consider God. Yes that’s right consider who God is as you begin. Each day when I commence my time of prayer I normally say or write what brings me mentally into the presence of God and that causes me to I acknowledge who God is as far as I am capable of understanding.

While the entries from our prayer journals are private and I would not normally share what I have written publicly, I have decided to do so here as people are asking how to pray as we go through this Lenten journey.

My way of praying is just mine. It is not the right way but the way that was taught to me by mentors and that has developed over the years.

How we begin our time of prayer each day is very important.

From my prayer journal the following are the beginning of three different days as I have started my daily prayer;

“Lord thank you for Your love. Lord you are holy and amazing. There is none like you.”

“Lord thank you for your love. Thank you for your presence. Lord You are holy and amazing. Glorious are you.”

“Lord thank you that I can be here. Lord you are holy indeed. Lord help me to serve you with my whole life.”

When we address God we are not just talking to a casual buddy or friend, we are talking to God who made everything and who knows everything there is to know about us. While God seeks to be in a personal relationship with us we cannot treat the relationship exactly the same as if it was our friend.

Acknowledging God’s greatness, holiness, perfection and love immediately brings our mind and emotions to a place that we go to at no other time of the day except when we acknowledge God.

ACTION: As you begin your time of prayer today whether you are sitting on a train, on a chair in your room or sitting before the Blessed Sacrament in a Church or Chapel consider your opening words and sentences to God in prayer. It changes what happens next.

GOSPEL READING: John 3: 14-21

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 Day 26 – 15th March: Fourth Sunday of Lent


  1. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, today as you spoke of how you saw and believed your fathers tallness,My perception of how I saw my dad was so similar, although I believed as a six year old my dad knew everything because he knew which train to catch while to me they all looked the same…sadly I grew up and dad became very human…and in a similar way I perceive GOD as the BIG and the Little and that is the way I pray. One day the greatness and majesty is beyond my comprehension, and while that remains the conversation becomes that of the BEST Friend and everything comes out…some days are dry and some days are impossible to explain even to myself…GOD has taught be that it is not about how I feel…it’s simply about being

  2. Jacqui | | Reply

    Dear Bruce

    Thank you for giving us such a powerful message everyday during this season of Lent. I’ve been going through some difficult times and it is prayer that has got me through.

    Your stories of your childhood are wonderful to listen to.

    God bless

  3. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Bruce , I can’t explain how this reflections about how to pray have changed my perception of where to pray and how to pray. Surely it is important to consider how we are going to present our petitions to him respecfuly, honorably, whole heartedly,truthfully with our whole mind and soul. Then we decide what to thank him for, what to ask of him for ourselves, for others and for the world and how to ask pardon for our sins at that material time. Thanks for ur help.

  4. Inquisitive | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for sharing these deep and meaningful childhood experiences. I was smiling and laughing as you shared the story about your father’s signature at the back of your book. I could relate to the developing richness of my son’s and husbands relationships and thought of how beautiful and important these are. And more powerfully the connection between these earthly relationships and my relationship with God. Very powerful reflections – thank you as I reflect on how to deepen my own relationship with God. Thanks so much!

  5. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I am so happy every day when I receive your video’s and reflection. In your reflection you have really made me realize and have taught me the correct way how to pray. It is so important to pray respectively, honorably and whole heartedly , truthfully with our mind and soul. I always pray for what God has given to me and what he continues to give to me. People in my life, my health etc. I pray for others and for the world . I have been going through a stressful time and your powerful message every day has gotten me through it. May God Bless and keep you. God Bless . Erica

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