Day 2

 Day 2


  1. Bridget | | Reply

    Wow!!! Wonderful

  2. Joe | | Reply

    God’s love is manifested to me every day through my wife and her love for me. Not that I neglect her but I will focus more of my attention on her as my conduit to God. She is one of God’s great gifts and she deserves all that I can give her in return for her unconditional love.

  3. Catherine | | Reply

    I am giving up not being mindful of my words especially to my husband . Less nagging and more encouraging words. Think before I react.

    • maree | | Reply

      Catherine your one inspired me to also try and do this think before I speak and let the words that come from my mouth be God’s words

  4. michele holborn | | Reply

    I am only having my shake drinks and cups of tea for GOD needs me to loose weight to help my back which has 18 screws and 2 rods in it. Also I have depression which I am hoping this LENT will be helped as I have a disabled son and a wonderful husband who looks after me.

  5. Joann drummond | | Reply

    I am giving using my ipad. I will not sit around all evening playing games. I will take that time to read the gospels.

  6. Rhonda | | Reply

    Become more active, go to the Y on a regular basis, eat better, eat out less, work towards a better work/life balance, pray more reverently and get active with my parish.

  7. Marianne Kovacevic | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce I became emotional because you bought to light exactly what I had been struggling with – my husband suffers from PTSS and I struggle with how I want it to be and how it is, and know am not the person God wants me to be because spend too much time wanting it to be as it was but need to be set free after all these years…….not sure how to begin but will find a way!

    • Rachel Hair | | Reply

      Hi Marianne, your story and honesty really touch me this morning. I struggle with my prayer life and am always saying that “I’ll pray for you” and never do. This lent, I’m allocating a prayer each day for a specific person. It may be a friend, an enemy or someone I don’t even know. I’d like to add you and your husband to my prayer list. I’d also like to encourage you in your Lenten journey and surrender yourself and your situation fully to God. My mother always said “man proposes, God disposes” and we don’t always see at the time what is a challenge is really a blessing. Praying to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that they protect you, love you and guide you through the tough times. God bless you both and keeping you in my prayers and thoughts. Rachel x

    • Greg Kelly | | Reply

      HI Marianne, I hope this may help as I too, have been diagnosed with chronic PTSD. As a former police officer within a specialist unit, I was affected by my experiences and yet for over 20 years I didn’t know it. I dealt with the worst situations that people could cause on each other. I have found that I need to be in a very positive environment and a very good friend, told me over 25 years ago, that replacing a negative with a positive doesn’t equal a positive. So I did something that I believed helped without medical help or instruction that has been of enormous benefit. I have had no medication and other than an assessment for legal matters, no treatment. I did however stop listening to news on the radio, never watched news on TV or read news in a newspaper for 15 years. People thought this was weird but I got told about stuff a few days later so it had less and less impact on me. I read positive mental attitude books and books on relationships to improve my marriage. I couldn’t control others, but I could control what I did.

      Its important to keep our spirits high and I prayed that God would help me to be the best I could be. As a husband and dad, even before I understood I was affected. It is important to be surrounded by positive people and with respect to you, try and be positive whilst your husband deals with the mood swings and other effects. The future can be a lot better but will take time. Some things we never recover from. My family now understand why I always wanted to make sure where they were and what they were up to, not because I was checking on them, but because I was worried about what could happen to them. This has become much less of a problem over time. Once they got to understand what was concerning me, they were able to understand better and we today have a fantastic life. I hope and pray that you get some strength and hope from this and God continues to bless all of you and your marriage. God Bless!

  8. Nerolie | | Reply

    For Lent I no longer waste time playing computer games

  9. lisa miretta | | Reply

    I am giving up all the junk food that is preventing me from being the person I need to be so I can know God more

  10. Gabriel James | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  11. Rachel Hair | | Reply

    This lent I’m giving up games on the iPad / iPhone and all things Facebook and spending the time instead reading the bible, praying and interacting with my family. Hopefully I’ll also be more organised and get to bed at a decent hour.

