Day 37 – 26th March

Judges on reality television shows make an agreement with the producers of the television programs that any comments they are going to make to contestants will be made while on air and not in private away from the cameras.

It is these comments which can often be very blunt, that add interest to the program.

When I began this Lenten journey I promised you and myself that we would do it together. In other words that I would not say what was good for you to hear alone but rather what was happening along the journey we are on.

Today I was told that last night my 87 year old mother fell over and broke both her shoulder and her hip. She was found in the retirement village in her room where she lives when her dinner was brought to her. As I write this now she is in surgery. The surgeon told my brother just before she went into surgery a couple of hours ago that at her age any number of complications could occur.

The doctor said that if she does pull through the surgery the recovery period is also a dangerous time for her.

My memories of my mother from when I was a young boy are of someone full of life who seemed to be able to do ten things at once and have three conversations going at the same time. Nothing was too much trouble for her when it came to my four brothers and I. As she got older she would tell people that we had been perfect and that we had never done anything wrong and never argued or fought among ourselves when we were young boys. The older mum got the better our behaviour as children seemed to get. This is not my recollection of us at all.

When I think of mum I think of love. Mum’s love was not based on our efforts or whether we were well­behaved or not. Mum loved us because that was who she was as a person. We were, “her boys” as she would say.

I think my mum’s love is a lot like Gods love but God loves us even more perfectly, relentlessly and wholeheartedly.

We know that the God who knows our words, thoughts and feelings always sees us as we truly are.

ACTION: Today as you pray concentrate on God as all loving. It is a powerful image.

ACTION 2: Please pray for my mum.

GOSPEL READING: John 8: 51-59

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 Day 37 – 26th March


  1. Catherine | | Reply

    Hi Bruce,
    I will pray especially for your whole family at this time.
    My gods will be done.
    Many thanks for all the reflections
    Catherine Bird

  2. Joanne | | Reply

    Will keep your mum in my prayers.

  3. Nerolie Murray | | Reply

    Keeping you, your dear Mother and your family wrapped in my prayers.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful Lenten journey. You, like your Mum, are blessing so many.

  4. Wendy | | Reply

    Prayers for your mum, they are so fragile but can be so strong, thinking of you and your family

  5. Jacqui Scholte | | Reply

    To see you each day and getting to know you, I feel I know your Mum a little too. Her love shines through and in you! What a wonderful gift for us all. Her mission in life is evident and wonderful to see. A real inspiration, which producec such a gift for the church. Of course we will pray for her especially as she undergoes this difficult time of surgery and recovery. Send her our love.

    You have become as a son as well as a friend and we pray and give thanks for you and your team. XX

  6. Norma Harrison | | Reply

    Dear Bruce Rosemary and Family

    So sorry to hear about your Mum and to let you know
    that you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. I look
    forward to your daily emails and thank you very much.
    as they are very helpful xxx

  7. Bernadette | | Reply

    Hi Bruce. We hope and have prayed for your Mum to recover well from her operation. Please keep us posted. We have been praying for lots of people who are unwell including our beautiful parish priest in Mundingburra, Townsville who has a terminal illness. Please pray for Fr Peter who is a wonderful man who has inspired and touched so many lives in his years of ministry. Thank you Bruce for being part of our mornings. We love watching your videos and reading your reflections. Great start to my and my children’s day!

  8. Mario Chavez | | Reply

    Hi Bruce ;
    Please include my mum in your prayers.
    She’s at the other side of the world , looking after dad with Alzheimer, diabetes. God Knows what she needs.

