30-15-5 Challenge – Day 15

Welcome to Day 15 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 15


  1. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    We thank you Lord, for today’s prayer with Bruce and Rosemary. May we open our heart to you and surrender all to you. – Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we ask for your mercy and intervention, for ourselves, family and friends, and all those we continue to pray for.

    Today, Lord, I offer you, prayers for all those who come to mind, for intervention to; health, relationship, financial and emotional burden.
    I offer myself, my heart, Lord, to your plan, your intention, as await your direction, and answer, to where I am going, – where I may serve you best.

    Lord, patiently I await; certain of where I want to be, so uncertain, of finding my way.
    A giver, rather than receiver,
    today, I will humbly ask for prayers, to
    ‘lift’ feelings of hopelessness, a lack of motivation and overwhelme that slows and darkens my journey.
    Thank you, Lord, for staying close,
    & for miracles that await.

  2. Claudia | | Reply

    Thank you for your service. Your wife has beautiful eyes

  3. rowena may ramas sullano | | Reply

    amen…thank you for reminding us that we are a resurrected people beloved by a wonderful God. All Praise and Honor to a Generous, Caring & Sovereign God. May we all be blest and be at peace.

  4. Patricia Grieshaber | | Reply

    That was so beautiful Bruce and Rosemary. Please pray for my 18 year old son, Michael who is giving us a bit of a challenge at the moment. You talk and prayer was so fitting to what is happening in our life at the moment. God bless you, Patricia grieshaber

  5. Lorna Shead | | Reply

    Bruce, THANKYOU for this challenge, THANKYOU for the retreat that I attended on Saturday. THANKYOU for bringing me closer to my creator. TTHANKYOU.

  6. Amber | | Reply

    Lord please guide my Jon back to you. I pray for him in this journey and ask you to Bless his life and grant him confidence and peace as a young man, who has had so many challenges in his young life. May his life be filled with your peace and love. Thanking you.

  7. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for praying for us and with us. Thank You Loving Father for listening to our cries, our needs, our petitions for our loved ones, those we are concerned for and ourselves. Thank You Loving Father for answering our prayers in Your good timing, Your way and in Your perfect will. Thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit. Let us not be anxious about anything as You Lord hold us in the palm of Your hand Lord God. I love You Triune God, amen

  8. Joan | | Reply

    Thank you for coming into my home each day and praying with me; today was special to have your wife pray with me also, God bless and use you for His glory.

  9. Mercedes | | Reply

    Amazing prayer Burce and Rosemary, THANK YOU for helping us to get us closer to God and we thank HIM in advance for the wonders he is going to do in our lives and/or for helping us surrender us to His will for the waiting to His answer or the prayers that He considers are not of beneficial to us. God is perfect, let’s have just trust Him!

  10. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Dear Bruce & Rosemary, Thank you, for your timely prayer in my life at this time. I continue to pray for my children and their families and for Roman who needs your guidance at this time. Amen

  11. Tina | | Reply

    Thank you Rosemary and Bruce for this touching and beautiful prayer. For pleading to God in our behalf. I pray for your great ministry that you will continue to reach million of people and bring hope in their life through the power of Holy Spirit. God bless you and your family!

  12. Gabrielle Grimbacher | | Reply

    I enjoy spending time listening to your message and taking some notes. It is So good for my spiritual life.I will use some of your prayers with my church and my prayer group . I am praying mainly for my son who has something like ” tendonitis ” . in his leg. It even hurts him when he uses his leg to drive a car ( use the brake and the accelerator ) . He knows I am praying for his leg …but he does not believe in praying so I ask God to do a miracle for him . Am I asking too much ?

  13. Maureen | | Reply

    Thank you for giving me the words.

  14. Theresa Brune | | Reply

    Thank you those were very powerful balanced prayers. I say balanced because they struck the right note, ultimately trusting and submitting our needs our will to His will. Really beautiful. As a mother it was a reminder that God wants the good for my family even more than I do.He is the one with the power to change people circumstances and hearts. God bless…..great experience.

  15. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    Dear Bruce and Rosemary. I add my thanks and prayers to those stated and as we reach the halfway point, assure you that your program is so beautiful and very relevant
    in today’s society…Blessings to you both…Raymond

  16. Artelle | | Reply

    Dear Heavenly Father

    My prayer today is one of thanks as my dear son, Ben graduates from High School, for we have reached this milestone together. I knew Father, as I listened to the priest at the Graduation Mass, that he has had good Christian leadership. I pray that he has heard your words of love, guidance, encouragement and commissioning through these leaders and that he may heed your word and return to his own worship of and trust in you that he may have a life of peace and joy. In Jeseus name, through the power of your Holy Spirit.