  12. Ginger Dosedel | | Reply

    We are trying to do lent as a family. Taking up the challenge of the family as a ‘little church’. So we have everyone assigned a day during the week where the whole family prays particularly for one person in the family. As there are only 5 in our family, on Saturday we pray for the future spouses of our children wherever they are – that God guides them. Sunday we lift up our family as a unit to Gods protection. And every day we are each putting a word out there that we will pray for particularly that day…same word all Lent or a different word each day. As my children are spread out around the globe, we are hoping this keeps us United as a family in faith.

  13. John | | Reply

    I also lack discipline within myself, I would like to have a deeper prayer life and let go those things go that hold me back.

    • Phil | | Reply

      My take on Lent is a bit different. I believe it is not a time of doing without.. but a time of doing something positive that will challenge me to be a better person. I can’t plan too far in advance for that, as the day will provide opportunities. I further balance that with a bit of reflection in the evening to see how that effort was put into practice. There are challenges everyday – we need to be alert and alive to those opportunities.

  14. Michael Lulan | | Reply

    I am going to give up the junk food like biscuits, chips, chocolates to help improve my self control and also pledge to live in the NOW and be a better listener rather than thinking uselessly about other things when somebody, especially my wife, is speaking to me

  15. Maria | | Reply

    I am letting go of my everyday worries and will trust God fully.

  16. Jeanette Easton | | Reply

    I too lack discipline within myself, I too want to have a deeper prayer life and not let other people influence my life to let go the feelings that I am not worthy of being a better person in the eyes of God

  17. theresa | | Reply

    I will spend at least 10 minutes in prayer along with this program and make more healthy food choices. No wine at all during this time!

  18. Brenda | | Reply

    This was very thoughtful. I am going to give up gossiping about others. I get caught up in chit chat and before I even think, I am spreading “news” that isn’t mine to share. I know this surely is not what God wants from me, and who knows what harm I may do. Thanks for the prayer, Bruce, that our intentions are strengthened through God’s will.

  19. Lindy | | Reply

    A lovely way to suggest giving up bad habits. That they keep me from being the woman that God & I want to be. Love it.

  20. Tony | | Reply

    I’m going to do my best to stop cursing.

  21. Sandra | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, I am motivated to try harder to be a better person.

  22. Maurie Withers | | Reply

    I pray Lord — put a zipper on my lips !!!!!

  23. Michelle | | Reply

    As a family (we have young kids) we are giving up soft drink. For myself I am giving up my sarcastic replies and hard words and I am making the time to listen to these videos and pray.

  24. Karin Tan | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I’ll try my best to be more patient with my spouse.Not to be critical of other people’s action as God make us unique and worthy of His love.

  25. Gerald Mullaney | | Reply

    I would like to become a more compassionate understanding person of others needs.

  26. Janet | | Reply

    I must try harder not to be judgemental and think I’ll of others, to think about people in a different light. Dear Jesus please help me to improve in this area. Janet

  27. Cristina | | Reply

    I need to learn how to listening better before I speak and give christian advise. Oh Lord , put in me a better understanding of your love for others in order for me to be able to help when you want me to be your instrument

  28. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    I am going to try to give up being so arrogant as to think I know what’s best for my family. I’m going to STOP and listen and pray BEFORE I respond, judge, act.

  29. Jenni | | Reply

    May my time be used wisely & truthfully in order that I may be the person that God wants me to be

  30. Errol | | Reply

    Thanks for a great start Bruce. I resolve to rise earlier to have a prayer walk around my neighbourhood before my morning time with the Lord and not have to rush it to fit it in

  31. donna giudici | | Reply

    i must try harder to have more prayer in my days and meditation.

