Day 34 – 23rd March

When I was a young person it would never have occurred to me to think about how to end my time of prayer. A quick sign of the cross was maybe all I did.

How we finish our time of prayer actually is important. Our prayer life animates our entire life as Christian people. The Eucharist is the main and central sustenance of our lives. Our prayer life however, continually connects us to God in our day to day lives. It is for this reason that it is important how we take it into our day.

Remember it is part of our “ordinary” lives. It is not an added extra.  As Christians it not exceptional. Therefore it should seamlessly be part of our day just as other commitments are a part of our day. It just happens to connect us to God who is our creator and Lord thus making it extremely important.

ACTION: End your prayer today by saying to God, “Lord now be with me as you are now throughout my day. May this time of prayer influence my actives and attitudes today.” Now go and be positive. God is with you.

GOSPEL READING: John 8: 1-11

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 Day 34 – 23rd March


  1. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Bruc, u iyesterday’s reflection u talked of how we can end a prayer, how to begin a prayer is also important. sometimes I begin by say, thank u God for this new day. Pls make live this day according to ur will. Make me live this day as if I knew that it were my last day on earth and I am looking forward to seeing u in ur kingdom. I don’t know how this sounds. Pls I will like to know how begin paying.

    Ur life experience of the relationship between ur friends daughter and boy friend is a good example of out of sight not being out of mind. I took special note that the distance between them could be measured. They know that if they want to see each other, that distance can be covered in a few hours by air or by car. The deference is the distance between us and God cannot be meansured and only faith and prayers can cover that distance.

    Therefore praying without ceasing can help cover the distance.

  2. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    WOW, thank you Bruce for the story of the two sweethearts participating in a common meal, although being abscent to each other in the physical sense they were present to each other in spirit!What a united couple.For me your story explains what is essentially Mystery.Participation is the requirement needed for each of us to experience the Real Presence of the Resurrected Christ..and gain what we have been promised.

  3. Bruce Meppem | | Reply

    I have been on the Lenten journey and really want to buy the the total package. It has been such a time of deep reflection and self analysis. I still have the gift of hope even though you remarked: “you have to do something, hope won’t get you there… don’t waste your time hoping – you have to do something to improve yourself.” Without the gift of hope I think you can’t start to do anything. Hope is the gift to begin and like Faith it is to be nurtured but without Faith – where ? With Faith there is hope. You must come back to OLD Chatswood soon. I intend to speak to the PP to invite you & the Team. Much gratitude Bruce

  4. Paul | | Reply

    I have been through trials including life threatening situations and He seems to have minimised harm to my immediate family and friends in many instances. I hope and have faith of breakthrough in this current week and appreciate prayerful intercession as my personal Catholic Beliefs are under attack. God Bless those why prayer for me. Unique Kiwi )romise Keeper and Husband and Dad to five. Amen.

  5. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    It is so wonderful to see the two sweethearts sharing a common meal so far away from each other. It is amazing what your story has done for me. In your video today when you mentioned how enthusiastic the two sweethearts were participating in making their meal. I am that passionate in my heart about God. It is so true what you said in your video that we have that enthusiasm in our hearts. I know that there is no distance between God and us because he is always with us especially when we pray. I know where there is faith there is hope. I truly believe when we pray it is a new beginning for us to, to be made of , and for us to be enthusiastic about our life that God has given to us. Without the gift of hope you cannot do anything and when we pray it gives us so much hope and happiness. I know that when I pray I have a sense of peace and I am so grateful for all the blessings God has so generously bestowed upon me. Thanks Bruce for this Lenten Journey. Erica

  6. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Thanks to all for the comments, I feel so blessed and feel so connected to everyone. A joyful time within my spirit .

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