30-15-5 Challenge – Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 9


  1. michele holborn | | Reply

    Thank you for the readings. I am unable to read as I have depression.

  2. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you once again Bruce for another inspiring message and for your prayers. It’s an great way to start my day. God bless you

  3. zita clifford | | Reply

    thank you for being here when I am thinking about a dear friend battling great obstacles with health!

  4. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Thank you for everything!!I ask fort the health of my friend Blanca and that she can respond to her treatment,Amen

  5. Amber | | Reply

    Lord help my son to come back to you. Bless him in all areas of his life. Holy Spirit give him courage, faith and joy. Thanking you.

  6. Pierrette Maurice | | Reply

    Thank for all your good message . God bless you for your good work.

  7. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    Thank you for the deeper meaning in ‘life to the full’. I will reflect/pray on this all day.

  8. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Loved today’s message! –
    A continuation, in the ‘thread’ of God’s transformation deliverance.

    I will make a conscious effort, surrendering to God, his will for me.
    I pray that he will transform, the way I offer prayer, that may also enhance and improve, who I am, and all I can be.
    I cannot wholly transform without your intervention, dear Lord.
    I ask you, in Jesus name, please hear my prayer.

  9. John McCabe | | Reply

    I surrender my hand so You can lead me Lord,
    I surrender my eyes so I can see Your Holy Face in those of the sick,
    I surrender my ears so I can Hear Your call,
    I surrender my Mouth so I can speak your words,
    I surrender My heart so I can praise and Glorify Your Holy Name,
    I love You my Beloved Lord and King,
    My will is Yours so be it. amen

  10. Artelle | | Reply

    I guess it is in allowing God to transform us, who are willing that we may be better able to pray for transformation in those who are not as willing or maybe not able through physical or mental illness. Dear God, transform us that we may be a vehicle for the transformation of those we love. Amen.

  11. Valerie | | Reply

    Yes Lord God change me, change the way I think, feel and pray so that others may be touched by your transformative power especially my husband and son who need You in their lives. I ask this in Your precious name Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mother Mary pray for us….amen.God bless you Bruce and TCG team for such wonderful work you are doing with the messages and prayers.

  12. Patricia Grieshaber | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. That was beautiful. May God bless you and your family. Patricia Grieshaber

  13. Kim | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce for you inspiration and encouragement in leading us each day in our Prayer commitment. I look forward to beginning my day with your message and prayers.

  14. Antoinette | | Reply

    Very beautiful Bruce…it helps me be willing to pray for God’s will, which I explained in an earlier comment is very difficult for me, because I fear what His will may be for me and my daughter. I see now how by praying for God’s will brings about a transformation in us that lines what we want up with His will and gives us the capacity to fulfill all He wants for us.

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