  32. Seham Sadek | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce I will stop complain & forgive my husband because he is gambling and pray for him to stop
    Lord hear my prayer

  33. Melinda | | Reply

    I spend a lot of time wanting things to be different in my marriage. I want to give up on this and make room for gratitude instead.

    • Jenni D | | Reply

      Hi Melinda. If you are looking for ways to work on gratitude, read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voscamp. A powerful read about thankfulness and God working through gratefulness

  34. Marilyn | | Reply

    I will try to see the best in people instead of their faults and lead by example.

  35. Irene Fernandez | | Reply

    This lent I am going to give up drinking. I want to spend more time in adoration, & bask in Jesus’s Divine presence. In this way I will become the person Jesus wants me to be for HIS sake, so that when people see me they should see More of Jesus and Less of me! For this I request all of you to pray for me to keep my resolutions this Lenten season with out breaking it, thanks and God Bless you Bruce for your messages.

  36. Sandra. | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce – to improve my poor health I pray for the Lenten discipline to exercise and not to eat sugar and other things that make me ill. In addition I want to stop swearing and gossiping Lord, help me please.

  37. Jenni | | Reply

    I am the same as Jocelyn. Bad habit gambling every day. I’m just going to do it on Saturdays as well. I’ll give up Coca Cola as I don’t drink alcohol.

  38. claire terrens | | Reply

    I will try my very best not to be messy and slowly clear up the back log mess I have around the house.

  39. Kathy Kelly | | Reply

    I am giving up my trips to Starbucks and will give the money I would have spent on my coffee to church on Sunday. Also I want to pray the rosary every day during Lent.

  40. Paula Slatina | | Reply

    I have given up my time to spend with family and friends that need help or some company . Even if I have things to do I will make a conscious effort to make time every day to do this for some one without judgement or criticism.

  41. Susan Akers | | Reply

    It’s good to back with The Catholic Guy this Lent!! Thanks Bruce!!

  42. Shirley | | Reply

    Bruce. After going to Mass(Ash Wednesday services) Ived decided not to speak ill of anyone. And to always give back a positive , even if it is a 😋🙏🏼 May the Holy Spirit. Keep us all in line .

  43. John Tomczak | | Reply

    There are so many good comments / Ideas, its a great blessing to know that we find as individuals we can be accountable for our imperfectness, I really liked what Phil talked about, as this is the path I try and take on a daily basis, I usually go ok during the daytime, but some evenings I slip by the wayside as I like a wine at night and sometimes don’t read my evening scriptures and reflection, so for me it looks like I’ll have to skip the wine, which I managed to do ok last night, just have to pray a little harder to make it all happen.

  44. Kathy Sherrick | | Reply

    I am giving up Facebook. I spend so much time on it that I neglect my marriage and my time with God. I will check for private messages daily though because that is my only means of contact with some of my family and friends. I am also trading secular reading for inspirational reading…lives of the saints, writings of the popes, etc.

  45. Nappolian | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I am going give up my smoking. May the Holy Spirit Guide me through.

  46. Yvonne | | Reply

    I have become aware that I have need to give up the need of being right, especially when I think I am in the right. I pray for the Grace to change my thinking and be able to let go no matter how difficult this will be. I am committed not just for Lent but to continue with a new way of relating. I feel that this is what our Lord is asking of me….

  47. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I would like to stop thinking ill of others, to not judge others and be more disciplined in the mind. I would also like to be more disciplined with my time so that I can spend more time praying and reading the Bible as well as giving quality time to family, friends, those in my parish and to others who I see through my volunteer job. Please Lord I ask that this time of Lent will be a time of transformation for me, so I can be more like Christ.

  48. Matt | | Reply

    I am giving up frustration at my kids and wife. Being a shift worker adequate sleep is a rarity; I will also give up excuses. Holy Spirit give me strength.

  49. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    There are quite a few things that I am going to give up and it will make me the person I hope God wants me to be. First of all I do need to give up foods that make me put on weight, so ice cream is definitely on of them. Also not getting so irritated and flustered and angry with my parents when I am under stress and pressure. Spending more time on prayer and making more time for God.

