30-15-5 Challenge – Day 14

Welcome to Day 14 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 14


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, good way to start you day. God bless you and your team.

  2. michele holborn | | Reply

    Thank you for my morning readings.

  3. Amber | | Reply

    Thank you Lord Jesus. I pray for my son, guide him Lord and protect him, to come to know your love again.

  4. Debbie | | Reply

    A powerful message. Lord Jesus i lower myself into your presence for healing. Heal me of my sins. Amen

  5. Mireille (Miray) O'Toole | | Reply

    I am seeing results already and its day 14 for me. I have 2 sons who were not speaking to each other for some time, are now friends again. My daughter in law, is changing, feeling more confident in herself, still needs to return to the Lord, The Lord is good. Am enjoying this journey, as I watch God perform His miracles.

  6. Tim | | Reply

    Amen thanks.

  7. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    I liked the analogy of ‘lowering into the presence of Jesus’.

  8. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you, kindly for the powerful message in today’s reading. I continue to pray for Roman, for healing, and my children that continue to seek God in their lives.
    Special prayers go to my two children separated from their spouses. May the Lord guide them in their new direction. Amen

  9. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Thank you Lord for everything!! I ask for the health of my friend Blanca and of my nephew,nices and doc my family in general

  10. paul Barker | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce.
    great stuff.

  11. Teresa | | Reply

    Thank you and bless you Bruce. This is awesome. I am praying for Gods favour and blessing upon my son as he faces many challenges. I believe that God will do a remarkable work in him. Thank you God for everything you have done, everything you are doing and everything you are going to do. Amen.

  12. Rita lewis | | Reply

    As I listened to your reading, of today’s scripture, Bruce, I was visualising the person, (unable to help himself), being lowered into Jesus presence, with the support and aid of caring others.

    As we, continue on this 30 day journey, I am also visualising the power of our individual and group prayers. –
    As we lower ourselves, and our loved ones, into Jesus presence, so too, we are offering our prayers, and aiding those, family, friends, ….. As well as those we have ‘met’ along this journey, in need of our support.
    With help from the Holy Spirit, we lower ourselves, and those in their need, into your presence, with thanks, for what we receive.
    In Jesus name, hear our prayer.

  13. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the encouraging message and prayer. Lowering our concerned ones into the presence of Jesus,not knowing how the Lord is going to work in their lives as in faith, we believe they will be changed because of it. It’s encouraging for me to know as I continue to pray for my husband, my son, my parents, for myself and the family’s circumstances. Thank You Lord God for providing for our needs in our circumstances and for Your power of transformation in us. Thank You Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit for Your presence, Amen

  14. Christine O'Neill | | Reply

    Today’s message gives me a new reason and insight into my prayers for those Iove, Thank you

  15. Rosie Noranho | | Reply

    Yes, thank you Bruce for guiding us in prayer. I liked the passage and how you put it. Lowering the man in Jesus’s presence.
    I lowered my four daughters in Jesus’s presence and asked Him to heal them. I am sure He will do it in His time, Amen.

  16. Antoinette | | Reply

    When I visualize the prayer I am praying it surely “feels” more powerful. It was beautiful to get a mental picture of actually presenting my daughter into Jesus’ arms.

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