Day 1 – Ash Wednesday

 Day 1 – Ash Wednesday


  1. Sharon Kelman | | Reply

    I am so glad to find your website. I am very much looking forward to making this journey with you.

  2. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, very meaningful.

  3. Greg Kelly | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, Great message!!!! I fully understand the Nothin answer and at times I probably subscribed to it myself, although internally things were changing. Thanks for a great introduction and invitation to reflect and get closer to God to be the best me I can be.

  4. Agnes | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your team for walking this journey with me.

  5. Rennie | | Reply

    The talk was very good but the volume was a bit low and we had the computer on full volume.

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      Hi Rennie,

      Although not obvious, the videos have their own volume separate to your computer volume. Once you click play on the video you can press the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to increase and decrease the volume. Give this a shot and if you still have trouble Click HERE and fill out the form and I can see what else it might be.

  6. Jill Mitchell | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for blessing me over this Easter period. I just wanted to tell you that I so enjoy your messages. God Bless. Jill Mitchell (South Africa)

  7. Maria Mayo | | Reply

    Beautiful, thank you and God Bless

  8. David Massoud | | Reply

    Thank you.

  9. Sharon | | Reply

    Thank you and I know the “nothing” status as well and have heard it plenty of times and probably if I thought about it , have said the same plenty of times as well. I plan to listen to your messages daily and truly do want to become able to feel closer to God. Thanks again

  10. Anne Dimech | | Reply

    Thank you Catholic Guy!! Your absolutely brilliant!! God Bless you and your team for reaching out to us all to hear the word of God. We all need your guidance in our life.

  11. Jacqueline | | Reply

    There is no sound. Can u ck ?

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      Hi Jacqueline,

      The videos online do have sound so it is likely a setting on your computer or device that is causing the issue. If you fill in this form HERE with information about what computer or device you are using I can help you further.

  12. Lynda | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this Lenten journey which I need so much in my life right now.
    God Bless you and your family.

  13. Maria | | Reply

    God has given u the gift of encouragement and I am moved to make these 40 days the beginning of the rest of my life. With so many attacks against the faith, men like you remind us of the fact that the Holy Spirit is still at work.

  14. Maurie Withers | | Reply

    Many thanks for day one –may God bless this program and spread it to as many people as He wishes.
    May God bless you and your program Maurie Withers.

  15. Michelle Marani | | Reply

    Today I learnt ….nothing. But I stopped for 10 minutes and ensured I start the day in the way it was intended to be started. Thank you Bruce, see you tomorrow.

  16. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    Lovely to meet you again Bruce. My pray for you and yours is peace in all you do and the sharing of our common faith…Raymond

  17. Diane Carmody | | Reply

    I am looking forward to the journey ahead in this special time God Bless Diane.

  18. Gerald Mullaney | | Reply

    May god bless you bruce on your mission to bring the catholic faith to the world via technolodgy Thank god for you.

  19. vivien | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce….I am glad to journey with you this Lenten Season. God bless your mission.

  20. Peter Gelfer | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for your insightful and experiential presentation on allow God to surprise us, touch our lives even though we may not see the results right away. As I learned, conversion is stopping, turning around and taking another look. It’s an opportunity to “Pause….Reflect…..Heal.”
    Blessed Adventure of Lent. Peter Gelfer

  21. Michael Lulan | | Reply

    Thanks for Day one, Bruce, and the fact that you are going to share my lenten journey with me. I feel very much a part of this community of people who are walking the journey with you. With all of us at different levels of our faith you are helping each of us be the great man or the great woman that God want us to be. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to bless you and each of us on this journey.

  22. Marina | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing this message during Lent. God Bless you.

  23. Agnes | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your team for this beautiful program. I know I’m not alone, as you are walking this 47day journey with me. I hope and pray that by the end of this journey God has granted me his mercy and peace God bless

  24. John Tomczak | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and Team, I followed the lenten program last year and enjoyed it, I know that I’ll enjoy the next 40+ days, it’s surprising what can be learnt, with each talk God Bless 😊

  25. Owen | | Reply

    I’ve really got nothing to say.

  26. lyankee25 | | Reply

    Thank you. I’m very excited about taking this journey with you. Love this first video!

  27. Carol | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, a great way to start and travel through Lent :-). Am hoping I will learn ‘nuthin’ too, culminating in a re-vitalisation of my spirit in time for Holy week 2016!

  28. PJ | | Reply

    Thanks for offering this journey. I look forward to expanding my Christian life.

  29. Peter Lawless | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce! May God be with us all during this Lenten journey.