  50. Angeline | | Reply

    This Lent I am going to spend time with GOD by praying and read HIS word daily. Building a relationship with the Lord has been a missing aspect in my life. I would like to rebuild that connection and fill the void in my heart.

  51. Antoinette Maceri | | Reply

    This lent I plan to work very hard unpacking boxes and setting up a new household because I just moved. I refuse to complain about this grueling transition (which is actually a blessing) to my daughter and will be even more difficult to not complain to my mother. I’m going to watch mass on EWTN or CTND every single day and say the rosary and pray daily. I will walk my dogs for their happiness unless the cold is too bitter for them. I will use my solitude to grow spiritually.

  52. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    I too struggle with my weight. I am supposed to stay away from sugar, not just normal sugar but all that sugar built into so many food items. This is because of my health and insulin resistance. I have been toying with it and slowly reducing. But for Lent I promise to give up any thought or instance of muffins, cookies, cake, sugar drinks, and also to take that daily walk that makes my body feel so much more healthy and working well.

  53. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Kathy Sheerick. If you are like me, and will miss some easy reading , and have a kindle, as well as the inspirational reading, and the Bible which is so important, try a little Christian Fiction. I love Stacy stalling, and Kimberley Jordan. They write mainly romantic fiction, but there are many elements in their stories and so many others to discover. They have characters that pray out loud, and bible links and just words that send me easily into contemplation or a prayer to God that I will act the same, or just thanking Him. A great way to interact on an ongoing basis. Just a way to have relaxing reading as well as keeping it inspirational.

  54. mary | | Reply

    Like my weight has been an issue, I have ask God for will power to improve my habits in this regard, so that is what I’am going to do. Also not be a winger, I have realised that I
    do this a bit, must drive my husband crazy. Also I’am going to spend some time with Jesus in
    the Blessed Sacrament

  55. Eve | | Reply

    I will be more patient with my elderly mother as times, I tend to raise my voice whilst speaking to her. I will try to see Jesus in her.

  56. Brian | | Reply

    I have developed diabetes type 2 & find I am nibbling between meals This causes my waistline to expand so in my interest I need to stop that bad habit

    • Angela Zakarias | | Reply

      I don’t know yet. I pray to follow the wise direction of my angel & to be mindful of the needs of those around me. Responding as our dear God would prompt of to.

  57. clare McDermott | | Reply

    In my anxieties I need to be more trusting as a joe blunt friend told me today, so TRUST is my resolution. Clare

  58. Yannick | | Reply

    I will give up smoking and try to loose some weight. I will also cut down on gambling, so God can be please when he sees me.

  59. Jenni Holland | | Reply

    Read my reply down further. Jenni holland. I am addicted to on line dogs and horses. I have no money left in account. It is going to take a huge effort for me not to bet tonight nor tomorrow. I am in massive debt to my mastercard

    • Bernadette | | Reply

      Jenni God bless you and help you overcome your addiction. There is an organization called Gamblers Anonymous which could help you. It relies on belief in a higher power just like Alcoholics Anonymous and uses the same format except it relates to gambling rather than alcohol.

  60. connie | | Reply

    I am trying to eat the right food and not overeat. I pray for will power in this and another thing is to spent less time on my computer.I pray and ask people to also pray for me to persevere in this. thank you. and thank you Bruce God bless you and your family.

  61. Anne | | Reply

    I want to give a up puzzles, games and Facebook on my IPad so that I get more rest and clear my head to make room for God and open my ears and heart to hear and feel God

  62. Mandy dunlop | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and everyone for sharing I am giving up alcohol as I like a glass of wine at night also I will try and only speak positively to people and be encouraging in my words. Mandy

  63. Rosella Mangion | | Reply

    I am going to concentrate on eating my vegetables and no dessert. I love dessert and can’t resist even when I’m not really hungry! My baby is 7 months old and I’d like to be fit and healthy to look after her well.

