30-15-5 Challenge – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 2


  1. Bev & Mike | | Reply

    My husband and I follow everything The Catholic Guy offers. He helps us increase our faith and believe in the power of prayer through these short simple videos. Thanks!

    • Leonie Cornell | | Reply

      I do too. Bev, my husband is a little behind me but slowly coming to understand why this is such a God given opportunity and gift. Bless you and your husband

  2. Jocelyn | | Reply

    It’s so good to listen to you everyday. It helps me to pray constantly and try to be holy.

  3. Effie Troy | | Reply

    Very inspiring Bruce, I had a problem trying to leave a reply yesterday. Trying again today.

    • Effie Troy | | Reply

      Looks like it worked. I am praying for all my family and friends

  4. Florence | | Reply

    What a beautiful prayer you lead us to. Every morning I wait in anticipation to hear how we should pray for our loved one. Even my husband is following that day challange. Thank you so much. We needed it at this right moment.

  5. Bernadette | | Reply

    This is helping me to be mindful of praying and asking for hlep

  6. Amber | | Reply

    I pray for Jon my son to come to know God again. Bless his life Lord and guide him back to you. Thanking you Jesus.

  7. Vas | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the Catholic Guy ministry. I know you are empowering many lay people to help support the church in its spiritual mission through their daily lives. We all need to support our priests and religious in their difficult mission that today faces our faith.

  8. Brenton Shipp | | Reply

    Thank you so much. I pray with you for my family.

  9. Pia | | Reply

    thank you for today’s pray message

  10. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    Your positive approach to our Catholic Identity is a wonderful statement to a number of the ills that have crept into the society that we grew up with…
    Keep up the good work Bruce you have a lot of us listening and acting…Raymond

  11. Elizabeth | | Reply

    What an inspiration. I am praying for my 2 little boys Simba and Tavonga so they can grow up knowing God and believe that God will help them whenever they need help. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  12. Anne | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the opportunity to join with you for this daily prayer. I pray for my children that they will once again embrace opportunities to renew their faith and be strengthened in their journeys of Christian Marriages.

  13. Carlo | | Reply

    Very Inspiring great to hear this every day
    Carlo and Sandra

  14. Madeleine Pierre | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I give praise to the Holy Spirit Who has given you such an inspiration about ‘the key of the Kingdom of God.’ It’s so true that prayer is the right key to open for us the door of the Kingdom of God .What a beautiful prayer it was ! Thank you Bruce
    Madeleine Pierre.

  15. jean bartholomew | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your beautiful prayer, and for your lovely thoughts about the key and prayer. God bless you in your ministry.

  16. Marlene Baldacchino | | Reply

    Dear Bruce as always, I look forward to your presentations online, and now I thank you for the wonderful ministry and will pray for that. I will be joining you in prayer for my family. Particularly my brother who is away from the church and thinks he has lost his faith and does not believe in God. For his financial help and also being alone to find someone to love him despite himself. I also pray for my grandchildren that they might not be lukewarm Catholics and pray and go to church, and also that God will help them in choosing their lifelong partners when the time comes. I have nine grandchildren the eldest is married but they don’t attend Mass regularly. I always pray for my children, grandchildren, and my brother who has no one to pray for him. My mother like Saint Monica has prayed and prayed for him but she has had dementia for the past thirteen years and is unable to pray anymore or even receive Holy Communion because of her dementia. I will definitely be joining you daily in this prayer time. Once again thank you for the time you spend encouraging others. May God bless you, your family, your team and your ministry.

  17. Coleen Saunders | | Reply

    Bless you Bruce and your family for the guidance of Gods working through you to us through September 2015. Your opening my eyes to looking at life differently in Gods name – Thank you and Bless you

  18. Theresa Brune | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for reminding us to pray with the authority that the Lord gave us. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the problems we forget to take authority over them in Jesus name. I feel a bit of joy and expectation that God will do something amazing in all our lives by the end of this prayer time. Thank you for leading us on this journey. ……. Onward and upward ……Theresa

  19. Ray. | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for those inspiring words and for your prayer , may the our heavenly Father bless you.Today .I am praying for my brother Ray because its his birthday and for his family.I ask the Jesus to bless them all.

