Day 33 – 22nd March: Fifth Sunday of Lent

As a Dad I have always enjoyed being able to give my children things that they have either needed or wanted. The joy on their faces has always brought a joy to my heart.

It is the same with my staff. When we began we had very little in the way of equipment. We got by using old gear or by doing things the long way. Over time we have been able to purchase what they needed to improve what they produce through their work. When we have been able to do this I have felt a sense of happiness because my staff are pleased with what they are able to achieve with the new equipment.

I think God is the same. He wants to give to us not just what we need but also what we want.

However Rosemary and I know that even though we have had the ability to give our children what they want at times, making them wait has an important part to play in their development as maturing people. In life, as we all know, we can’t have what we want just because we want it.

Waiting produces endurance and perseverance and this produces an ability to plan and work hard.

Often we want God to provide for our needs immediately but God might withhold for reasons that we do not know and on other occasions this will turn out far better than if we had got what we asked for immediately.

God wants us to put our needs before Him and to ask with passion and conviction saying to God, ‘I trust in your provision as you know all things and know what I really need and you will provide it at the right time.’

This balance between asking and trusting is at the heart of spiritual growth and maturity.

ACTION: Today put your needs before God in detail. I keep a list and often pray through it.

GOSPEL READING: John 12: 20-33

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 Day 33 – 22nd March: Fifth Sunday of Lent


  1. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    When I listened to today’s reflection I know that this Lenten journey is my makeovers. The idea of noting down ur thoughts and dealing with them slowl is of primary impotance.

    Fixing a place, time and how to pray is the main agenda.
    I am focusing not only on asking but thanking, praising and honoring my God.

    Since i now know that being a Wife a Mother and a social worker is a Vocation, I will try to deliver my duties to the best of my ability with all the love and care possible. I hope that my makeover is what my God wants of me. Thank u Bruce for the enlightenment.

  2. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    We are mostly ‘creatures of habit’ – we can become complacent, comfortable, or
    even content, with who we are!
    In prayer, we have the freedom to express, what we like, dislike, need or want for ourselves. Prayer allows us to reinvent, who we want to become, and need to become.
    Prayer provides ‘the tools’ to
    recreate; all that we can be.

  3. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for reminding me that the Lord is interested in all areas of my life and wants me to succeed in becoming the woman He intended me to be.
    It is also reassuring that God is our Divine Provider who knows all about me and knows what I really need right now more than I do myself. Bruce you explained it so well when you mentioned about striking a balance between asking and trusting in order for spiritual growth and maturity can take place.
    God Bless

  4. Mary baddock | | Reply

    I have loved the talks each day and it has improved the quality of my life in every aspect: spiritually, physically, mentally..
    May God keep blessing your outreach, give you, your family and team health and energy to continue this great work for God and His people.

  5. Angela | | Reply

    I needed to hear this today, I’ve felt I need to change a lot about me me lately, thank you this has encouraged me.

  6. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Y ears ago I was fortunate to hear on a tape a wonderful talk on The Spiritual journey with the speaker using the seeds we plant as an analogy for our journey. She gave point by point in comparing the two….and how important to allow the growing in the darkness and moisture to happen without checking on what was happening. If you :”dig it up to see how it is going you could kill it” The talk taught me that time was needed for all things to mature and that we need patience with our little selves and simply “sit in the Light of the SON and allow him to love us” I know that if I do my bit God will do the interior stuff and that what He does is everlasting..I trust in HIM.

  7. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Your reflection today Bruce , has made me feel reborn. There are so many things I want to change about myself. The Spiritual journey I am having on this Lenten journey is so wonderful and I am truly, truly blessed. I love all the videos and reflections that you give it is making me a new person. I have always been strong in my faith and in the power of prayer. Now I know exactly how to pray. It is so amazing to know that God is our Divine Provider . Thanks Bruce for reminding me that God is interested in all the areas of my life and that when I pray to him, about the various areas of my life God will help me and tell me how to go about it, and what to do. I trust in God completely.

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