30-15-5 Challenge – Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 8


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  2. Marsha | | Reply

    Please pray for my friend Russell, that suffers from Alcoholism..he is a misunderstood soul, was an alcoholic through birth, same as his siblings. He could be a much better person if he could get a grip with God, he attended Catholic parochial school, is even named after a family priest..but these demons seems larger than life itself. In the name of Jesus, please pray for Russell to become a better friend with the Lord <3

  3. michele holborn | | Reply

    Thank you for this is the first thing I do each morning is to listen to Bruce to help my for the day.

  4. Christine O'Neill | | Reply

    This is so true. It is me that needs the transformation

  5. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    A good word for me today.

  6. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for an inspirational talk on LETTING GOD work in us.

  7. Bernadette Jansen | | Reply

    I love the messages and the daily prayer is really helping. I just wish that the music was not going on while Bruce is speaking. As hard as I try to concentrate I continue to be distracted by the instrumentals. I only write this in case others too are distracted. Thank you for your ministry!

    • Elisabeth | | Reply

      Hi Bernadette, I love the instrumental accompanying Bruce’s talks.
      How ever I do have a problem with the music during live ministry

  8. Peg | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I pray for my husband but the more I search my heart I know it is I that needs to pray for my own transformation. I ask God to transform my responses in a more affectionate way especially when I’m frustrated. Please God show me Thy light and peace.

  9. June Boyce | | Reply

    My husband says I pick on him I’m sure I do without thinking, because he realy is a very good husband ,but now I will be aware and try to hear God.
    Thank you Bruce.

  10. Gillian Annwn | | Reply

    This seems to be a lesson that I have to learn over and over… asking God to help me to reform. Accepting also that I fail and can learn from the failure to help me change.

  11. Pauline | | Reply

    Oh that i could surrender my life and will as much as i can for the people i pray for. In Jesus name AMEN

  12. Ursla | | Reply

    Thankyou bruce. your words have helped me every afternoon after a busy day at work. TODAY I look back on my day with others and she if I have transformed anyone’s lives with the presence of god that is within me.

  13. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    I am praying that God will transform,
    those areas in my life, that challenge me,
    and hinder me from going forward.

    In praying for transformation, I go to the core or essence of my being, –
    Making the necessary changes, enables me to offer more to others, by firstly, offering more to myself.
    Today, I will pray, for God’s guidance; That I continue to ”own’ and make changes, within, that will positively reflect outwards.

    • Antoinette | | Reply

      Ditto…beautiful prayer that applies to myself as well. Thank you…

  14. jean | | Reply

    Wonderful Evangelical Christian message, thank you Bruce

  15. Joan | | Reply

    Thank you, I am praying for my husband of 49 years, brought up a catholic, we married in Anglican Church and have brought our children up as Christians. Still in his heart of hearts he is a catholic. We both watch your TV programme on ACTV. I am praying for him to grow in his faith and to have a hunger to know and understand the scriptures – never too late. He has taken up reading good books for the first time in his life and is happily reading some wonderful biographies of great men and women of God. Thanks again.

  16. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I am in real need of the transforming power of God so that I can serve the Lord and others more effectively. Help me Lord God to be who you intended me to be . To be more like You Lord Jeesus. That Your transforming power will be felt even when I am praying for my family. I ask this in the Holy name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.Thank you all powerful God amen. Thank you Bruce and TCG team for the message and prayer.

  17. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Dear Lord help me to change,you know exactly what I mean, Amen

  18. Irene | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your words of encouragement. May God bless you

  19. connie | | Reply

    Thank you once again Bruce for your inspirational words.I am going to pass this to my friend,I Was asked to help her with something and I could not find the proper words I am sure this talk will help her. May God bless you.

  20. jenetta | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for your inspiring message today. It indeed would be good to have a transformation in myself and to have that work in with my prayers for Simon. Amen

  21. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your team for such inspirational work. I agree that the back ground music is distracting all the same I enjoyed the message and how true we have to change ourselves first.
    Thanks again and God bless you.

  22. Amber | | Reply

    Lord Jesus please guide my Jon back to you and grant him peace in his life. I thank you in advance for your help.

  23. Debbie | | Reply

    Thank you so much Bruce. I needed these exact words today!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!!!

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