  17. Mike Dooley | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce and Rosemary and God bless for this praying session.

    My Christian doctor recently asked me to include a need of his in my prayer times. I suggested I pray with him immediately. On my next visit he informed me that Jesus had met his need. He then asked me to pray for a second need.

    Jesus loves you heaps

    Mike Dooley

    • Tineke Edwards | | Reply

      Today’s readings and prayer session were exactly what I needed. I had to pay a medical bill which I felt was unfairly high and I was quite angry about it. I took on board what God had to say to me today in your session, and when I spoke to the lady who handled the bill she said they had decided to reduce it quite substantially – and not only that, I ended up praying with her over the phone as well. Our God is just such an amazing God!

  18. Colleen VanHaeften | | Reply

    Dear Bruce & Rosemary
    Thank you for the prayers today. Rosemary your sincere and heartfelt prayer for our children touched me deeply and I pray that God will keep all our families in his tender care. Thank you again. God bless you and yours and your ministry.
    Colleen V

  19. jean | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce & Rosemary for your beautiful prayers. God bless you as you serve Him

  20. John | | Reply

    My son is in a defacto relationship with his girlfriend and they have two sons, I Jesus to take them into His Sacred Heart, Please Lord Jesus Guide them open their minds and hearts that he will come back to the Catholic faith right the wrong that has done. This I ask in Jesus Name so You Father will be glorified through Son Jesus. Amen

  21. John | | Reply

    I thank You Lord Jesus that the healing of Dorothy cancers fill her with your Healing Love Thank You My Beloved Lord and King.

  22. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Dear Lord I will keep praying for my friend Blanca because I know you hear my prayers
    I also pray for my family and friends,Amen

  23. Brenton Shipp | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and Rosemary. I am having problems with my 15 year daughter attending school and your prayers are really helping.God bless.

  24. Jenetta | | Reply

    Thank you for todays beautiful prayers :)

  25. Angela Wijetunga | | Reply

    Thank you Rosemary and Bruce for praying with us. It was very special and Rosemary I felt as if you knew my needs and prayed to the Lord our father for our children. May the good Lord uphold you and and guide you on this journey .

  26. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    thank you for your prayers Bruce and Rosemary. Although listening a day late ,due to internet problems, yet I am able to hear and listen and join with all of those on this journey, because God is in every time. I continue to hold my daughter up to God, whether I could listen to the daily message or not every day, and I thank you Lord that althought I am away from my daughter, she is in my heart and in yours and you are working your healing on her and drawing her and her siblings closer to you every day. Amen

  27. Lana Thomas | | Reply

    Please pray for my sister Sandra, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer that spread to her lungs.
    I beg my lord and saviour Jesus to heal her and comfort my elderly mother. Please pray for Sandra.

  28. Kathy | | Reply

    Thank you So much for your prayers today. It was like you both knew what my heart what crying out to God for. I was in tears the whole time and felt the peace of God afterwards.
    I pray for financial breakthrough at work and at home and am praying for my 3 teenage children. Thank you Rosemary for the prayer of a mother crying out to God for her children and for finances.God bless you both greatly.

  29. chusig | | Reply

    Thank you for all your guidance and prayers Bruce and Rosmary, you are inspirational. God bless you, your family and your whole team. I am praying for my three children of which one has a partner from another denomination and the other two have partners who don’t have a religion and are adamantly opposed to it. May our loving God provide my children with the strength to step up to the daily challeges of living under such circumstances and may their partners be enlightened to appreciate, understand and respect my children’s faith.

  30. Seham Sadek | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce & Rosemary for this beautiful prayers may God bless you always amen

  31. Sheila | | Reply

    Thank you so much … that was so beautiful and touched my heart so gently yet powerfully! Your words, prayers …. just flow from your hearts! I know your intention is to reach our hearts and the heart of Jesus, so you are speaking from your hearts … and you are wonderfully touching our lives! Thank you ……………..and what a beautiful way to close my day! Thank you and blessings always to you and yours!!!

  32. Antoinette | | Reply

    A peaceful calmness is truly increasing in me as I deliberately set aside a period of time to pray daily for my daughter. Your words of prayer just flowed beautifully and powerfully from each of you. Your wife is so lovely and her prayers reflect her deep empathy for others, for children, and for those who suffer.

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