30-15-5 Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 1


  1. Joe Fragnoli | | Reply

    I am praying for my daughter, Alyssa. She and I have become estranged for reasons too numerous to mention here. Her mother and I divorced when she was very young in part because her mother became an atheist. Alyssa is now 26 years old and won’t speak to me. She is an angry and confused person. Please pray for her.

    • Peter Cossins | | Reply

      Thanks Joe. I am also praying to recover a meaningful relationship with my son and daughter in their late twenties as a result of their mother and I divorcing. I know where you are coming from and will pray for Alyssa and you also. The realisation will come too late unless their hearts are softened now.

    • Antoinette | | Reply

      I join those of you praying for daughters. My daughter Samantha is 24 and her father and I also divorced when she was only 4, which was a shame because we awaited her miraculous arrival for nine years. Now at her age she seems to be in some kind of limbo, still stretching out college, not finding a steady job, hanging out with a majority of nice but non-Christian Muslim friends, which limit her chances of meeting the right person. Throughout 12 years of school she was a naturally good student, but now she puts forth minimal effort. She doesn’t know her true value and accepts less than loyal, kind treatment even though we certainly were kind and loving to her. She suffered some bullying in 4th and 5th grade and neighbors …well lets just say they didn’t like having a single divorced Sicilian-American mother on their rigid, cold block with a half Jewish, although raised Catholic daughter. I think this persecution hurt and damaged her tremendously. Thankfully she kept one close BFF to this day as a friend. Her sweet and loving demeanor can now be angry and cynical at home, but fun-loving and goofy with ‘friends’ and not nearly as mature as she should be. It scares me. Please pray for her physical and emotional health and her future choices. She says she does treasure being Catholic and Christian, but won’t go to church because she sleeps too late and has other more fun things to do.

  2. Langton | | Reply

    I kind of think that this is what I need to do for a beloved friend who is having a difficult relationship with her husband. They are seperated now and my prayer is for God, through the name of Jesus help them get back together again for their happiness and most of all the well being of their two daughters.

    • linda | | Reply

      Keep praying for your dear friend. God will help where others see no solution. He has for a dear friend of mine, they are now closer today than they have been for many years.

  3. Natalie | | Reply

    Together we pray. Amen

  4. jason | | Reply

    Thanks.. I going to pray for my brother aiavao

  5. Cathy Pagano | | Reply

    Thank -you for his opportunity to pray with so many others around the world .. My husband and I are going to pray the 30/15 /5 challenge together for ourloved ones to come back to their faith .. We don’t normally pray together a lot so this will be our challenge to do so …once again thank- you God bless

    Cathy Pagano

  6. michele holborn | | Reply

    Thank you for your help

  7. Gabriele | | Reply

    Please help me pray that my husband Lloyd is release from the devil’s clutches & is freed from this life of depravity & sin. Bring him back to God. In Jesus’ s name. Bring him back to our family

  8. Peter | | Reply

    I will be praying for my brother in law his treatment for prostate cancer goes well

  9. Coleen Ssunders | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your quidance in Prayer and your encouragement in the Praying for someone You Love programme, which I am looking fwd to completing for ones that I love. . That in your journey of the next 30days You and your family shall be Blessed in many ways too.
    Kind Regards and Blessings

  10. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    As we begin this 30 day journey together, may we truly remain; open, receptive and
    with pure heart, committed in thought and prayer.
    May The Lord, walk alongside us, listen to the prayers of our heart, and give us clarity, in receiving his response.
    Blessings, R.Lewis

  11. Cristins | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  12. Majo Mitchell | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I am excited to start this prayer journey with you. I am praying for my four children, together, as a group. Sadly, they have all left the church now. I love them all dearly and would like them to return to Jesus by the end of the 30 days of prayer. Thank you for encouraging us to pray for our loved ones. Bless you and your family.

  13. Deborah Kilikevicius | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for praying for us and with us. So many of us need to be reminded to pray everyday. Please keep my friend, Vern, in your prayers. He is addicted to alcohol and needs the strength to beat this demon. He has tried several times but went back to drinking. He thinks it’s to late for him. I believe it’s never too late. He needs a relationship with Jesus. He is curious but has so many doubts about God and forgiveness. He has a good heart, Bruce. I have tried to tell him that God loves him, in spite of his addiction. I know God does.
    Thank you again for all you are doing to help your fellow Catholics and Christians and lead us closer to Our Lord. God bless you and keep you safe and in good health.
    Debbie K.