  64. Leigh | | Reply

    I too am forgoing alcohol this Lent.

  65. Margie | | Reply

    Bruce God has indeed blessed you with a special gift. I was changed after our Lenten journey last year and am so looking forward to walking this path again with you through Lent. Blessings

  66. Donna | | Reply

    I need to give up on negative thinking and down on self for all things and pledge to give up chocolates and sweets and increase pray life and embrace Gods mercy so can love like Him , also Say the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet ….Donna

  67. Vivienne | | Reply

    I will try my best to be more tolerant and also do whatever I can to help those to know God more and more.

  68. Christina | | Reply

    I am going to stop those negative conversations I have in my head about people, stop imaging they are trying to hurt my feelings, stop building walls to stop liking people, because it makes me feel good to shut them out. Stop playing me verses the world.

  69. Angela | | Reply

    Thank you. I will make more time for prayer this lent and try to make healthier choices.

  70. Pat | | Reply

    I am giving up wasting so much of my day and focus on reading the gospels this Lenten season.

  71. Marina | | Reply

    During this time of lent I pray for more positive thoughts so that life can become less stressful for me.

  72. Bethany Kettle | | Reply

    I will try to be less negative with my thoughts and words. Try to think more before I speak. Focus on patience.

  73. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your inspiring words. This lent I’m going to try my best not to judge people and talk ill of them but instead to pray for those who hurt or annoy me.

  74. rod | | Reply

    i will commit myself to remaining awake during the sermon at church.

  75. janice | | Reply

    Janice, i will commit myself to correcting negative self comments

  76. gordon mcguirk | | Reply

    great food for thought enjoyed you very much thanks

  77. Julie | | Reply

    It is definitely words for me this Lent. I’m giving up sounding angry or critical and swearing. I need to think before I speak and I know cannot do it without God’s help because I’ve tried.

  78. Jenni | | Reply

    I have a friend, Toni, who says all you’ve got to say is PRAISE THE LORD

  79. Marie | | Reply

    I’m giving up Poker machine because God & money dont go well together and God told me He will provide for me when I need it.

  80. james | | Reply

    I will not be giving up,I will add an extra 15 mins to my prayer time

  81. Chantal | | Reply

    I have made a decision not to argue to point out I am always right .it is going to be very hard because it is a bad habit I need God s help please pray for me..thank you Bruce

  82. Jill Mitchell | | Reply

    My sleep pattern has gone out of kilter, leaving me jaded and intolerant and highly strung the following day. I need to increase sleeping from four to eight hours. During this Lenten time, I will be able to concentrate more during my Quiet Time periods with the Lord. Thank you once again Bruce for this wonderful message. God Bless

  83. Shelbyville | | Reply

    I am giving up junk food

  84. Carol | | Reply

    I am giving up being negative with my mother in law and instead am praying for her every time I get upset with her.

  85. Brendan | | Reply

    God, help me to give up procrastination and sitting around in self pity so I can start living a fearless life. I also ask for help in giving up smoking so I can live a healthy life in bady, mind and spirit. Thank you

  86. Mark | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, that was excellent ! ! ! It is a better way to look at it – because I will be a better person !

  87. Nicholas | | Reply

    I’m tackling my impatience & short temperedness. Instead I should practise the positive habits of self-tolerance, patience and showing Love to my family members and the people around me.

  88. Carol | | Reply

    I’m giving up computer games and Facebook to use that time for prayer and scripture reading.

  89. Michele Newman | | Reply

    I will be mindful of my complaing and focus on my blessings instead. Also, make more time for being quite, still, and listening to God instead of just praying and asking for his help.

  90. Debbie Fougeray | | Reply

    Learn humility and have a humble heart.

  91. Sharon Kelman | | Reply

    I want to give up wasting my time on the things that don’t matter and pray more. I am going to exercise more to get myself healthier.

