30-15-5 Challenge – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 3


  1. Pat | | Reply

    Thank you for today’s reading and comment – i pray each day for the gift of faith for family members, for the recovery of a grandson from leukaemia and for other family members and i am waiting patiently for an answer to my prayers. i will accept whatever response i receive from God because it will be his will that prevails.

  2. Robin | | Reply

    Awesome, I have been praying for my dad to open his heart to the Lord and repent. Yours prayers are appreciated.

  3. ana | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce
    My father has just passed away last week
    I started this challenge to pray for my husband but this morning it was so good to hear the story about your dad. I am finding such a great peace thanks to the gift of faith about my dad. Word of God is so comforting to me. Your words today are so guided by the Spirit as always :)
    God’s will above all. Lord please just increase my trust in you. Amen

  4. Kevin Kriel | | Reply

    Dear Jesus ,
    I pray that your Holy Spirit will Move in the lives of Doug (my eldest son) and Heather (his partner) so that they will come to know you as our living God and Savior. Amen

  5. Marthese | | Reply

    Today I pray that my relationship with my children is not damaged . That it grows stronger . Give me patience Dear Lord and the courage to be a mother

  6. Jadranks Burns | | Reply

    Please pray that “God’s will to be done” in my children’s lives, my life, my friends & work colleagues. For myself that God will heal my memory recall. In Jesus Christ name Amen

  7. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    I continue to pray for my son Lawrie, my grandson Andy who has Autism & for all my children to acknowledge Jesus as Lord of their lives. Bernadette

  8. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    What moderation?

    • Mary | | Reply

      I would also like to know what moderation is about

  9. Tim | | Reply


  10. linda | | Reply

    Lord Jesus,
    I pray Your Will be Done

  11. Charlie Cassar | | Reply

    I am praying for my son who is in deep financial trouble. I have prayed and tried everything over a number of years to get him to live within his means. I have failed miserably as he has now hit rock bottom. I am grateful that you are now with me in the journey. You deliver your words with such conviction that give me hope and encouragement and strengthens my faith. I will never give up.

  12. Judith Gilligan | | Reply

    I am praying for my 14 year old grand daughter and her parents. She seems to be heading down a slippery path and it is a struggle for her parents to keep her safe and out of trouble. I pray that it is God’s will for all of us to be patient and able to give guidance and support for as long as it takes.

  13. gina Bellgard | | Reply

    Dear Bruce and TCG

    Thanks for making Sep 2015 so beautiful and so holy and so hopeful …. I talk to Jesus every minute of the day for those I’m praying for.

    I eagerly check my inbox every morning.

    God Bless

  14. Madeleine Pierre | | Reply

    Dear Bruce,thanks for reminding me of the words of St James ,especially for praying for God’s will to be done.

  15. Rowena may ramas sullano | | Reply


  16. Amber | | Reply

    I pray for my son Jon to come to know you Lord Jesus and to come back to faith and your holy Church. Bless him with a loving wife and family and let him know your peace and love. Thank you Jesus.

  17. Brenton Shipp | | Reply

    Thank you. I lost my parents within 10 months ofeach other and your prayer brings me closer to them. Love your tv show keep it up and God Bless

  18. Jane Fraser | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for reminding me to pray for Gods will in my life and the loved one I’m praying for my daughter. So easy to get caught up with what we want rather than what is really needed. God bless you and your work. Appreciative member of the Caloundra Parish…..Jane Fraser

  19. Sally | | Reply

    My father died 1960 and I miss him still. He was my best friend.

  20. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, I look forward to your comments and inspiration to pray for the right things… to accept God’s Will.

  21. Yang Low | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, could you turn it down the music little bit more ,so I can concentrate more with what you said Thank you, Many blessing ,Love and prayers

  22. Susan | | Reply

    Thank you for today’s thought – Father let your will be done.