  14. Olivia | | Reply

    I’m praying for a dear friend who feels like she can’t. She’s been through a great deal of loss and pain, especially recently. Your email prompts and videos have inspired me and directed me how to pray for her and other special people in my life. Thank you and God bless you!

  15. Mercedes | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and team for making this 30-day journey possible, God bless you all. I want to pray for my children that they get closer to God and His love growing in faith, that my daughter finds her path in life and my son finds full motivation to pursue his dreams. Thank you Father I know you will listen to all of us praying in Jesus name. Amen

  16. Amber | | Reply

    I pray for my son Jon to return to Jesus, to get to know His love and companionship on his journey of life. Jesus please guide him back to You and Church. Let him come to know you once again.

  17. Marilyn | | Reply

    I am praying for my Son Stuart. Please let him be well again, physically, emotionally and mentally and bring him back to me,his mother and his family safe and well.
    Marilyn C

  18. Sandra Carson | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for initiating this prayer journey for us all and helping bring Christ back into our lives (and others) but also ensuring that we are brought back into Christ in our day to day living. I will also do my share by forwarding this information all my friends and family around the world. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with people like Bruce, Rosemary and their team who go that extra mile by encouraging all God’s people on a daily basis.
    Sandra Carson.

  19. Nadia Lazzari | | Reply

    This morning before I received this email I turned to my husband and said that the only person who could turn Gemma’s life around is God. Yes we are prepared to do whatever it takes and have organized a prayer team with our small group and others but unless she has a change of mindset – God changes her ways of thinking – it will be us doing and not her not able to change her life. Her standards of living are extremely low, the people who are her friends leave alot to be desired – usually people who have been in prison or are in prison, on drugs etc etc. God has protected her from participating in these ways Praise to Him but there is so much for her to change. Please keep us in your prayers over these next 30 days thank you Nadia L

  20. Veronica | | Reply

    I’m praying for my grandson Patrick who is serving with the ADF in Iraq.

  21. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I am praying for my children and their spouses that they will find their way to the church and to a relationship with Jesus and His body. As part of that I also am praying that my youngest daughter will receive courage to find work next year and will find a special someone who loves God to assist her to love herself as much as we and God loves her. A lot, but it is what is in my heart. If I just prayed for one child then I would feel I am leaving the others behind in this very special opportunity. Thank you again and I am looking forward to getting to know you better and even meeting you at the Womens conference in October.

  22. Mrs Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this opportunity to pray together and to pray for my loved ones. I pray for my husband Tony who has turned away from the Catholic Church. He has also been out of full time work for over two years. He feels he has no purpose and can’t see a future. I would like to also pray for my son Andrew who doesn’t consider himself a Catholic who also has been out of work and is unmotivated to find work. Thank you once again for this opportunity to pray together. May God bless you and all of us as we pray for our loved ones and those we are concerned for.
    Bye for now and God bless

  23. Madeleine Pierre | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for starting this daily prayer at a time when I most needed it. I will pray for the big division in my family, something very stressful. Everyday I will mention the names of those concerned .
    Madeleine . P

  24. June Boyce | | Reply

    I am praying for my second son Jason who has become estranged from our family for reasons unknown, I am hoping and praying to Jesus he and his wife can put the past behind them and come together back to our family. Thank you Bruce for giving me this time to come closer to Jesus.
    June B

  25. Carol Tedesco | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I’m excited to begin this journey with you. I will be praying for my two son who don’t want to go to church anymore with my husband and I. This upsets me immensely as we have always gone to church as a family. I’m a very regilous person and this is what has kept me going as I have my own demons to cope with when thing have been so bad.
    They are teenagers still so very young. I know how important it is to have faith and and a sense of belong to the catholic faith. Thank you Bruce and God Bless you.