  30. Sister Margaret Smith rsj | | Reply

    Great to read your reflection, Bruce. It was simple and so meaningful and practical. I look forward to walking the forty seven days with you and Jesus.

  31. Freda Cassar | | Reply

    Thank Bruse I look forward to our next reflection tomorrow God Bless You

  32. Seham Sadek | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce . May God bless you

  33. June | | Reply

    Need to focus , so thank you for this short time of listening and focus,

  34. Mick G | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce and everyone. Let’s do this!

  35. Theresa Brune | | Reply

    Great start on the journey. I too struggle with motivating my friends and family but also realizing too often I fall short of what I’m preaching. So, this video gave me hope .Knowing we are all on this journey together each wanting to live what we profess wtith our mouths. In our sharing , may we discover Jesus walking with us and drawing us closer to himsel so that we can experience a little more dying to self to come alive in him. Thank you for this opportunity

  36. Frances Grima | | Reply

    Looking forward to doing the program with you

  37. Rita Therese Barbara | | Reply

    Excited about this 47 day journey. Thank you Bruce. God bless you in this ministry.

  38. Tony | | Reply

    Bruce good first video looking forward to the spiritual journey Regads & God Bless

  39. John | | Reply

    HI Bruce and team Thank you and God bless you for this bueatiful work that you do. I like the simplicity of your approach. No pep talks or tall claims. I look forward each day for your message.
    God bless

  40. Rhea St.onge | | Reply


  41. Victoria R. Bilbrey Coronel | | Reply

    Thank you for your program. I enjoyed it last year and I look forward to your messages for us this year. God bless you!

  42. Irvin Flood-Holmberg | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce & your team for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to make a good preparation everyday during Lent leading into a Holy Easter. I have gained from several of your programmes in Perth and look forward to a much better Lent & Easter this year, Thanks to you and your team! God Bless & Love you and us all, as He does!

  43. Jeanette Easton | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and all involved in providing us with the opportunity of coming closer to Our Lord. I could not open up my Ash Wednesday for some reason but to-day it came through thank you all so much and may God Bless you all.

  44. Lysiane Mariole | | Reply


    Thank you Bruce. This is my second year walking with you during this lent 2016 and I look forward to learn more about our God and to get ready for the resurrection


  45. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    Lent to me is such a special journey….thank you for inviting us to take this journey with you….may we all walk closer with God…blessings and peace to all…Alleulia….Alleulia

  46. Rose Marie Slusser | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, this is my first walk.

  47. Deanna-Jane Sumnet | | Reply

    I am so excited to be committing myself to this journey. Thank you for this opportunity. God Bless!

  48. Paula Slatina | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I am looking forward to the journey ahead with your messages.

  49. Liberty | | Reply

    Thank you for this beautiful start of my Lenten journey, I pray for you and your entire team as you continue to touch people’s lives, to God be the glory

  50. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, thank you for such a beautiful start to my Lenten journey. You are so inspiring and help me so much with my Lenten journey. Thank you for guiding me and so many other people through this time of Lent. You touch so many people’s lives, and you have touched mine in so many ways.

  51. Antoinette Maceri | | Reply

    Wonderful analogy and so very true! As a grade school student walking home from school a porch sitting neighbor would repeatedly ask me what I had learned on that particular day. It was really difficult too isolate any particular thing to say, so I would say; “I dunno” or “ummm” or “”nuthin”. Amazing how we fail to notice the progress we make. We don’t even realize what we know until much later on the path…thank you for bringing this to light.

  52. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Was away from any computer yesterday,but so glad I have started with Day 1, and am now ready to tackle Day 2. I especially liked the reflection that we dont see what is happening inside us, but the journey takes us along and the change is there. Looking back on my journey of which you have been an important part since I discovered you on ACC, I do not feel so different, but I can in hindsight see the enormous change in my relationship with God, because I kept on turning up most days, and kept drinking in the wisdom found in your words, the Bible opened up by you and some others and taking the time out to reflect and pray and just be with God. So much further to go, and I am really looking forward to taking some steps this Lent in this program.

  53. connie | | Reply

    Thank you God bless you

  54. Jacqueline | | Reply

    This lent I want God more involved in my life and you are giving me this opportunity. Thank you.

  55. John | | Reply

    Create a clean heart in me Oh God for I have failed you.

  56. Tommy Frutiger | | Reply

    God is Love. To love us by becoming a man who suffered more than any other man ever. When faced with fear, strife, whatever, I try to remember this is nothing compared to the pain and suffering endured by our Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  57. margrit | | Reply

    Listening to the radio….could do it day and night. Now I only turn on for the news….gives ne a lot of time to think about my Lord and Savior. There is just too much distraction and as with radiio, it’s 24 hours a day.

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