Day 36 – 25th March

Twice a day for the past 21 days, nearly everyday, I have been speaking in parishes during this special time of Lent. A couple of thousand people over the past few weeks have attended our events.

In the words of two priests I had lunch with today, it has been ‘a truly life changing time for people.’

At each session I have spoken for over an hour on subjects ranging from listening to God, building our faith, dealing with regret, setting up spiritual disciplines in our lives, forgiveness, standing on Gods promises and other many topics.

As we finish tonight I know I will be thanked. People will shake my hand and they will express their gratitude to me for what this time that has meant in their lives. I am very grateful for people’s gracious expressions of thanks.

While my team and staff will also be thanked I know something most people do not know and it is this. I could never do what I do if my team and staff did not bring their gifts and talents and be prepared to serve so selflessly and invisibly.

They are the strength of this ministry. They turn up before I do and they will leave after me as they set up and pull down equipment, stands and pack gear into our large truck and into other vehicles.

I am blessed with a group of women and men who were open to being trained not just in the skill of what we do, but also in the development of their heart to do the ministry.

They plan without me. They hold meetings without me and decide what has to be done while I prepare what I might say and present.

They believe that if we can proclaim Jesus in a way that people connect to, it will change people’s lives as the priests said to me earlier today. They do not want to be out front but serve behind the scenes. They sacrifice, serve and lift up this ministry for people they do not know and who do not know them.

They inspire me to try harder, work more diligently and to pray even more that God would use them. They are the saints of this work.

Their names are Trevor, Chris, Julian, Hannah, Scott, Natalie, James, Eddie, Justin, Sandra, Daniel, Ashley and Emily. You do not know them but God does.

ACTION: Can I ask you what are you doing that no one sees but God alone? Those acts purify your heart and motivation. It is what we do in the dark that God sees and credits to us.

GOSPEL READING: Luke 1: 26-38

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 Day 36 – 25th March


  1. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Spiritual Team Bruce, listening to ur life experieces, reading the reflections and writing a comment like I do daily takes like forever, how much more doing what u have done to make this Lenten walk posible.

    In such a short space of time u have changed my life in many ways. l now look at life deferently, more positively than before. From others comments and ur life experiences, I have looked at myself in relation to God, and i now know that I am only a creature he made in his own image and has to live according to his will.

    He made everything + me
    He has everything, I have nothing.
    He Knows everything, I know nothing
    He sees everything, I see nothing
    Therefore I must submit and depend upon his holy will.

  2. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Hi Spiritual leader Bruce, I thank you so much for sharing your life experiences with me. Our very existence is because of God. God made us in his own image. God has made everything and me and I depend on him and his holy will. Your team are amazing and thank you for mentioning their names. This Lenten journey that I am on has changed my life and I am so grateful to you. I really enjoy listening to your video’s they are so up lifting and make me more and more positive every day. Thanks from Erica

  3. Marilyn Campbell | | Reply

    Dear Bruce and team.
    I want to say thank you for your commitment and sacrifice to God in doing his work and passing on his Word in such a powerful and meaningful way. I have grown so much in my faith journey in these past 30+ days of lent! following your daily videos and life stories. I am finding a deeper connection with my God and faith and most of all prayer. God Bless all of you and thanks you again.

  4. Leonie | | Reply

    Hello All
    I want to say a huge thank you to all of the team. We have heard of Natalie before and her enthusiasm, and it is nice to hear of all of you. My life has been forever altered by doing this Lenten session but also because I found you on my TV and it came at a time when I was really in need of What to do Next.

    Todays message is particularly poignant to me. I am doing my best to be my best and to be a servant, but not always in the dark, much of it is in the light and I get thanks sometimes and yes no thanks much as well. I know though a much better understanding of being a servant, of how to pray, of being consistant and of being there in silence too. I have far to go, and I know that at the end of Lent i will have enormous amount of resources to let my self grow in God’s love and trusting Him always.

    Hope to see you at a seminar/ retreat sometime this year.

  5. .Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for using the gifts that you have been given, for letting us all know that no one human being can be a one man band. You show us so clearly that we need each other if the work is God’s work and not just our idea of what God would like….Always we need to look for the fruits of our labour to know if we are working in His vineyard.How blessed we all are to have been given the opportunity to walk with you and your team of good servants in this so GOD-Given time of coming Home.

  6. Awhina White | | Reply

    Heartfelt thanks, Trevor, Chris, Julian, Hannah, Scott, Natalie, James, Eddie, Justin, Sandra, Daniel, Ashley and Emily for allowing our God to work through you.
    Your efforts are truly appreciated.

  7. Inquisitive | | Reply

    A very special thanks to Trevor, Chris, Julian, Hannah, Scott, Natalie, James, Eddie, Justin, Sandra, Daniel, Ashley and Emily for your behind the scenes tireless efforts in making this Lentern Journey possible and for supporting Bruce.
    It has been a wonderful journey – I have never undertaken such a journey through Lent before – if I think back to Bruce’s earliest sessions about we so often “give up” things through lent. This has been the opposite for me – I have opened my heart to God and reflected on the many topics you have raised Bruce and on my relationship with God. I feel my faith has strengthened and I have felt a different level of peace throughout this period. So a heartfelt thank you to the whole team!

  8. Sheila | | Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this Lent! I cannot tell you how I wake up each day anxious to turn on my computer to hear the next days sharing! This morning I even woke up with a song on my heart and paused to think about the song, and it was a song we sang in church on Sunday that had special meaning for me This is a beautiful ministry that you are sharing with us this Lent! For years I would realize and share that “It was Lent, and I always feel like I am in the desert.” It was a difficult time. This Lent is different and I love the fact that your sharing is about getting closer to Jesus through teaching us to pray in a special way! Thank you all so much for all you do! Blessings!

  9. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    During this Lenten journey, I have identified, a similarity of self, in the messages, reflections, and comments. –
    Some have resonated with me, more deeply than others, and today’s message has especially connected with me. –
    This is due to the content, and indeed, the timing.
    Your journey, Bruce, echoes some of mine. Like yourself, for many years, I have ‘felt’ a need
    to support others, and I ‘attract’ those who need to vent, or be heard. The journey has been a lengthy, ‘work in progress’ and
    The sacrifices, undertaken, to leave a job, in pursuit of further study, and walking into an ‘unknown’ future, has been ‘difficult’ on many levels; both financially and emotionally draining!!

    My journey has included challengers, questions and
    despair, and uncertainty, of where I am heading, & which direction to take.
    Like Bruce, I too am impatient –
    I have changed career, studied, and am unable to ignore a ‘feeling,’ a need to keep going.
    God knows my thoughts, feelings, he knows and understands my heart.

    Even so, ….just as Jesus trusted and accepted God’s plan for him, I too, must wait patiently, trust and await ourloving Father’s plan for me.
    I shall accept his timetable, for me.
    All those who have come into our journey, the timing, the reasons and choices made, have all been part of our journey. We have received and provided lessons to one another. A stepping stone, to reaching our destination.

    I take this opportunity, to thank you Bruce, and your team, for taking me on this journey with you. You have strengthened me, emotionally, and spiritually.
    God Bless your work and your spirit.

    Also, to those, who have shared in thoughts and feelings, in providing comments, I thank you also. – You have also enriched my Lenten journey.
    Together, we leave our personal footprints, in life’s winding path.

  10. Marlene Baldacchino | | Reply

    To Bruce and all the team, my heartfelt thanks. I will certainly pray for the continued success of your ministry. God Bless you all.

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