Day 28 – 17th March

Prayer always brings us to a place where we come face to face with what we really think and believe about God.

When we settle the question of whether we believe or not and come to the decision that we do, its important to keep renewing that decision of belief to God.

This is easily done early in our time of prayer by saying to God in our own words,

“God, I give you my life,”

“God be the Lord of my life,” or

“God be the centre of my life.”

By stating our commitment and belief to God we draw more closely in our heart and in our mind to God.

It is very common in marriages during certain periods for love to become dry. In my marriage to Rosemary there came a time when through the busyness of lives, our careers and raising children, we became very focused on the tasks we had to do to keep our young children educated and cared for. It was during this time that we didn’t spend as much time together as our relationship possibly required because we were so busy.

As married couples who are older and wiser than us know ‐ that for our relationship to be truly vibrant it is important that we keep making the choice to be in love and to grow that relationship of love more deeply. When Rosemary and I discovered this, a deeper richness and warmth took place within our married life.

This is the same with my relationships with my close friends in that you must keep choosing to deepen the bonds of your friendship as time goes by.

It is the same with our relationship with God. It is important to deepen our relationship by choosing God as our Lord and Saviour, by our love language and by our devotion to God every day.

By doing this every day our relationship with God cannot help but grow in maturity, intimacy and love.

ACTION: There are many ways to tell God that you love him, care for him and are devoted to him. Put in your own words how you would express these words to Him today.

GOSPEL READING: John 5: 1-16

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 Day 28 – 17th March


  1. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Today, the word Commitment, ‘stood out’ for me –
    Prompting me to reflect on the meaning; –
    : A promise to do or give something
    : A promise to be loyal to someone or something
    : The attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

    As I reflect on the above,
    I recall many promises I have given, to do or give something, or to be loyal, to someone or something. – Today, I ask myself; How much same commitment have I devoted to God?
    In my actions, my prayer? –
    Today, I choose to adopt an attitude, that works hard to support God, and make him
    ‘The centre of my life ‘

  2. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Prayer is talking to God, that is raising up our minds and hearts to him. If u believe in him and know who u are in relation to him, u can’t lack something to tell him. Tell him what u will tell ur Dad when u need something, thank him the way u will thank ur Dad when he fullfeels his role as a father. Sing praises to him and glorify his name any time anyway. He created us in his own image and loves us unconditionally. We should love him back and the only way is through Prayers. Prayers opens all doors.

  3. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    After having spent some time teaching third class on ways we can show God how we can love Him and others,(same thing), a little girl spoke up and I will never forget the teaching she gave to me and the rest of the class. “KINDNESS is LOVE WALKING AROUND IN WORK BOOTS”. So profound that I had it copied out and have shared that piece of truth. We can talk God deaf if there are no visible signs of His Spirit alive in us. We are shown how to love God through THE Actions of Jesus.

  4. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Everything that we have is given to us by God. I truly believe that without pray we have no spiritual fuel inside of us. I truly agree with you Bruce. Pray truly opens the door to our life and spiritual life. When things happen in my life I know it is for a very good reason, and it is because God wants that for us. God does things for us , so that it is the best outcome for us. God Loves us so completely and unconditionally. The word commitment really stands out to me and my commitment to God is so strong and God is the centre of my life. Without God I cannot be. Thanks so much Bruce for this Lenten journey. Cheers Erica

  5. Barbara | | Reply

    :o) …clever… :o)… You are speaking volumes with a simple example. It really helps Bruce :o) Thank you!

  6. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    They played this hymn/song at Mass on Sunday, it always makes me feel a mixture of being a little uncomfortable (because there’s other people around) coupled with a desire to belt it out which I do even though my voice isn’t brilliant (sorry fellow parishioners) it speaks of the love I am still working on developing for God. It is called Absolutely and it’s by Starfield. Really worth a listen

  7. Hudson Caro | | Reply

    The joy of the Lord is my strength. We get that strength through prayer, otherwise we “run out of gas” and are stalled in our endeavors and life becomes bleak. Thank you again for the videos ! Keep up the good work !

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