Day 32 – 21st March

Following on from yesterday’s reflection….

After a time of reverent silence it is important to reflect upon what God might be speaking into our minds and hearts. In saying this it is equally important to be careful in doing this, because it is possible to hear what we want to hear and to say that it is what God is saying when it is just our own thoughts and what we want to hear.

For example, I once spoke to a person who said to me that they thought they should leave their spouse because they wanted something else. Their justification was, “God told me.”

By listening I mean be open to those leadings that could be God’s guidance as thoughts and reflections develop when we are in God’s presence.

I write these thoughts down and then act on them slowly. Why slowly? I don’t have a direct phone line to God where I hear His voice clearly. I could be wrong and decide something that causes damage to me or to other people’s lives.

Some people fall into the trap of not listening for God’s voice at all. God wants us to live with an ear open to Him.

ACTION: Today as you sit before God really listen to Him.

GOSPEL READING: John 7: 40-53

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 Day 32 – 21st March


  1. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    I’m going to try to put into words what I have been given earlier today.My attempts at quiet prayer are just that..attempts,but on praying the our Father,taking each line and meditating on the words an opening came in as I recognized my need not to find the beginning of the anger that lies hidden inside of me but to ask as my daily bread for the other side of it. The other side is peace,but the peace is the bi-product of loving-forgiveness. It is this kkind of forgiveness that dissolves the hardness of anger. Understanding now the importance fr my well being is to LET GO of the big and little hurts and reap the reward.

  2. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Jesus died on the cross, for our sins.- In life, we all carry our own crosses. Sometimes our cross is heavier, because we choose to add more weight, to our already, heavy cross.

    In recognition, I can release that hold…….
    I can let go, of the entrapment, that keeps me tightly bound.

    As I walk in darkness, I can choose, to remain there, trapped, unable to free myself…… Or I can choose to shed light, on what is keeping me in the dark.
    In doing do, I can turn on the light, and see with clarity,
    all that is before me…….

    It comes down to choice! –
    I need prayer,
    I choose prayer, ….
    that I may see a reflection,
    of all that is hidden,
    & shining a glimmer of hope,
    in the darkness.

  3. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you I have enjoyed this let program it’s teaching how to just sit and listen and pray God Bless

  4. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    I think that it is so true that we want to hear only what we want to hear when praying to God. It is so important to hear God voice and what God wants us to hear. Sometime it is our own thoughts that we hear and we cannot hear God’s voice at all. I think that Bruce the idea of writing down thoughts and then acting on them slowly is a great idea because like you said we do not have a direct phone line to God. It is so true that God wants us to Listen to him with an open ear. If we concentrate when we pray to God , then we can really hear him with our ears open. Erica

  5. Maria | | Reply

    Today’s video so resonated with me. We as humans all have our weaknesses. We are not proud to admit them but put them before God in prayer and know that he will guide us out of sin if we not only listen to him but DO the action required to change. After listening to you today I am excited to begin my journey to change one of my weaknesses.

  6. Deborah Fougeray | | Reply

    Bruce, I thank God for bringing you and your gift of faith to share with us in our lives. Your life’s journey in faith is full of wisdom and I greatly need to be mentored spiritually. I look up to you as a wonderful Catholic man spreading the Word of Our God and showing all of us how to speak and listen to Him through The Power of Prayer and and how to ready our hearts be open to the presence of God . You are truly a disciple of Our Lord. With all my heart I say Thank You Dan.

  7. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    I always pray and say, God give me the grace to overcome these obstacles that are keeping me from reaching u. The question is, do I really tell him what these obstacles are and listen to him carefully to know how to overcome them or do I just brush over them without presenting each by name.

    From today’s reflection I have learned that writing down ur thoughts and acting on them slowly while concentrating and listening to God carefully is the best approach. A lot has been taught in this journey. Thanks Bruce.

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