  26. Mary Zahler | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce for the opportunity to pray with and for many. I pray for my son who attempted suicide last fall and now is very depressed and lost. He has several health issues and he needs what God will give him. In Jesus’ name ,I pray.

  27. Rita | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for all that you have done. i am praying for my children and husband for guidance and i am also praying for my family overseas so God can fill their hearts with love and forgiveness. i pray in Jesus name.

  28. Bernadette | | Reply

    May the prayers from us all be like an overshadowing of the holy spirit on those for whom we are praying.

  29. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for giving us the opportunity to pray for our loved ones in a precise way and to provide continued prayer over a sustainable period.
    I pray for; My son and daughter, both estranged from their respective spouses,
    I pray for My 20 year old grandson on a world pilgrimage of self discovery.
    I pray for Youngest son that he may find a suitable life partner and success in his home building program.
    I pray for Myself, that the friend I have will be a suitable life companion. God willing.

  30. linda | | Reply

    I pray for my beautiful son who is fighting lyme disease. He is a most beautiful person and will be turning 18 this saturday. I pray for his full recovery to health and a life he can love and enjoy after such a long time of suffering. Amen

  31. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    The closer I walk with our God the more assured I am ..that His love covers everyone…I pray for myself and for all my family and those I sence that need this reassurance “that God’s WILL be done in each and everyone…even those I do not know….I look to our Lord Jesus and am content to wait……for the gift of patience….something I know that I need

  32. Theresa | | Reply

    I am praying for my daughter who has Diabetes, that God will restore her
    to perfect health in Jesus Name.

  33. Joanne | | Reply

    Praying dor my daughter.

  34. Fr Terry Bell | | Reply

    Hello Bruce,
    Today I begin my new role as Rector of Domus Australia here in Rome. My prayers will be for the many who come here to stay either on pilgrimage, or holidays, or tourists with connection to the Church, or those with no faith. May we bless their time here with our love and service.
    Fr Terry

  35. Tina | | Reply

    I pray for my son Daniel that He may deepen his faith and trust in God. I pray for God’s grace to be kind and compassionate to my boy and approach him in the manner that God wants me to. I pray for all parents here and everywhere that God will give strength, love and patience with your children. Amen

    • Stephanie | | Reply

      Amen indeed the most important gift we can impart on our children is faith. I will pray for you & your son Daniel. My girls are still so young (3&6)c
      I regularly pray that they will be blessed with a strong faith and that when it comes time & they are all grown up that will find a husband who also has strong faith that he actively practices. God bless

  36. Wendy | | Reply

    I am praying for our daughter, Michelle. I pray that God’s will may be allowed to unfold in her life; that she may come back to her faith and turn away from her alcohol addiction. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  37. Joan Goodwin | | Reply

    I pray for the members of my family who do not practice their faith any more. Thank you joan

  38. Michelina | | Reply

    I’d like to pray for my beautiful sister in law, Sonia, who has cancer. She never complains and is more worried about everyone else worrying about her. Whenever you ask her how she is she always says, good, with a smile on her face. I pray for her good health and I pray for all those who love Sonia. Lord I place her in your loving care. Amen.

  39. Alfred Curtis | | Reply

    Alfred: Please pray with me for my grandson Matthew who became so disheartened in his marriage and is now divorced from his wife and 2 children, that he not lose his faith in GOD. Also for the Presbyterian Church at Kangaroo Ground, Vic., for GOD’S Blessing after going thru’ a time of trial and division.

  40. Rachelle | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the opportunity to pray with others. I’m praying for my children to come bach to the church and have faith and to friends who are ill.
    Blessings Rachelle

  41. Lisa | | Reply

    I have so many in need that i want to pray for them all but I feel to focus on my 3 older boys Jamie Paul and Christopher who aren’t interested in a personal relationship with Jesus and caught in the snares of the world.

  42. John Bader | | Reply

    I am praying for my Brother Charlie who has cancer. He is only 67yrs old and one of 13 children. I am praying for God to give him strength, and courage to go on. Amen.

  43. jean bartholomew | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, I am praying for my 3 children who don’t go to church, that they will have a personal reolationship with Jesus.

