Day 38 – 27th March

 The Catholic Guy Impact Centres comprise of a community of people who at their heart, want to see God become the central part other people’s lives, while themselves growing and surrendering more deeply to God in their own lives.

This is no small task and is in keeping with what numerous Popes have been calling the New Evangelisation in the past few decades. In essence the New Evangelisation is about the questions how do Catholics share their faith with people who have never heard about God, and how do Catholics bring renewal and re­engagement to those who have been baptized but have either fallen away from God and the Church or were never really energised by their faith.

My dream is to build these communities or centres in various places around the world where people have such a love for God and for people that they feel compelled to share their faith with others.

As I say this is not a small conviction or dream.

A small group of people decided that for the first week of Lent and the last week of Lent ­ Holy Week which starts this Sunday ­ that we would pray and fast for this intention.

Prayer and fasting focus us on our need for God when we have something on our heart that we cannot do ourselves that will need God’s guidance and provision.

I believe that God wants me to raise people who want to see other people come into a deep relationship with Jesus for the remaining years of life. For this to happen however people with all kinds of skills, talents and training are going to be needed along with resources and the finances to do it as well as people who have the leadership gifts and the time to be involved.

Prayer and fasting expresses our need for God. This is why we have this time of Lent and why the Church encourages us to give something up for Lent. These are reminders that we cannot live without God.

What is God asking you to do with your life right now? It is probably different to what I believe God is asking me to do.

Holy Week beginning this Sunday is a magnificent seven days where you can bring your calling whether it be to deeper prayer or to do something with your life to God.

ACTION: As you prepare for Holy Week how will you keep your life and calling before God and yourself? Preparation is the key to this and not leaving it to Palm Sunday to begin.

GOSPEL READING: John 10: 31-42

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 Day 38 – 27th March


  1. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Throughout this Lenten journey,
    I have felt an incredible ‘shift’ in whom I am, and all that I want to be. –
    God sees and knows the depth, and essence of our hearts.
    He knows our dreams, our aspirations.
    Consistent prayer,has enabled me to reflect on my identity…
    All that I am – and all God wants me to be.
    In prayer, God is preparing my transformation, he has provided the strength I need, to continue moving forward. He provides the confidence I need.
    Today, I surrender my hopes, my dreams, my well-being,
    to him, …….because I truly trust him.
    The transition thus far, has drawn me closer.
    I ‘feel’ the positive shift, in my thoughts and feelings. This is only made possible by consistent, heartfelt prayer.

    Like the child, who is being held, we know, we trust,
    that we are protected, that our well-being is being monitored closely. So too, our loving Father watches over each of us. He has our best interest.

    Today, I place my trust in God, to ‘cradle me ‘ protect me as
    I surrender and accept his grace.

  2. ....Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    What a beautiful vision you are sharing with us Bruce, I am sure it is God who has immersed you with His dream of gathering the lost ,lonely and confused “sheep” back to their place in His family.And because I am so sure I know it will become a reality, although not without a lot of heart searching for you and all who will be called to be a part of your dream.I reached a little over middle age before I could pray the prayer of surrender to our God and I have grown in my faith as a result of taking that plunge into the unknown. I am rewarded by knowing that He never leaves me alone and that His love is eternally ours. So I try in my little way to inspire those I encounter in my life.

  3. Maria Cilia | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for explaining the way to the Lord so clearly. You are truly inspirational to us all. By listening to you today, I know now what I have to do, so from the bottom of my heart thank you for showing me the way.

  4. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, like a joke and 40 days are over. As u said, giving ur child up for surgery is hard but giving ur life to God is the hardest thing u can do. 40 days, only 40 days and I nearly dropt on the way side during this Lenten journey.

    Commitment was the back bone of this journey. All we had to do was Listen to ur life experieces, reading the reflections, reading other comments, taking action, reading the bible text and then write our own comments. A proper time had to be scheduled for this, away from all distractions.

    Any one who did this during this Lenten journey can give up a child for surgery, and wait for God answer in prayers without doubt or fear but trust in God for the best.

    Also any one who was committed and successfully did this daily, can easily give them selves and their lives to God through prayers. Prayers is all we need to have the strength to wait for God’s answers.

    That waiting can take decades but one day a light will show at the end of the tunnel when we list expected it.

    I think I have been reconfirmed in the new Everngelisation through this Lenten walk. Thanks Spiritual Team Bruce. I love u all. Build Centers of Reeverngeligation throughout the world. I am with u in prayers and need prayers too seriously.

  5. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Your reflection today Bruce was so completely beautiful where by we give our lives to God in prayer. It is so amazing how God guides us in our everyday life. How we are able to make the decisions that we do that are good for us. I know that God is always there for us all the time. I know that he never leaves me alone, God is always there for me. With this Lenten journey I have grown even more stronger in my faith. For me God is everything to me. I know that God is always protecting me and watching over me. I put my complete trust in God. I put all my hopes and dreams before God. Thanks Erica

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