30-15-5 Challenge – Day 29

Welcome to Day 29 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series.

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 30-15-5 Challenge – Day 29


  1. Doreen Davis | | Reply

    I am going to miss this thoughtful prayer time every day

  2. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    In silent prayer, I have felt God’s presence.
    I continue to speak as though, God is sitting opposite me, at a table,
    or sitting next to me, in the car. In doing so, I find my words ‘just flow’ –
    I share, and my confidant listens….. I feel supported……I feel heard.
    When I surrender my pain, my concerns, my joy, I recognise a deep ‘shift’.
    I feel a sense of relief, a calm. The response, returns in many forms;
    lessons, a plan, empowerment, even repetition, provides clarity, to what was,
    Is and can be. Trust, and recognise his presence.

  3. Carol and Greg | | Reply

    Thank you for your mighty good way of drawing me deeper into prayer. You have a gift and share it with great honesty, quietly and powerfully. Thanks for being ordinary with the extra ordinary! Having had a little to do with pentancostal spirituality( in a good way) which draws in the young and not so young I appreciate how you have taken the best of their style and shared it with our catholic tradition. Praying you U;)

  4. Amber | | Reply

    Lord thank you for being with my son.

  5. Dennis Clarke | | Reply

    Dear Bruce and Rosemary I have thoroughly enjoyed the 30 day challenge for someone you loved. I was particularly moved by today’s program concerning finding Jesus. Throughout the year on reading daily snipits of the gospels, I have been taken aback by the number of times people did not recognise the risen body of Jesus when He was in their midst. I have a little quotation I often put at the end of my emails: “We need to learn how to recognise Christ in one another [See Luke 24:13-22]”

    May God bless you both in your work,

    Dennis Clarke

    Dwell upon the face of Christ,
    Look for the face of Christ in others,
    Let others see the face of Christ in you
    [Knights of the Southern Cross Triennial Conference 2009]
    “If we have Jesus in our hearts, we will see His face in every person we meet” [JP II]

  6. Bernadette Cleijne | | Reply

    Thank you again for shared scripture and prayer. I continue to hold Lawrie up to my Lord for healing & a place to live. I pray also for my sister Cath & brother Tony for their healing and growth in faith and trust.

  7. Chris | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. Spot on for me today.

  8. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you kindly for this wonderful opportunity to pray for some one we love. I will miss this type of guided prayer that I have enjoyed very much.
    I continue to pray for Roman and all my children especially the two who are separated from their spouse. Please guide them in the choices they make. Amen
    Help me to be more open to the people around me, Amen

  9. Lynda | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for yesterday’s prayer and pondering on the reading. What a wonderful way of looking at things.
    Today being the Feast of the Arch Angels I was at Mass and I surrendered my family, my friends and myself to God. Thy will be done Lord. I put my trust in You Lord. I felt so much better.

  10. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and T C G team for the journey while participating in Praying for Someone You Love. I have learnt so much more about God and prayer and I am able to put it all into practice while my relationship with the Lord deepens. Thank you for sharing your experiences concerning recognizing God in your life and how we may be able to too. It’s reassuring that this transformation taking place within us is a continual drawing to greater depths. That we are truly a work always in progress. All the while we have God with us and His immense love to accompany us. No I don’t fully understand everything about God either or why at times but to be in His presence and for Him to show Himself to me would be enough! You encourage me Bruce to spend time with Jesus. To enter a place where I can rest and surrender all to Him in prayer. All those who I am praying for, my husband, son, parents, brother and sisters and others I am concerned for I lay in His hands. Thank you Bruce for today’s prayer too. It hit home. I’m now going to spend time with Jesus and will see you tomorrow the last day regrettably of Pray for Someone You Love.

  11. Teresa | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, thank you again. Dear Lord, you are an awesome God. Thank you Lord for my son Nick. He is truly a blessing from you. I lift him up in faith to you Lord. Show him your unfailing, unending love. He needs you Lord. I cannot help him, only you can. With you Lord all things are possible. I trust you, help me to be still and know that you are God. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’s name, Amen.

  12. Claudia | | Reply

    I will miss this time of prayer Thank you GOD for sending The Catholic Guy to me. I ask you GOD to bless this ministrey

  13. Pat | | Reply

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt videos. They have been a great guide through praying this past month. Any chance that are available to be used again?

  14. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  15. John | | Reply

    Dear Lord Jesus, I surrender my wife Dorothy and my son Joshua please take them, place into Your wounded Hands open their hearts and their souls. Please Lord Jesus remove the scales from their eyes. Please Lord open their hearts to receive Your Words I ask this in Jesus to open their minds to see Your Holy Face in everyone they meet, Fill them with your Healing Love, Your Peace and Your Forgiveness in Jesus Name. Thank You for answering My prayer.. Your way is always perfect, Lord you know what is holding them back I trust in You to change their hearts and bring them closer to You my Lord Jesus. Not my will, but Yours will be done.I thank You and Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name.

  16. Lady Webb | | Reply

    Dear Lord Bless Bruce, wife ,family and team and also my dear God Bless my friend Blanca with health and my nephew Eddy keep,him away from evil, Amen

  17. Effie Troy | | Reply

    Inspiring prayer today

  18. Anne Bowyer | | Reply

    Thankyou, thankyou , Bruce and Rosemary..

    God Bless you both!!

  19. Antoinette | | Reply

    You spoke beautifully and meaningfully, but I must share something that often baffled me throughout 12 years of Catholic school. Jesus was Jewish, his mother Mary and foster father were Jewish,Simeon and Anna, who were Jewish, at his circumcision recognized him as well as his cousin John the Baptist and his mother Elizabeth,both Jews. All of the twelve apostles were Jewish, those who listened on the hills to his Sermon on the Mount and other parables were Jewish, those who showered him with palms and said “Hosanna in the Highest” were Jewish, the majority of those who spread the gospel before Rome and Constantine’s conversion for three hundred years were Jewish. The writers of the books of the New Testament were Jewish except for Luke, who was Greek. So for three centuries it was a majority of Jewish early Christians who began the faith of Christianity, although of course others such as Greeks etc, slowly joined the bandwagon. I couldn’t make much sense of this so called rejection by his own people, when many such as Mary Magdalene, perhaps another Mary and Martha and Nicodemis, and Joseph of Arimathea, all Jewish, did accept him.

    The Pharisees and Caiaphas of the Sanhedrin and the people they swayed to be against Jesus, those who brought him before Pontias Pilate would be the modern day version of a small group of corrupt politicians today and should not represent even the majority of Jewish people of Jesus’ time. I’m sure not every Jew living in his environment was exposed to his teaching or aware of his Holiness. As an Italian American I feel the Ancient Romans played as much as a role in his crucifixtion as his own people did, but because of Constantine and the lineage of the Popes of Rome we just got lucky and had the opportunity to convert on a much, much greater scale. I simply feel I must advocate for the Jewish people, the Apple of God’s Eye and Israel. I don’t believe the story is over yet until Jesus comes again. As a mother of a Catholic but half-Jewish Child, I am careful to clarify some misconceptions because many of these beliefs of Jewish rejection did in fact lead to horribly intense persecution of the Jewish people ever since. The Jews who did believe are now infiltrated into other cultural groups in the Mediterranean, not even aware perhaps their ancestors were Jewish, perhaps you or I.

    Thank you for this opportunity to express myself.

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