30-15-5 Challenge – Day 18

Welcome to Day 18 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 18


  1. jason | | Reply


  2. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you again.
    I pray for Roman and all my 7 children, that they all make the right, life choice, by Grace and guidance of The Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for graces already received. Amen

  3. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Dear Lord I continuing Asking you for the health of my friend Blanca,that you cure her dear God as you can do anything
    And for my nephew Eddy my Lord he needs you’re help, Amen

  4. Mike | | Reply

    I pray especially for students who getting ready for final exams. Like in the boxing ring the fight is won in the gym with the practice. I wasn’t so good in the practice ie homework.

    I pray for my kids they may they still have the innocence of their childhood to trust during the exam time and be confident in the providence of the Lord that their work will produce good fruit.

    I just wish I listened to my parents, “…do your homework.”
    May they rest in peace.

    Childlike trust in God is not childish.

  5. Carla | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. The simplicity and trust of a child is so beautiful. I pray for the same kind of trust as I commend my loved ones to your infinite love and care.

  6. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    Thank you.I continue to hold Lawrie before you & also Bronwen/Kevin, John,Pat,Belinda, Veronica& Andy

  7. Amber | | Reply

    Thank you Lord for helping my son Jon.

  8. John | | Reply

    Oh heavenly Father teach us to have trust of a child, open our eyes to see the beautyof God,. Jesus,Open our Hearts and minds with the faith of a child even if we are adult
    let us have the courage when,we pray, like a trusting child.that Our Lord would answer our prayer. Thank You Bruce for sharing a Child prayer and Jesus answering their prayer . ..

  9. Gorata Lekoko | | Reply

    Thanks heaps for the prayer session..It really encourages me n motivate me to pray daily.Im praying for my nuclear family Oteng,Shannon and Lolita..And my extended family,my inlaws,my society ladies,my workmates and friends..

  10. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing your grand daughter’s prayer to Jesus and the return from the dead of her cat Moo! Lord help us to be that innocent, trusting and full of faith as a child when we pray to you. I want to especially ask this of me while I pray for my husband and son,for my parents and for myself. Thank You Lord for money coming in that is owing to us. Thank You for the support,prayers and advice I have been receiving from here on Pray for Someone That You Love,other prayer groups and the,Catholic counselor and the Catholic professional help that You have provided. I am reminded that You are at work in my family and my life. Thank You Father God. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit, amen.

  11. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    God bless all the children of the world.
    Their presence, innocence and laughter, lights up a room.
    I thank you God, for our adored grandchildren, who are the centre of
    my world.
    When feeling down, they bring an instant smile to my face, ………Worries disappear!
    Keep them safe, happy and healthy, – surrounded by the love and support, of those who love them.
    In Jesus name, hear our prayers.
    Thank you, for blessings, to come, –
    we are truly blessed.

  12. Kaye Josephs | | Reply

    The positive power of prayer. I’m so grateful. Thankyou Bruce. Blessed be GOD forever. Thank you Jesus.

  13. Antoinette | | Reply

    I love that the the earnest prayer of your adorable grandchild “…to raise the cat from the dead…” had been amazingly answered. There is a new TV program called “PROJECT AFTERLIFE” on Destination Discovery Network that reveals cases of people fully pronounced dead for 45 to even 90 minutes that are revived and what they experienced while dead revealed how prayers rising from earth into heaven altered Jesus’ decision to return them to earth. Some of these “departed” souls could actually see balls or streams of light shooting toward the heavens and be absolutely certain (somehow conveyed to them by a total knowledge they had only while in the death state) that these lights were each prayers being prayed by someone on earth. This is what made the difference in God’s decision to let them have another chance on earth. Some persons were even going to go to hell, and Jesus, due to prayers being said powerfully and profoundly on earth, let these individuals have another go at it. Others gloriously happy in heaven and wanting to stay, nonetheless had to finish their purpose on earth and yet with some others it was the prayers themselves that made the difference in their “being raised from the dead”. Please watch these on TV if you have access or on YouTube or destinationdiscovery.com.

    On a more personal note, my daughter now 24, said something out of the blue when she was 3 to 4 years old in bed while I was reading her a story. She was lively, humorous and playful that night, yet she suddenly became very serious, looked up to the ceiling and out of her mouth came these words “Mommy, Jesus is coming again soon and you and I will see him. We can look at Jesus’ face Mommy, but we cannot look at the face of God the Father” I almost fell off of the side of her toddler bed totally shocked. Surely she knew about Jesus, but I nor anyone else had discussed Jesus’ second coming with such a young child. I was almost speechless and then just simply replied “ok honey” and hugged and kissed her goodnight. Then she stopped looking at the ceiling and happily went to sleep. This was in the mid 1990’s before 9/11 and before the current wave of all the terrible persecutions and atrocities that are now going on in the world. Jesus’ second coming seemed very unlikely at that time, but seems very possible now that it could indeed happen in our lifetimes. So I was amazed at “Out of the mouths of babes…” and the verbalized mysterious faith of my little child.

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