  23. Angie | | Reply

    Indeed, may Your will be done in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones and may we open to the promptings of your spirit. Amen. :)

  24. Theresa Brune | | Reply

    One of the revelations the Lord gave me was iwas not keeping what He as asked us to do….love one another. I had felt the Lord prompting me to add two of my sisters to this time of prayer. 1has dementia and 1is by polar. I resisted. I felt I had so many needs in my own family. I almost felt the prayer was not as needed for them. He showed me I was placing my limitations on he who could do more than I could possible imagine. I also was parceling out my love instead of loving everyone……I’m thankful because now I can with his help work on these faults and be in his perfect will and to resemble him more closely. Thank you Lord for your love and mercy. Please touch the lives of all those we lift up in your name. Bless all who are on this journey.

  25. Terry | | Reply

    You are amazing !!! So good to hear you speak , God has truly Blessed you. I know if people around the world put there hearts into this we will see some amazing things happen. God Bless you ! Keep praying ⛪️⛪️

  26. Gillian Annwn | | Reply

    God wants all souls to be saved and grants to us, participation in His redemption of souls, through our prayer and sacrifice. What a privilege! Thank you TCG for uniting us in our efforts.

  27. Jenetta Haim | | Reply

    O wow. Thy will be done is indeed a hard one Bruce. Day three and I have realised that perhaps what I was asking for was confused and I need to be clearer in what I ask for. Thank you :)

  28. Emilio Luna | | Reply

    Bruce thank you for sharing Christ love the way you do, it’s good that you have learned to open the tap in your life to God so that God is able to reach others.

  29. JO | | Reply

    Thank You Bruce.
    Jo Micallef from Toongabbie

  30. Mercedes | | Reply

    God helps us to total surrender us to your perfect will, guide and protect my children, heal my husband and bring peace and harmony in our family. Also, listen to all the prayers of your Children that are putting their trust in you. In Jesus name. AMEN

  31. Joanne | | Reply

    I do pray spefically for what I want God to do so that knows where I stand but I also ask that God fulfils his will. I pray for my daughter that her needs will be met, that the holy spirit will give her courage and that she will be led back to Jesus.

  32. Michelina | | Reply

    One of the hardest prayers to pray…..your will be done…….especially when it involves the people we love. We don’t want them to suffer. Please God help us all to trust in you and give us the strength and faith we need to accept your will in our life and in the lives of our loved ones.

  33. connie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce to day I am praying for my brothers ,my sisters and my aunt they are sick,I pray for their healing. May God’s will be done.

  34. Joan Reid | | Reply

    Thank you for this daily encouragement to pray for someone specifically.

  35. Mrs Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and TCG for today’s reading and prayer. You point out in James 4 v3 You ask and do not receive,because you ask wrongly… and go on to explain about God’ s perfect will to be done for those we are praying for rather than what we want for them. From now on I will ask for God’s perfect will to be done for my husband and son as well myself. Lord You know what is best for us.

  36. Daisy | | Reply

    Thank you Lord for your messages thru Bro Bruce. I totally surrender everything to you coz you know what’s best for us. During this month I specially pray for my loved ones, pls strengthen their faith & bring them all back to you.Amen!

  37. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Bruce, I truly resonated with your blessed message, today. –
    Yesterday’s response, is so applicable, and connecting with today’s message. –
    Whilst leaving my reply, yesterday, I felt compelled to finish with ‘Thy will be done’
    as, we can become very focused on what we want, as opposed to our need!
    Also, we must truly trust in The Lord, in his response. – For he truly knows, what ‘s best.
    We may question, or wonder; why our prayers aren’t answered, ….. So often they are, …..not in the way we may have asked, ……..certainly, as God sees best.

