30-15-5 Challenge – Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 11


  1. Judy Hill | | Reply

    Please I need a prayer for a couple of intentions. I am having a stressful time as I move into the next stage of my life.

    • Gabriele | | Reply

      I will pray for you. Please keep me in your prayers. I too am looking at a radical change in my life. Not of my choice.my husband needs the holy spirit desperately. God’s blessing to you

    • Pat | | Reply

      Judy, I pray that the Lord will hear your prayers and that the next stage of your life will be successful.

    • Frances | | Reply

      Judy, I pray that the Lord will fill you with His peace, surround you with His love, gift you with wisdom and guide you through this next stage of your life. May God bless you always.

  2. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    My prayers are not only for my intention but for all who comment. I find the Holy Spirit seems to give different insight about a request and my prayer becomes worded differently.

  3. Elisabeth | | Reply

    I have done something really selfish and I need prayers to rectify this.
    I prayer for a speedy recovery for Roman who is in hospital.
    Prayers for all my children that they find strength in The Lord.

  4. John McCabe | | Reply

    My mother asked me to come home and take over looking after Dad for awhile, I went to help my dad he started crying from embarrassment as he was unable to get out of bed to do anything as the infection was destroying thigh muscles, After praying with him and tell him that I saw the Suffering Christ within Him and I was serving Our Lord Jesus he was able to accept that. I am sure that our Lord Jesus helped dad that night for he calmed down, the saddest thing was anything he took by mouth was turning in to toxins, my dad was slowly dying and there nothing the Doctors said could be done for My Dad. Dad had a beautiful love for our Lord Jesus and His Mother, since then I have received a wonderful gift from Our Lord Jesus and His Mother Mary. I believe that when we trust we must always thank Our Lord even before we receive Our Lord will always answer our prayer but always His way which is perfect.

  5. Mercedes | | Reply

    I thank you God for always being there for me and my loved ones, I am totally surrender to His will and awaiting for further blessings. I am now asking You Father, searching and knocking at Your holy door, my family is at your feet in the Cross. AMEN

  6. Jenny Folino | | Reply

    A prayer that I like to use in these times Is Holy Spirit, Befriend Us It as I only take life one day at a time. Its in a little red booklet Prayers to the Holy Spirit published by St Columban’s Mission Society.
    Judy If you would like I can pray for you also.

  7. Debbie | | Reply

    Your in my prayers Judy Hill :)

  8. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you for encouraging us to keep praying and trusting in God Bruce sometimes it gets hard to keep trusting but I keep telling myself all in God’s own time.

  9. John Brewster | | Reply

    A great message-thks

  10. Amber | | Reply

    Lord I pray for my son Jon to return to you and that you please grant him peace and blessings in his life.

  11. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    In the past couple of days my husband has been pursuing a very possible job opportunity. He will probably know by next week if he has an interview. He hasn’t had a full time position in over 2 years. If he does get this position it will be God answering prayer in a way different to what I expected or wanted. I will trust and leave it all in His hands. The Lord knows what is best for us. I have started seeing a Catholic lady for counselling. I pray that this is also an answer to prayer. Thank you for today’s message and prayer to persevere and keep depending on God. Thank you too Bruce for letting us know that our petitions and intercessions for others is an act of worship and surrender to God… Yes in our persistence Lord God may we be changed by You for You in Jesus name through Your mighty power Holy Spirit amen. I’ll keep you Judy also in my prayers

  12. Susan Davis | | Reply

    I am very thankful for that God has sent someone like you, Bruce, to journey with us in prayer for the someone we love which has opened our hearts even more in praying for others whom we don’t even know. Right at this point in time, I am feel deeply depressed and disappointed as I find my daughter whom I have been fervently and patiently been praying for to be a nicer and gentler person. Sadly to say, I find she has no respect for me as her mother as she is rude, arrogant and impatient with me. I ask for assistance in prayers together with me to lift and surrender her to Our Father in Heaven. My heart is in pain and I cannot deal with my child’s “high and mighty” attitude towards me and others. I ask for Our Father to humble her as this is exactly what she needs in order for her to change.

    • Rita Lewis | | Reply

      Hi Susan,
      I will pray for your daughter’s calm and the respect, you, her mother deserves.
      My best friend, is going through the same heartache, and is such a loving mother, (who does too much for her!),
      receiving little, if any respect, in return.

      I offer her my support, my friendship and a listening ear. More importantly, I offer my prayers, – that God may intervene, and make straight get path.
      May God, in his mercy, also hear your prayer, of heart, and respond.
      You are both included in my prayers.
      Blessings, Rita

      • Susan Davis | | Reply

        Dear Rita,
        You are very kind and I thank you from the bottom of my heart in assisting me in journeying through this wonderful prayer month with dear Bruce. I will also pray for you and for others too. God Bless you Rita. Once again, thank you.

    • Antoinette | | Reply

      Yes Susan sometimes my formerly sweet daughter will say the most abrupt and rude things to me, especially for some reason in the presence of her “friends’.-and then they all get a rebellious kick out of it…somewhat embarrassing, but when it happens I won’t back down…I call her out on it and talk about loyalty and respect and privacy between family members right there within earshot of those same kids so they all learn a lesson. It can be very disheartening to overhear her criticizing me and my well intended guidance so harshly. I pray that my daughter is going through an immature phase in which she is trying to assert her independence inappropriately and will return one day to her original demeanor, which still shines through at times. I don’t pray though for her to be “humbled” however because she has already endured enough of that in her life, instead I pray that God raises her up into a respectful and poised young woman.

  13. Claudia | | Reply

    Praying for all of us to know Jesus is truly with us in all we do. Thank you Jesus for all of us

  14. Lady Webb | | Reply

    dear Lord I pray for the health of my friend Blanca and that she will respond to her treatments,Amen

  15. Sheila | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your gentle and loving approach you model for us with our God! I pray for my family that they always stay close to you Father and that they(we!) always find that gentle, holy and loving way to surrender all to you and trust in Your loving ways! I also pray for those I know and love who are very sick and those who are dying – to look in the loving eyes of God and place themselves in His loving care! Thank you Bruce again for sharing your spiritual gift of God’s love with all of us!

  16. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you dear Lord, for my caring sister and a close, dear friend, always there to support me, (and each other), during turbulent times. God presents and provides what we need, as needed, at
    the right time.
    In you we trust.

  17. Rosslyn BARDEN | | Reply

    Thank u Bruce. James is doing ok. Still battling the ca. Finding it hard to pray right now. Your daily videos are a great comfort for me. Hard to say not mine but gods will be done. God bless u and yours.

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