  44. Susan Davis | | Reply

    Thank you very much Bruce for this wonderful journey in prayer with you. I will pray for you, your wife and family. My intentions of prayer goes to my daughter, my brother, my mum. myself. May God Bless you and your family and may May God Bless your continuing good works.

  45. Dexter | | Reply

    I am praying for my ex-Wife Jane we are divorced and have been separated for 6 years over the last two years she went from being a devoted Catholic and even when we were married to be a Catechist teacher to now practicing Islam. She is the Mother of our Children and although she has not stopped me from bringing up our children in the Catholic faith I truly believe the Mother has the greatest influence on her children and the differences in our faith practices will have a bearing on our children’s upbringing. I believe outside influences have led her to this faith change and I ask you to pray for her that she comes back to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  46. Luisa Carey | | Reply

    I am praying for my brother to come back to God. I know in his heart he knows the truth and I want him to acknowledge once again he is a believer in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

  47. CARMEN | | Reply


  48. Mary | | Reply

    Bless you for such a great idea Such a powerhouse of prayer from right around the world will bring great graces

  49. Mel | | Reply

    Thankyou so much for this blessed miniatry, Bruce. It is the kick that i needed, a structured, sustained and honest prayer for those i love. I pray for my brother in law John, whose marriaage has fallen apart, that he may return to the Church and also renew his relationship with his daughters. I pray for my dear friend and her husband, i also pray for another friend, Lucy, who battles with depression, that she may find the joy and security she craves in God through His Catholic Church. I also pray for my husband’S childhood friend, Rob, who was involved in the occult and who is searching that he finds God in all truth through His holy Catholic Church. Finally i pray for Andre for physical healing and conversion. Lots of people, i know, but Our God is abundantly generous in His love!

  50. Gillian Annwn | | Reply

    So many of my family, siblings, sons and other relatives and friends live their lives as though there were no God. So many of them are in trouble, one way or another. So many needs, so many souls in danger. How many need our prayers. Thank you so much for this, for this common goal, for this sense of not being alone. I am including all of your loved ones in my prayers as well. May God bless us all with the answers we beg for.

  51. mary cain | | Reply

    I’m praying for Brad, Rachel, Chris, Erin and Megan to come back to know, love and serve the Lord and for Braeden to listen to God’s plan for his life and follow.

  52. Artelle | | Reply

    I wish to pray for my 18yr old son who rarely attends Mass anymore and seems easily seduced by worldly things. I also pray for his success this year in his final exams. Thanks

  53. Daisy | | Reply

    I pray for my brother Bong that he will stop doing drugs & stay away from bad influence ,change his ways & come back to God.

  54. Audrey | | Reply

    Dear Bruce,
    Thanking you for this journey of 30 day prayer challenge .I prayer for all the people who have joined you with their prayers and may God bless all the people and their prayers.
    I pray for the health , happiness and marriage for my daughter .Thank you God for everything.

  55. Pia | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this opportunity to pray

  56. Mark Emblen | | Reply

    I will stand beside those of us who wile giving God all the praise that is due Him, yet also those of us who are going through times of grief as back on the 17th of June in 2013 the lady and the love of my life passed away at 2.50pm which was 33 years and10days after we had we’d. Then on the 8th day of August 2014 our daughter who was 25 years old also passed away due to skin cancer

    • Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

      Dear Mark, my heart goes out to you, you are in need of the comfort of knowing that there are other people praying for you that you may sense the presence of your two special ladies. I pray in Jesus name that you will know in your very being that you are never alone, that you are being held in their love.

  57. Nicholas | | Reply

    Lord, I pray for the conversion of my wife’s heart (Josephine) that she will believe in you, and join my son & I in embracing the teachings of catholism.

    • Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

      Nicolas just keep on loving your wife and showing her how Jesus loves you, our faith is a gift that can only be nurtured in loving practice….So just keep on loving her in all your actions….Faith is caught…not taught. God bless you in your loving.

  58. Jacques | | Reply

    I pray for my son 37yr old John (Jean-Jacques) that he will find a way out from bad influence, and with our prayers God will allow him to take the challenge to change his life for the better with the Lord blessing

    Audrey | September 1, 2015 at 10:34 pm | Reply

  59. Carol | | Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity to join in prayer with so many others around the world. I am praying that my children and grandchildren will return to the Church and a life of faith. Especially Cooper who is experimenting with drugs and alcohol that he turn his life around and rise to his full potential.

