Day 27 – 16th March

As we commence to pray each day it is important to get our perspective right. By this I mean to acknowledge who God is and who we are relevant to Him.

After you say or write your opening words to God as discussed yesterday in the reflection for Day 26 turn your mind to God and who you are in the light of God.

For example I will say or write:

“God you are the creator and I am the created and yet you love me.”

“God you are everywhere and I am just here and yet you want to be with me.”

“God you are unlimited and I am limited to just here and now and yet you are with me always.”

“God you know everything and I know so little but that does not concern you.”

While these statements are similar they are trying to put my mind and heart into the place of knowing that God is above and beyond me. Yet as I come to prayer God sees me, hears me and is with me right then and there in that moment.

ACTION: Write some sentences of your own that acknowledges the wonder and magnificence of God.

GOSPEL READING: John 4: 43-54

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 Day 27 – 16th March


  1. ana | | Reply

    In my prayer today I saw God as a loving Father. I sow my self like a toddler who panics every time he looses the sight of his parents. I feel that my prayer has been dry for some time now. I used to wake up early in the morning to pray but then I decided to move my prayer to the day time. But I feel there is to much distraction in the day time. This morning I was up early so I decided to pray. It was good experience. I took your advice and used your steps. God reminded me through his word about all the great things he has done in my past. I was never left alone and he will never leave me alone.
    It was comforting to read this.
    Lord you are here, please help me to persevere in my alo

  2. ana | | Reply

    Alone time with you.

  3. Kaye Josephs | | Reply

    Thank you your message about the power of prayer to soothe the feeling of missing my grown children who are far away now I’m back home is a comfort. It is a sense of aloneness or feeling empty as you describe. I pray that God will fill me up with his love and if they are missing me a positive energy will develop where they reach out to Him.

  4. Rita lewis | | Reply

    I can relate to your message, Bruce. – During my work, in Pastoral Care, (ICU/Trauma),
    there are moments, when I felt
    apprehension, entering and introducing myself, to the patient, or family, I had never met. –
    At at a time, of pain, fear or during their darkest moments, I would arrive, offering my support, to sit with them, to listen, or just be, in whatever
    their space, in the present moment. I have felt that loneliness, or feeling of inadequacy, …. I would silently pray. I was lonely,… not alone.
    God was present, and like you, Bruce, in those moments, that I
    questioned if I should be there, if I could make a difference,…
    I ‘heard’ God……. ‘Yes, you will make a difference, it matters…
    I began to ‘feel’ where God wanted me to be, where I was needed most.
    In prayer, today, I said;
    God, you are so strong, your strength is constant, and consistent, …… Mine is not!
    However, you continue to strengthen me, even when I fall, or self-doubt.

    Lord, you are so full of promise and hope, …. Sometimes, I lose belief…… Yet you continue, to give me a sign, that this is just a minor interruption, in your plan for me.
    In you Lord, I trust.

  5. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    An important time in prayer for me ,is the daily readings , God speaks to me through His WORD and that WORD is Jesus.It may be a line or sometimes two words that taken time to meditate on will be the Food that I need for myself and for whoever God brings into my day. The experience of actually hearing my words out loud and knowing that it is He speaking through me..fill me with the wonder that a God so Almighty trusts me enough with His SON is beyond my rational….it keeps my feet on the ground Amen

  6. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    When Mary and Joseph lost Jesus, they experienced the worst loneliness and emptiness ever for three days. When they found him in the temple, their fears turn into joy. This is my best Mystery of the Rosary. When I feel lonely cause my child is busy, far away or just lost touch, I often pray and ask God to bring my child to a temple where I can find him and often I get a message or a call. This has happened often, and I thank God. Bruce, these reflections are an eye opener to me and l am sure that many people are learning a lot from them. I need more.

  7. Barbara | | Reply

    Hi :o)
    It is an amazing journey. I am 60 and I think, it is the first time this Lent that I really pray. I have everyday all day ongoing conversations – sharing, asking, requesting, bargaining, thanking, acknowledging and yes, also listening. It is a learning process. Thank you Bruce for bringing up and portraying so well such a vast spectrum of reasons and ways to pray.

  8. Sheila | | Reply


    I cannot tell you just how much I look forward to your videos, and written word everyday! Your tone of voice and genuine sharing is so inviting and so inspiring. I’ve been struggling for some time with not emotionally running when it comes to prayer from my heart, and am working on it with your guidance through these programs. I’ve wanted to put them in writing as you suggest but for whatever reason I’ve found myself in a prayerful meditation after my reflections where thoughts just come, so I’m accepting that for today because I’m at least slowing down and not running emotionally. So just for today, I’m going with however the Spirit moves me.

    I really appreciate your sharing, your guidance and your openness because it is really helping me in my prayer life and my Lenten journey this year!

    I pray that you will continue in this ministry throughout the year reaching out to us all!

    Thank you and blessings this Lenten season and always!

  9. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    It is truly amazing the journey I am on. I am 38 and I have so many wonderful experiences and moments when making the right decisions and that is because of God guiding me. There has been one experience that was so traumatic and devastating to me and that was when my boyfriend ( in the year 2000 broke up our relationship) I was so in love with him and had dated him for four years. After we broke we both decided that we would stay friends. Then in 2001 he broke up that relationship and I was completely shattered and devastated, I did not think I could get through it. It took me six years to get over the break up. I have not had a boyfriend since then. I used keep thinking to myself am I meant to meet another man or am I going to stay single. Now learning the right way to pray I have come to understand that God gives us what we need in life, whether it be a companion in life or friends or anything, so I am looking forward to seeing what happens in my future. I have come to realize that if God wants me to meet someone he will make it happen. I trust in God completely. I just want to thank you Bruce for the videos and reflections, it is helping me so much indeed. I am so happy that I am on this Lenten journey with you. Thank you so much Bruce for leading and showing me the way to pray. I am learning so much about pray because of you. Cheers Erica

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