  9. Greta | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for emphasizing, over the last 35 days, the absolute necessity for Prayer in our lives. It is so easy to get busy “doing” things for the Lord, that we forget the importance of “being” with the Lord in order to recharge our spiritual batteries. As the title of Bill Hibels’ book says “Too Busy Not to Pray”, I have found that on my busiest days if I take time off to pray, the day goes remarkably well….every time. Thanks again Bruce for reminding us to pray….DAILY.
    Your mother will be in my prayers

  10. Lupe Fonua | | Reply

    Greetings to you all, my fellow companions in the Lord. My prayers and thoughts are with your mother, yourself and your siblings – Bruce. As I read about your mother, I could relate to what you are saying about my own mother. She is 77 years and had a stroke 18 years ago. She had been bedridden now for 18 years and live with my older sister, Amelia in Auckland with her daughter and my father as well. My mother was a school teacher, extremely active in her work as well as church and our family. I go every year on my holiday to relieve my sister and my husband & four children understand. I have no words to express my gratitude for her for taking on our (children’s) responsiblity. She has put her life and her daughter’s life on hold to take care of our sick mother – as I write I know it is only with God’s love & strength that my sister and her daughter are able to care for mum all these years. God is with my mum as well as your mum ( in surgery and after) and all other mums……we thank HIM for our mothers and that we as children give back to them billion folds what they had sacrificed for us – from the day we were born to this very moment…

  11. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you for sharing that with us and I’ll pray that your mum will pull through the surgery and recover because she sound like a strong woman God Bless

  12. Kathy Payet | | Reply

    So sorry to hear of your mother, Bruce. My prayers are with her and you all . I pray that God will be by her side throughout this time, that she may have a full recovery.
    May God bless you and your family.

  13. Leonie | | Reply

    I know what it is to have a frailer older parent, who you remember as vibrant and in control. I will pray today for sure for your mum Bruce. please if you can add in a prayer for a lady who is also in her 80s, she has clots in her lungs and they think she had a heart attack. Her only son and daughter in law live in Sydney and she lives in Bowral. They visit her every day at the moment. For Pat to regain her strength and for Bruce and Micci to have courage. thank you. for every day of your reflections and for sharing your life with us. I love walking through Lent with you and your team.

  14. Christine O'Neill | | Reply

    I will gladly pray for your Mum, and for your whole family as you react and realise what has happened, and what she will need.

  15. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    As we walk through this Lenten journey, together, I am saddened to read about your mother’s fall, resulting in surgery.
    My elderly, (83 year old) mother recently stood up, from sitting in a chair, and was unable to walk.A few days later, (physically), she improved, moving slower, regaining strength. However mentally, we have witnessed a decline in the talkative, ‘full of life’ person we knew. She has her ‘better’ days, where I feel a glimmer of light, optimism, and hope….
    replaced by a loss of focus and some confusion.
    It is in these moments, I miss our engaging talks, her vibrant nature and her constant questions and interest in my siblings, our families; her grand and great granchildren.
    Together, each and every one of us, has always been, the centre of her world, the focus of love. She recognises the talents and of all, individually and without preference.
    My beautiful father, her childhood sweetheart, and life-long partner, (facing) his own health issues, is always by her side, supporting, caring and loving her unconditionally.
    I feel very blessed that God chose them to be our parents. Together, they have been true role models.
    Their greatest legacy, will be their deep faith. –
    They have lived it, in their compassion and care of others.
    Spiken it, in their kind words and deeds
    and have been our greatest teachers. –
    In giving, without expecting to receive.
    Doing for others, without boasting or expecting praise.

    Yes, Bruce, commitment to prayer, has been their lifelong link.
    Prayer, opens our heart to God, uniting us to him. to each other, our family and friends.

    God Bless your gracious mother, and your family, during this difficult time. May God lovingly watch over her, and comfort you all.

  16. Sandie Urquhart | | Reply

    I am praying your mum with be healed and have little pain Bruce.

  17. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Bruce dear, as ur mum would have said when striking a conversation with any of her kids. As far as I know Mum is love, Mum is gentleness, Mum is peace, Mum is the first teacher, Mum is patience, Mum is the best home manager and what have u.

    It was her vocation being a Mum and she carried out her duties with love for her family. She was fill with love and that is why she saw nothing but love in her home and among her kids.

    Like Simon we will help ur family through prayers to carry this cross behind our Lord and surely we will arrieve calvary together. Here we will leave everything to the will of the God we serve. Bruce, she is our Mum too. We will pray for her.