    As I ask; ‘in Jesus name’ I also say;
    ‘In you I trust’ –
    Recently, I went for a position, which I really prayed for. I offered total commitment, and a heart, so full and ready to serve our Lord, (Pastoral Care). –
    I was heartbroken, to find I had ‘narrowly’ missed out/ it was a very close call.
    Despite my disappointment, I was genuinly pleased, for my successor, as she too applied for the position.
    I felt, our Lord thought she was the better choice, and I prayed for her …..
    About the time I would have started, my dear father became terminally ill, and recently passed away. –
    I believe/ know, I would have remained committed and fulfilled my role, however, I believe now, God, wanted to spare me the
    ‘additional’ load.
    You see, in asking, God heard my prayer, and delivered, in placing me where I was most needed…..
    In him we trust…. & ‘Thy will be done’

  38. Lady Webb | | Reply

    I pray to our Lord for the healing of my friend Nonoy and for the health of my sister Estela and of all my family,Amen

  39. Trish | | Reply

    Bruce, many thanks for guiding us through this special time of prayer for those we love and at the same time assisting us in our own personal journeys. It brings hope and reminds us to trust in God.

  40. Irvin | | Reply

    Thank you, Lord for leading us to Bruce’s work to help us better understand and cope with our ups and downs in life with the right prayer – for the grace and courage to ask Your guidance and Spirit for Your Will being done in our daily lives! Thank you, Lord for Bruce and his work through Your Spirit spreading into our world and lives!

  41. Antoinette | | Reply

    It’s difficult to say “Thy will be Done” when you pray because you figure that’s what is going to happen anyway and it takes some incentive to pray away…In other words why ask for anything in prayer? I was taught this concept of praying for the strength and acceptance of God’s will everyday in Catholic school and although there is a certain beauty and holiness in it, there is also a sense of hopelessness and futility there. —the fear if one asks for “strength to do God”s will” worse things might happen–like you’re asking for trouble. It takes away some motivation to pray and ask for particular things and simply becomes a way to cope with life’s difficulties.

  42. Diane Rhodes | | Reply

    The first time I was aware of the difficulty of the words Thy will be done was when my son needed open heart surgery before he was a year old. The most recent and most difficult time was when my beloved granddaughter had DIPG — a tumor on her brain stem. Though I knew it was a death sentence, I was certain if enough people prayed hard enough, we would get a miracle. Accepting God”s will -her death just 2 weeks after her 7th birthday was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Less than 6 months later, my husband of 44 years divorced me. It divided our once close family. Two daughters haven’t spoken to me in almost 2 years. I struggle each day trying to understand WHY? I am grateful for my other daughter and 2 sons. I miss the 4 grandchildren I am no longer able to see and ache for the 10 month old granddaughter I have never been able to hold. I ask God to help me forgive. I also thank God for the 5 grandchildren I am able to see and especially the new baby due in January. God’s ways are not our ways. Help me to accept and forgive.

    • Marthese | | Reply

      Diane , I feel your pain . My husband left me 3 years ago, and to this day ,not a day goes by without questions of disbelief. . Why , why . Or how could a practicing Catholics leave his wife after 30 years for another . I have been lost and questioning my faith . He goes to church with his new parent and I feel shameful. I prayed and prayed for him to come back to his family. To no avail , he has divorced me now . I pray for my 15 yr old son . He is confused in his beliefs because of all of this . He knows what the Catholic Church teaches about divorce . He finds it difficult going to mass with his dad and new partner usually refusing to go because he is uncomfortable with all of this .
      He wishes his dad to came back . Yet I try to explain that he has made up his mind and making up his own rules . All I can do is pray for both of them . Especially my Son that he finds peace . That I can find peace .
      My prayers here today I leave to you Dear Lord .

  43. Grace Douglas | | Reply

    GRACE I am a day or two behind my daughter had a car accident on Monday afternoon and she was looked after by GOD . I pray for the ones I love every morning and night . she was hit by a very large truck on the free way station wagon was crushed up to the driver section, but not a scratch on her, thanks God her 3 children could of been motherless.

    I believe in prayers and this journey is a wonderful event, thank you Bruce for your wonderful work.


  44. Delma R. Murray | | Reply

    I pray that your love to me and my family here and in the PHIL.be acknowledged within my heart to continue to Praise you and love and Thank you everyday and that your Will Be Done!

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