30-15-5 Challenge – Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 7


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your team.

  2. Marthese | | Reply

    Today I pray for my don and his future wife my the power of God be in their marriage .

  3. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    I was worried at first when the Pray for someone you loved was moved to september. I am away all this month and thought it would be difficult to keep up the daily message that unites us all and gives us so much to reflect. I trusted God, and knew it was for such a great reason, due to the increasing number of people coming along for the ride. Well, it is day 7 , maybe still early on, but I have found the willing internet, and the time to find and open up this message every day.I pray as we continue through the outback that I will find the internet each day or often enough to keep receiving the email. I committ to praying for Jemima my daughter no matter what, and even though she is back in Sydney and I am somewhere along the road, I know she will be effected by all our prayers during this month and then ongoing.

    Last night we also found out that my husbands cousin has lost her battle with cancer, just yesterday morning at home. So the prayer I am receiving and the power I feel in my prayers these days, will have a new outlet that may not have been so potent and present , had the project been in August. So God always works it out better than we are able to see. He has answered other prayers in this short time too, things that I asked so that I could become closer to him in my prayers. God Bless all of us engaged in Pray for Someone you love. And thank you for the bonus Preparing for a miricale talks.

  4. Cecilia | | Reply

    Amen amen Thank You Lord that we can boldly enter into you Thrown Room. Thank you Lord for your child who is calling us above denominations to the ONE AND ONLY GOD. There is power in unity.

  5. linda | | Reply

    Yesterday, many children within our Church celebrated First Holy Communion. I dreamt last night of looking at our tradition and faith through someone else’s eyes who is not involved in the Church. I saw how others may not agree with our dear little ones being given alcoholic wine by our church as it would be seen. In fact we see this as the blood of Christ our Saviour which is the most sacred to us.
    …….and then your message this morning Bruce…
    God Bless

  6. rowena may ramas sullano | | Reply

    my life is a full testimony of the power of the cross & God’s loving victory.. thank you for reminding me that i am but a mere servant of God but that i should do my work in the kingdom of the mighty Triune God in joy and perseverance.. that i should not allow sin to have power over me…and be in awe with the Father that created us and gave HIS SON that save us; and the Holy Spirit that lives in each of us… thank you…..
    may God continue to bless your mission… truly an inspiring and good job by you and your staff.. with thanks to your family that understands and allow you to do this… to God be the glory…. i will be in Sydney soon so will attend your coming sessions but even while i am in the Philippines i promote this challenge and continue to be inspired by what you do and what you are. God be with you.

  7. Amber | | Reply

    I pray for my son Jon to return to you Lord Jesus. Please guide him Holy Spirit in his young life to make the right decisions and come to know the love of God.

    • Jenetta | | Reply

      Amber, i also am praying for my son to come to know Jesus. Your comment came just above mine. Let us pray together maybe in future :)

  8. Annette | | Reply

    I thank God for this blessing of prayers. Thank you Bruce and team. As I spend more quite time talking to God in prayers I feel more peace in my heart. I thought I would just be praying for people I love but it is the transformation in me that leads me closer to God and feel Him and blessing me and my loved ones. I praise God with all my heart.

  9. Emma Pazos | | Reply

    I an a lifelong Catholic Christian, now in my eighties, and I am praying for my four grown offspring, that they will ALL have a powerful conversion and prayer life. I appreciate your spiritual offerings.

  10. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    May the power of prayer unite, and multiply us; in strength, and worship.
    May we recite, the miracles God has already provided in our lives, and,
    (together with Bruce), be truly excited,
    for those yet to come!

    Congratulations, and thanks, to Bruce,
    (together with Rosemary and the team),
    in walking alongside us, on our ‘unknown’ journey, and empowering us to believe
    and trust, in whatever comes our way.

  11. Gillian Annwn | | Reply

    What other people think of what I say and do has so much power over me. May all of those I love learn to stand up against the ‘prevailing wisdom’ of money and selfishness and may God strengthen me too.

  12. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Our Lord I pray for my friend Nonoy to respond to the treatment she will endure in October
    Dear Lord I also pray for the health of my Ty,Nat,Estela my brother Juan which is going through hard times and for all my family and friends,AMEN

  13. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and TCG team for the powerful message and prayer…what does appear as foolishness to other people is truly alive in us! Well said Bruce. Lord may the power of the cross come to my family and be in my marriage and to all who are praying for their loved ones. Thank you Lord God for listening and answering our prayers asked in the name of our Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mother Mary thank you for your intercession and care for us on this journey into day 7 of Pray for Someone You Love 30-15-5 Challenge…..amen

  14. Jenetta | | Reply

    Amber, I am praying for my son also to come to know the church. how interesting that your comment should come just above mine :) Perhaps us two can also pray together somehow in the future and link up through here. dont know how though :)

  15. Lysiane Mariole | | Reply

    Lisa I am praying for my children and my husband to come back to God and start going to church again. Prayers specially requested for my husband who is suffering so much at the moment because of the sinful life he is leading. Lord have mercy on him and bring him back to you. Amen

  16. milane | | Reply

    God is good. Let us celebrate His loving presence as we continue to pray.

  17. Antinette | | Reply

    I continue to pray for my daughter Samantha that her path fulfills God’s purpose for her life on earth; her happiness,school and career choices and that she one day the young man she chooses be a wonderful spouse for her. Amen

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