  18. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    It is so true that God gives us our strength and stamina to work , travel and do anything. I hope that your Mother recovers from her surgery and that the recovery is not painful. I will pray for your Mum and keep her in my prayers. My Mother is 67 and does not keep well at all and I know that by praying to God for her, God will look after her. My Mum is just like your Mum when it comes to the unconditional love that she gives me. My Mum was able at one time to do a lot but now she has had to slow down a little, but still does a lot. Thanks Erica

  19. Mercedes | | Reply

    Your mum will be part of my prayers… wishing a speed recovery… remember for God nothing is impossible. God bless you Bruce and team for your kindness and effort to spread the ‘Good News’ among us.
    Kind regards,

  20. ....Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, you have become very dear to me as I have shared your story, and this page of your life brings a pin in my heart for your dear mother and for you and your brothers. I know that when we share our sufferings as well as our joys we are all lifted up by our God….it’s like coin in the bank that we can draw on when needed….and this is a time of large withdrawals from all of us who are a part of this journey..I pray that God’s will, will be done, and as His will for us is that we all love one another in this Body of Christ…..especially in suffering. May God continue to bless you and care for you all. Amen.

  21. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Bruce and the Catholic Guy team
    thank you once again for the lenten programs and for today’s in particular. The encouragement to pray consistently to develop spiritual muscles for my journey is appreciated.
    Bruce I am praying for your Mum. We do have a loving caring God who listens and answers our prayers

  22. Tricia Donohoe | | Reply

    Dear Bruce,
    I’ll pray for your Mum at Mass tomorrow morning.
    Your thoughtful talks are a great blessing.
    Your Mum must be very proud of you.
    God bless,

  23. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    Dear Bruce and all of your family,
    As soon as I read about your Mum this morning, my heart went out to you and your family. Our parents are such an important and defining part of our life. Thank God that you had such incredible parents to raise you to be such an incredible person yourself, Bruce. Thank you for all you give and share with us all. Your mother has been in my thoughts today and will be in my night prayers now.
    God bless

  24. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    My thoughts and prayers go out for your mother. She is in the hands of the Great Physician. God Bless.

  25. Teena | | Reply

    Dear Bruce…you have been an uplifting joy every day, and I am so pleased that friends recommended that I do this Lenten journey with you. Yesterday, I prayed for your each person of your team, and thanked God that they are loving, giving people, I also asked Him to bless them, and to continue to provide them with the necessary means, courage, and determination to fulfill His mission.
    Today, it saddened me to learn about your Mum, and I totally feel for you, your brother, and families. I pray that the love she gave to you so abundantly returns ten fold, and that God surrounds her with his Love and mercy, and that He lifts her above the threshold of pain as she goes through this ordeal.

  26. Deborah Fougeray | | Reply

    Bruce, I am so sorry for your mother’s fall and broken shoulder and hip. I will pray the rosary for her tonight. For all the wonderful teaching to all of us through the Lenten Journey we all have to remember how precious and fragile life really is for all of us. Yet through continued and consistent prayer as I have learned from you is our Link to Our Loving and All Knowing God who shores us up for all good and bad times during This lifetime. Lean on him Bruce all you need too.

  27. Marge | | Reply

    Oh my goodness Bruce, I look forward to hearing from you every morning, and will miss you when Lent is over. But now I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your dear Mother. We will pray for her and your family. God loves your mother very much and will take good care of her, and I’m sure His Holy Mother is right there holding her hand. God Bless You and your staff always and thank you for sharing this time with us. Please thank Rosemary and your children for being so generous with your time. Marge

  28. Adeline Almanza | | Reply

    I will be praying for you , your family and especially for your Mum. Thank you for all you do and especially thank you for making this lent journey a time of growth and getting closer to God. I have learned so much this is what I have been needing . Thank you and God Bless you

  29. Cathy | | Reply

    Praying for your Mom and asking God to bring her through this dark period in her life. I lost my Mom 20 years ago this coming April and I miss her loving presence in my life.

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