  20. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, for the inspiration and empowerment, you present to us, in God’s name.
    The ‘key’ that enables us to ‘open those doors’ to reveal what is truly in our heart.
    To ask, question and hope. – God listens. Sometimes, (and very often, lately), I lose direction, in the uncertainty of life. –
    Where I am, where I should be.
    What I am doing, what do I want/ need to do.
    What is important, and what isn’t ? –
    Life can be so overwhelming, confusing, in knowing the best route to follow.
    At times, I have ‘put God in the driver seat’ – I have asked him to steer, take charge and show me the way! …….
    We cannot just live in hope. –
    prayer invites us to create the journey, see the map, and continue the drive forward. …

    I trust in The Lord. …..
    Though I don’t know where our path leads, ….(for my husband and I work wise, financially, in our planning/ future),

    In prayers for our children, their partners, and our cherished grandchildren,….

    For those who need my prayers…

    I give our dear Lord, my key, …
    I pray that he deliver me, (and those in my prayers), to where we are meant to be, -trusting always, in his judgement, decision and delivery. ……
    Thy will be done.

  21. Susan | | Reply

    Thank you & the organisation for getting the reminder to me today, and in the days ahead, to remind me to bring to mind the people I am praying for.

  22. sandra c | | Reply

    Thank you for this practical and real way of prayer we can offer up for those dear to us. Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit filling our hearts and minds.

  23. Alfred Curtis | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, Tho’ I am a Presbyterian lay preacher, I enjoy your practical Christianity talks each Sunday on Ch.182, and am pleased to join in this prayer campaign with my Catholic brothers and sisters; I pray for my grandson Matthew and my 12 other grandchildren and 20 g.g.children. May GOD Bless you all.

    • Mel | | Reply

      Lovely to have you onboard, Alfred. God loves his children united!

  24. Mrs Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you for showing me how and when to use my authority in prayer. Thank you for your prayer today. I feel this journey will help deepen my prayer life and bless my loved ones who I am praying for.
    God bless

  25. rowena may ramas sullano | | Reply

    may God in His glory continue to bless you,Bruce and your staff.God bless.. may we all realize truly the importance and be a good steward of the
    key to the kingdom

  26. Daisy | | Reply

    I also pray for my children Gerard & Danielle that God will keep them safe during their journey in Europe & will bless them always & touch them that they will come back to Him & believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord.
    I pray for you Bruce & Rosemary & the team that God will continue to empower you & give whatever you need to spread the Good News specially to those people who stop believing.

  27. enda | | Reply

    Thank you for continuing to guide us. It is easy to pray for the ones we love but more of a challenge to pray for those whom we dislike. Maybe next time we could include them

  28. Diana | | Reply

    These videos are inspiring and helpful to keep me committed to this month of pray for my children and my sister. Thank you!

  29. Deidre | | Reply

    I pray for my husband to come to share my faith and i pray for our 4 children that each of them will come back to accept the Love that God is freely giving to them and that they in turn will be able to bring their loved one to Him. I trust in the Lord and hope that I have the patience to wait for His perfect timing.

  30. Deanna-Jane Sumner | | Reply

    As I prayed for my parents and brother-in-law, I believe God was listening. I love that he is always there for me to comfort me and be my strength.

  31. milane | | Reply

    Everyday, I pray for family healing, humilty, forgiveness, understanding, love and for whatever needs my sisters and brothers have. I pray for my nieces and nephews too for God to hold them dearly and for my parents that they stay happy and loved in their old age. Thank you.

  32. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Dear God, I am asking for the health of my friend Nonoy and to protect my Natita,Patrick,Tyrone,Kelly from all bad things ,Amen

  33. Antoinette | | Reply

    Many of us pray for our children everyday anyway, but there is something that feels more spiritually powerful when we make a deliberate effort with more power and concentration. It gives me a greater feeling of faith than just the rote everyday sort of prayers that feel as if they are not going anywhere and that futile feeling that they don’t make much of a difference.

  34. christine | | Reply

    Thank-you Bruce for these daily ministries, you are so inspiring & I need you to remind me-everyday. I’m so in need of this special journey you are presenting me with, so hopefully my prayers will help all the needy people in my life

  35. Wendy Whitemean | | Reply

    To bring to mind all the wonderful family we have and pay that they could return to their faith

  36. Cedric Auwardt | | Reply

    Cedric Auwardt – Unfortunately Bruce, I have no speakers on my computer, so I can’t hear you, but I do pray for my family conversion. Also, I pray for them everyday during my own private devotions.

  37. Leeanne Farhat | | Reply

    Please work miraculously in the name of Jesus to cure Aunty Heidi and Kate from Cancer. Help Aunty Nujah to her full health.
    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Amen

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