Day 39 – 28th March

We recently moved homes from a house where there were fences that contained our two German Shepherd dogs named Thunder and Storm. Our new home does not have completely sealed fences because they are being repaired.

For the first couple of weeks in the house the dogs never left the back door and then one day I found that they were gone. An hour later they came back.

Once they had gone once for a little wander around the neighborhood they started going every day.

Have you noticed that when we put boundaries up in our life we tend to stay out of trouble and achieve what we should?

ACTION: As we commence Holy Week examine what you have determined are your boundaries in your speech and actions.

Now that the dogs are contained again I am at peace that they will not hurt anyone.

GOSPEL READING: John 11: 45-56

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 Day 39 – 28th March


  1. Merv | | Reply

    Thank you ,Bruce for your interesting,encouraging talks . It is bringing a focus on Easter that has been missing in my life for the past few years. Keep on with your good work.

  2. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Life contains an element of challenge, where boundaries can be pushed.
    We also walk through life, constantly exposed to risk.

    Risk has the potential to harm us financially, physically, personally and emotionally.
    Life evolves around risk, a gamble, that can complicate
    and create havoc in our security, career, relationship with peers, friends or family.

    Risk takes courage, it impinges on our thoughts, feelings and
    actions, health & well-being.
    Risk is recognising the boundary, ‘going to the edge’ ‘pushing it’ or ‘drawing the line in the sand’
    For me, it’s about choice – with choice, comes consequences. –
    I have felt the disappointment & uncertainty, of taking risks financially, career, and belief in
    colleagues,friends and family,
    who have let me down.

    Every person, that can relate to pain of being bullied, wounded by words, hurt by someone close, or someone trusted, understands mistrust.

    However, in trust, we are also rewarded; making the ‘right decision’ inviting sincere, genuine peers, friends and family, into our lives, our hearts. Who are there for us in times of loss, success, & need. They give selflessly, lovingly, supportively, without expecting anything, in return.
    They instil in us; love & loyalty.

    In summary, I ‘choose’ to trust, by being true to myself, my values, my integrity. –
    I draw my ‘line in the sand’ by choosing to remain within the
    boundaries, of what I hold true.
    I find my courage, in prayer.

  3. ....Ythe openingvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Bruce, I noticed that your brother gave you assurance that he would talk it over with his wife Loretta before committing himself to a yes.And that is what I see as a prayfull outcome.
    I don’t believe we can come to prayer without need especially when we have had our trust broken by another that we have trusted. It is always fear of not knowing the outcome of so much in life that tends to hold us back from being more generous with an open yes. I think our human natures are in so many ways the same when it comes to betrayal, especially from someone so close to our hearts. We will always need to ask Jesus to help us to let go and continue to love again.

  4. Stephen (Perth) | | Reply

    I am battling incredible fatigue at present, as part of a recovery process from some medical circumstances. In the last couple of weeks it has been a setback of sorts for me. it has been a struggle to get through each day let alone pray. However, Bruce’s daily messages have kept me grounded in my prayer, despite my prayer being impaired by fatigue. Each days message has spoken to me of my relationship with God. I am very grateful to the Bruce and team for this 40 day journey. It has been so very valuable to me.

  5. Teena | | Reply

    Praying for many blessings to you and your family, may God continue to lead and guide you, as well as your devoted team. I continue to pray for your Mum, and looking forward to some news from her surgery.

  6. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Bruce, I want to thank you so much for your talks and reflections. It has made me even stronger at this time when I am going through so much stress and worry. I worry a lot about my Mum as she does not keep well at all. I treasure every moment that I have with her. I pray for her every day. I know the power of prayer , and how wonderful it is. I am also not employed, and I have not been employed for two years now. I truly believe that us is for a very good reason. I also have intense vascular and cluster headaches which is combined) which I have had now for 12 years, and I also get tired easily. I just want to say to you that I pray for many blessings for your family especially your Mother and I am continuing to pray for her. I am looking forward to some news about the surgery. Thanking you Erica

  7. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    Bruce , ur life experieces have been very touching. I have noted that to do something to change someone’s life is always very rewarding and fullfeeling when u realize later that, that person has seen Christ in u. Jesus said, what so ever u do to the list of ur brothers, u do for me.

    Jesus himself did not only ask us to do it. He thought us by example, he willingly gave himself to die on the cross to save us from the cruel hands of satan. He changed our lives and has continued to do so by forgiving us when we fall again.

    Let us accept his boundless mercies and through prayers we can change others lives as he is changing our lives daily by clothing, sheltering, feeding, giving water to the thirsty and praying for for those who thirst for the Lord but lack opportunities.

  8. barbra orr | | Reply

    I have made this life so much just about myself, focusing so much on how unhappy i am. I have let it overtake me . I need to start looking at the things i have and be thankful, looking at others that i can help and maintain bounderies.

  9. Mike Edwards | | Reply

    Bruce sorry one has got behind a little as I have been in hospital with an ongoing problem .It is good to get back and hear your talks and reflections it gives me strength to keep going I have really enjoyed this Lent due to you.Keep up with your good work.Thanks to you and your team. God Bless

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