  60. Stephanie | | Reply

    I was delighted when I learnt of the challenge. My siblings still have a faith but they don’t practise. Most of our closest friends have turned away from their faith. I pray that together with Gods mercy we will bring our loved ones back to Jesus. Amen ➕➕➕➕

  61. Maria | | Reply

    I pray for my daughters for their faith and that they will come back to the Catholic Church and have a personal relationship with Jesus. I also pray for my sister and her husband that they be reunited with their son and his family. I have many other intentions for family and loved ones. Thanks be to God!

  62. Pam Nelson | | Reply

    I am praying for my son-in law, who is suffering from mental breakdown, and my partner who has lung cancer,

  63. Mireille (Miray) O'Toole | | Reply

    My son Adam, forwarded this to me, and I am very happy to be committing myself to this, today being the 2nd of Sept 2015, and I have 8 people on my list. The Lord hears our heartfelt prayers. Amen

  64. Ted Uy | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for initiating this 30-15-5 prayer. I pray for my family, specially my daughters who still have faith but not practising as much as they should. I pray that they may have a more meaningful relationship with Jesus. Prayer as well to the Catholic community that we are part of.

  65. Deanna-Jane | | Reply

    I am praying for my parents who struggling financially. And for my brother-in-law who may need heart surgery of his condition does not improve.

  66. Elaine | | Reply

    I am praying for my family. There are so many issues going on right now that I could not pick just one.Thank you for the opportunity to pray with you and for all the prayer needs of all the others here is a wonderful thing.

  67. Carmen | | Reply

    carmen Im praying for my husband and my son who are struggling financially and for them to have a more meaningful relation with Jesus

  68. rowena may ramas sullano | | Reply

    i am continually praying for my eldest son JJ & wife Roma to have a baby.. you prayed for Jemma & CArlos & we now have our beloved Juana Rafaelle…. in faith we trust in God’s divine providence and for your intercession.

  69. Jenetta Haim | | Reply

    Hi Bruce. I signed in a bit late but am going to make up for it by doing 3 today which will catch me up. Thank you for your message today :)

  70. milane | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce.This is beautiful. I will journey with you.

  71. milane | | Reply

    God is good. I am praying for healing in my family.

  72. Lady Webb | | Reply

    God please Bless and cure my darling friend,you can do miracles

    • Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

      Lady Webb, with the trusting faith you have God will have to answer your prayer….a faith born out of despair places no limits on what God can achieve within us….Amen

  73. Nathalie Ireland | | Reply

    I am praying for my beautiful daughter who starts secondary school on Monday 7th September. It’s a big change for her. She feels nervous and I am the same as well as a Mother. She has special needs. A big challenge. I PRAY that she will always be supported by the right and lovely teachers who will guide her Into her journey to achieve her goals in life. Love you lots Ruth. Your mummy Nathalie xxx :-)

  74. Ben54 | | Reply

    I’m praying for my wife’s & my Kids, we have 10 kids between us. Our kids don’t want to go to church like many of our young world wide.
    I ask the lord to keep there hearts and minds open to him, after all all we can do is pray for them in Jesus name.

  75. Mario | | Reply

    I’m praying for my son, so he may find God in his path.

    • Mireille O'Toole | | Reply

      Awesome, Mario, as the Word says, The Lord hears our prayers, but I also know that we must Trust in the Lord with all our hearts, leave it completely to Him, don’t stress, or worry about it, relax that is part of Trusting in Him. He will answer your prayers, don’t stress

      • Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

        Mario, leave your son in the hands of his Father….Our Father will introduce your son to Jesus,,,,,God has no grandchildren He only has sons and daughters so pray that your boy encounters the Risen Jesus as St Paul did…..then your son will be safe. Just keep trusting in OUR FATHER….and all will be well

  76. Leeanne Farhat | | Reply

    Please Mary mother of God
    Jesus son of the Father
    Holy Spirit
    Pray for my relatives , and friend , who have cancer, and not doing so well
    In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit AMEN

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