Day 35 – 24th March

Our lives are meant to be lived with a constant sense of God’s presence. Naturally when we are concentrating on our work, study or some other activity our awareness of God might not be like when we are in prayer but we have an awareness of God being with us.

Later tonight I am speaking to a few hundred people about forgiveness for an hour and a quarter. It is a tough topic and I find when I am delivering it I have to concentrate very hard on what I am saying, how I am saying it. I am also monitoring the attentiveness levels of those listening as I might need to change direction or the way I am say things in order to increase the clarity of what I am saying for this particular group of people.

While I am speaking there are so many things happening in my mind that I need to be aware of.

While I do pray during the talk, it is the prayer that I have had prior that makes me useable by God as I concentrate on delivery issues and listening to the promptings of God to go one way or the other while the talk is taking place.

It is the same when we have times with our spouses, children, work and the others in our religious communities. Our prayer is what makes us useable in the moments that occur throughout our day.

Yes we may have certain issues to pray about and discern at particular times but our regular life of prayer is what directs our daily steps.

ACTION: Count back over the number days you have prayed this Lent then make a decision to fully engage and be present from now until Easter Sunday.

GOSPEL READING: John 8: 21-30

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 Day 35 – 24th March


  1. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    As I read the reflections of today, I recall that in one of our Bible study classes we were discussing how we should pray. Our Spiritual Director adviced that when praying, it is good to be quiet, away from distractions inoder to concentrate and make a good prayer. Then a member posed this question. I am a babysitter and I am with kids daily. I often follow daily Mas, Rosary, Divine MERCY prayer etc on EWTN. I also say personal prayer while doing my job. Dose it men that my prayers are not good enough. Our Director said simply that it is always good to be away from all distractions. Then the lady said, I will continue to pray that way cause I don’t have an alternative.

    I think u can be in a crowd and t still make a great prayer. It all depends on whether u accept to be distracted or not, and whether u are raising up ur mind and heart to God. Short, simple and to the point prayers are good in that circumstances.

  2. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    I have learned through experience that God meets me wherever I am…spiritually and physically…because He is always here in the NOW. This morning being present to our God I felt a little down and could not find a reason for it, soI put on a CD of Monica Brown that had many meditation beginnings….I listened expecting to be answered and I was. The Word was God was in this place and I never knew….after the short meditation finished I felt like I had heard Jacob’s prayer for the very first time….He is a God of surprises …the desert always blooms when the season is in time, we just need to do what Mary did….wait on His Word.

  3. Lorna | | Reply

    I found this talk very interesting, as when you feel dry, I often wonder if I have got it right, maybe it is good to question oneself occasionally? Am I in the correct job ……….have I made the right choices & so forth.

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