Day 29 – 18th March

In addition to recognising God’s greatness and committing ourselves to God, it is important to talk to God about our wrongdoing or what we might call our sin.

Today some people don’t like to use the word “sin.” For them it is too harsh but the truth is sin means that we fall short of how God has asked us to live. This falling short is not just as a result of human frailty and weakness but is the deliberate decision to do what we want. It is a rejection of God and while this can be a wholehearted rejection or more often done half­heartedly ­ it is none the less done with an element of deliberate choice.

Our sin does not only affect us and those who know about our sin. Sin when carried out deliberately affects all who are a part of the Church. Together we make up the spiritual house known as the Church. Our actions affect the whole body and not just ourselves as is a common misconception.

Putting ourselves right with God simply means to be honest. It does not mean we will feel bad or that we will not feel bad.

Honesty admits. It does not cover anything up.

Honesty is truthfully saying to God I stumbled here and I need your forgiveness as well as your help and this submits us once again to the Lordship of Christ.

As Catholics we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession. In this action we are joined to the Church once again particularly when we have faltered seriously.

Reconciliation restores and gives pardon and peace.

ACTION: With honesty and sincerity ask yourself in this Lenten journey ­ what areas of your life need change and God’s wholeness.

GOSPEL READING: John 5: 17-30

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 Day 29 – 18th March


  1. Prichie Dunn | | Reply

    Praise God! Thank you Bruce for being the instrument of God, your talk is very spirit guided. Thank you. God bless.

  2. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    I really loved listening to your video reflection today. I am a lot like Emily bubbly and very enthusiastic., I am 38. You are so right when you say that prayer shows you the place you are meant to be in your life. Prayer to me keeps me happy and completes me. Prayer keeps me so connected to God. Right now when there is so much going on in my life and in the world I feel that I am in the place I am mean to be. I am at peace now, it has taken a long while to get to this place in my life. Bruce been on this Lenten journey has made me more connected to God than ever before. I would like to come to one of your talks, and I would like to be able to meet an speak to you. If my parish invites you to come and speak to the parishioners in the parish I will definitely come to meet and talk to you. Once again thank you so much for this Lenten program. Take care. Erica

  3. Keith | | Reply

    Our conference finished last night and it was a wonderful experience. I met many nice people who all equally shared their love for God. From the speakers to the production crew, they all shared one goal and that was to present themselves as natural joyous people who love God. I thank you all for giving me the tools to work towards a closer personal relationship with God. I wish you all the love and guidance in your Journey and I pray for a spiritual awakening in all the communities you deliver this great teaching.

    Keith Power

  4. Rita lewis | | Reply

    Consistent and regular prayer directs us, to our inner self.
    It can take us to the ‘core’ of where we are, in that present moment. Even in the turmoil, of not knowing, or understanding
    where we are going, where we want to be, and also, where God is leading us. – In that moment, of conscious prayer, we find a peace, a sense that
    all will be clearer, all will be revealed.
    In prayer, I entrust, my life,
    even my turmoil, to God.
    In that moment, I have belief and hope.

  5. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    I love to imitate St Paul’s prayer in how I feel when I am thinking about how grateful I am for all the beautiful souls who have brought me to where I am now…and when I think of you I pray for you.Bruce GOD is able to use you to bring so many needy souls back to him and I am one of them. Our need for one another is what brings us together to re-discover Just how much Our God delights in us and being so assured of this love that not one of us can earn….we just have to pass that on or lose what we have been given, that is what is behind the enthusiasm so many of us run with.

  6. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Reconciliation or Confession is the best thing that can happen to any body. Have u ever attended mass and before Communion hear the Priest announced that Holy Communion is only for Catholic Christians who have prepared themselves. How do u feel standing there knowing that u are not prepared. U are like, now everybody will know that I sined or should I just go and receive Communion to clear people’s minds ? The answer is blowing in the wind.

    Let me go back to when I was 9 yrs in the
    village, luckily we had a convent school. The sisters organized Confession class by class and each class had one day of the week to go to confession. My class then standard 2, had Wednesday after recess to go to Confession every week. We hated that day and we neck named it ” badday ” it seemed as if Wednesdays came too soon. We hated nailing before the Priest not having something say. Sometimes we discussed with friends just because we had nothing to say and then went and confessed the same thing. The Priest took note of this and the whole school had to take doctrine classes on ‘ CONFESSION ‘ After that confession was rescheduled to twice a month for the for all classes. Everybody was happy and longing for it Cause u just felt peaceful and clean after u reconcile with God and with the Church.

  7. Barbara | | Reply

    thank you

  8. Joe | | Reply

    God bless you Bruce. This journey through lent has been life changing for me. My commitment to prayer has never been greater. I feel the Spirit with me all the time. Like God, it is beyond words to express what has and is happening to me. I thank God for giving you the gift Bruce and everyone should experience this journey.

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