30-15-5 Challenge – Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 4


  1. Susan | | Reply

    Bruce – you hit the nail on the head today with your thoughts and comments about forgiving people in my past who have hurt me. Letting go is a hard thing to do even if they are in the past. You made me realize that I can’t get God’s fullness of love without forgiving them and letting go. Thank you.

  2. Oscar | | Reply

    This challenge is so powerful. It is making my faith journey take a new fruitful direction. For many years my prayers were just about me and my immediate sphere of influence. But to be able to pray for others unconditionally is so liberating and fulfilling. I hope this initiative can be done at least twice a year. God bless Bruce & his Team

  3. Charlene Apollos | | Reply

    This has allowed me to release the things I have held bound to trust God for the many things I am praying for. Thank You!

  4. Peter | | Reply

    So much hurt in our lives is about separation from those we love due to the consequences of following our own selfish paths. God is above Vengeance and retribution and patiently waits for us to recognise how good he is and how much love he has. Once we do that, miracles begin to happen

  5. milane | | Reply

    It is true. And when we are separated from God we lose that peace that only He can give.

  6. Judy | | Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity to grow in my journey with God. It has been very helful in areas of my prayer life where I have struggled especially praying
    for my family. I look forward to receiving these messages every morning. Bless you all and Praise God for all that he does for us.

  7. Gloria | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, this calls for a deep sober reflection…Sometimes we think we have forgiven those who hurt us but when the thought comes back to our mind, its like opening a fresh wound. We pray that God through the power of his spirit may help us to truly and sincerely forgive those that have hurt us in anyway so that our prayers may not be hindered…Amen

  8. Pat | | Reply

    As a Catholic I have difficulty in my declining years with needing a priest to forgive my sins. I pray each day for forgiveness for my failings and ask God to forgive me – even in saying the Lord’s Prayer during my recitation of the rosary is asking for forgiveness. Would I be any more forgiven by confessing to a priest? I live in a large parish with many hundreds of Catholics attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist each Sunday – there are two priests – how many of us are attending the confessional? I would like to see the return of the third rite of reconciliation at Easter and Advent. Is this a cop out?

    • PatK | | Reply

      Would you be any more forgiven? Maybe, maybe not. But another chance to receive God’s Grace, via the priest, is invaluable – at that moment and in the ongoing journey.

    • Michelina | | Reply

      I can relate to your sentiments Pat. I certainly don’t think more forgiveness comes through confession to a priest. But I think there is a certain humility that comes with having to openly state and talk about your failings. Sometimes bad experiences with confession can turn people off for a lifetime. I think most priests these days are pretty compassionate. Something for both of us to think about Pat.

  9. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Thank you for todays message. It is one I have heard on and off, for years, but each time, I remember one more time that I have not sought forgiveness, or enable one more hurt to dissappear from my tally. I am going to ask God to remind me of what I have put into the back of my mind and not yet asked forgiveness or given it to someone else. Bless you Bruce. Keep up the ministry which reaches so many people, so often.

  10. Gillian Annwn | | Reply

    Changing the bad habits of a lifetime is a demanding and on-going task. This is my biggest struggle. I acquired many bad habits over the years that I was out of the Church and they take a lot of conscious effort to tackle. Progress is slow but I am continuing to work on myself. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Dino | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce for today’s message and prayer. To be Seperated from God is to be in Darkness, Which is the The worst thing in Life to be in, but thru prayer, asking forgiveness & Strength to be closer to God and His Way, gives me an inner Strength, peace & joy that won’t be Shaken

  12. Emilio Luna | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  13. sandra c | | Reply

    I echo what Gillian has said. The key thing is that we have to continuously work on “ourselves” , acknowledge and confess our sins and God’ ‘s grace, mercy and forgiveness will always be upon us. .Thank you for this reflection on ourselves.

  14. Jenetta Haim | | Reply

    So hard to forgive sometimes. A work in progress hey. Thank you

    • Antoinette | | Reply

      I notice if someone I love a lot hurts me I can go right back to loving them and forgiving them rather easily, because the love is so powerful. If it involves a betrayal…those are very difficult, but a little possible for me to forgive. The kind of thing I may never forgive, because the offender does not give me a chance to forgive, is when the offense goes on for DECADES…OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THE SCAB CAN NEVER HEAL…IN FACT IN GETS FURTHER INFLAMED. Just when I might be in a spiritual frame of mind to forgive, the injury happens again. I can’t fake it and pretend I forgive these incidents…It will take a miracle and the grace of God. If they hurt my child…wow that is very difficult. So all I can say for the time being is “God forgive me for not yet being able to forgive____. God I will only be able to do so with your grace”

  15. Christine O'Neill | | Reply

    Forgiveness is very hard especially when people have hurt those you love as well as you.

    • Rita Lewis | | Reply

      Hurt is deep and lasting, when you
      offer forgiveness, (only to be hurt again). More so, when that person hurts those you love, knowing this will hurt you more.

      I pray that I can find the courage to forgive, …. to believe, forgiveness does not condone the behaviour, rather, it releases me, from the pain, that holding on brings. –
      At times, a struggle, (as I feel, an element of hypocrisy), if not heartfelt. –

      I pray that (together), we may find the courage to look for the goodness, the empowerment we give ourselves,
      in our own choosing! –
      We are not responsible, for the choices if others, but we are responsible for ours!

      Thank you Bruce, for a message that
      highlights the essence of forgiveness.-Another opportunity to turn that ‘key’ unlocking, (opening), another ‘closed’ door.

  16. Mrs Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I can relate to Gillian. Thank you Lord for Your patience while we work on changing our bad habits, repent of our sins and ask for Your grace in order to forgive. Thank you for the timely reminder

  17. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, each word is penetrating into my mind and heart, and I realise that the person I need to truly forgive is myself. I have discovered the need to forgive is a gift from God, the awareness is always from The holy Spirit. I ask Jesus to help me as He needed His Father to do His forgiving because it is too hard on our own.

  18. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to go to a deeper level of recognition for the pain I may caused another by my own sinfulness.
    I pray for forgiveness from my loved one, and may God heal the rift in our relationship.

  19. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Praying for my friend Nonoy that with her treatment she will be healthy again!
    Pray for my son and daughter for your blessing my dear Lord and also for my sister health

  20. sam | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your support team for shining God love and light in a somewhat lost and self-centered world…Jesus said; if two or three are gathered in my name, my Father will answer your prayers. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your listeners, and I ask if you could pray for my broken family, for forgiveness.
    This Fathers Day will be twelve years since I seen my five children, and twelve years that my children have being deprived of their Fathers love and bond.
    Thank you all in advance…love in Jesus name.

  21. Rita | | Reply

    I pray we find the strength and courage, to ‘let go,’ of all, that stops us, from going forward. –
    (‘Blocking’), our sincerity, in prayer.

  22. Amber | | Reply

    Please Lord Jesus bring my son Jon back to you. Thank you Lord.

  23. Jadranks Burns | | Reply

    Beautifully said Bruce.
    Thank you for your prayers & ministry.

  24. Deanna-Jane Sumner | | Reply

    I tend to not forgive myself for hurting people in the past. I cringe every time I recall something I’ve done or said to someone that hurt them, not intending to of course. I realize now that this can keep me from loving myself and others, especially if they hurt me. I pray that I realize this before I start cringing and pray for my own healing and then do the same for others. Amen,

  25. Frances Johnson | | Reply

    2Thank you Bruce and may God bless you, your family and your ministry.

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