  92. Theresa Annie.....SC | | Reply

    I will give up the things that lead me away from God and concentrate on those things that lead me closer to God

  93. Ann Andzel | | Reply

    Give up feeling bad for not allowing people to use treat me badly. To stop enabling people in their bad behavior so they can become better people too.

  94. Cici | | Reply

    I am taking a break from social media and spending more time on prayer and spiritual reading. I am also focusing on eating healthier and being more physically active.

  95. tmbrune | | Reply

    Giving up my addiction to sweets. It is as bad as addictions to smoking or drugs. Day 2 is already a struggle and I pray that I wont fail, that my wish to be who I am called to be wins over my wish to do that which is not good for me. Also, re setting my mind to accept that God as a plan for all of our lives and His plan is always better than mine….learning to submit to his perfect will.But also learning to submit with peace and even joy. Theresa

  96. Ruey zeigler | | Reply

    I am going to not go to bingo/casino during lent, and to do something nice for someone each day during lent, and once a week I will take food to a family with the money I saved during that week.

  97. TS | | Reply

    I’ve given up sweets and junk food, as well as eating between meals. Bruce, your comments of a bad habit really hit home, so although I haven’t given up completely, I will limit playing Sudoku to 1 hour maximum throughout the day. I also always “do” something extra during lent, and this year it will be to reach out to persons in need, in various ways. Thanks for your inspiration

  98. Betsy | | Reply

    Trying to give up worry and trust the Lord more

  99. Lynda | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for the ideas you gave on fasting.
    I will be more THANKFUL to God and look at all the positives in my life despite what situations have arisen.
    Yes, I will look at my health and cut out unwanted food especially junk food.
    May God Bless you abundantly.

  100. Tommy | | Reply

    I am giving up my neighborhood bar. I enjoy a few beers a couple of times a week week old friends I have known for over 40 years. They come from all walks of life since the bar is two blocks from my States’ University. It is a form of fellowship.I am giving this up so I can use the time to go through drawers, closets, chests, etc. So many coats, sweaters, blankets, shirts, ties, and so on that have not been used or worn in many years but still in good usable condition. Many in my town still suffer from a horrible tornado that devastated much of our town in 2011. I have more than I need or use which I feel depletes me. So much good can be made from such items by many who are still putting their lives back together 5 years later. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  101. Rosemary | | Reply

    I’m going to spend more time reading personal development books instead of wasting time on facebook and television. I’m in a business that can help people with their heath and finances, and I’m not sharing it the way I should.

  102. Milane | | Reply

    Watch my judgment of others and be more prayerful.

  103. Stella | | Reply

    Hello Bruce – I did enjoy Day 2 – thank you for explaining “why” we give something up for Lent… I willl work harder at not judging !!!

  104. Alfred | | Reply

    I too will endeavour to give up using bad language when alone and when I get annoyed because something goes wrong, for instance on the computer, (the stupid thing! etc.) or when something falls down.

  105. Web | | Reply

    I’m going to stop eating after dinner. Thanks Bruce.

  106. Maria | | Reply

    I am going to be mindful of my words especially to my children. Less nagging and more encouraging words. Think before I react. Maria

  107. Jenny | | Reply

    With God’s strength I am going to take up my cross and follow Jesus. I am going to let go of bitter and angry feelings which stop me from begging the person God calls me to be. JENNY

  108. Deidre | | Reply

    I am going to stop playing games on the computer for it wastes so much of my time, it interferes with what I have to get done and it is time that could be used for some bible reading or personal prayer.

  109. Esther | | Reply

    This Lent, I will seek God more by spending more time in His Presence, reading and meditating on his Word. I will fast everyday by the grace of God, eat healthier and exercise more

  110. Alice | | Reply

    I felt really challenged by this.I spend way to much time on the computer and would like to change this in order that I relate better to others and be healthier because I would get more sleep

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