Day 4

 Day 4


  1. Catherine Bird | | Reply

    Hi Bruce,
    They say that you will never know how you touch someone else.
    Catherine Bird

  2. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  3. Jeanette Easton | | Reply

    Each day just gets Bruce, may God Bless little Hannah and her Mum and Dad you are truly a wonderful blessing and from the bottom of my heart I thank God for bringing you into our lives.

  4. John | | Reply

    Lord Jesus you Love us so much that you died for each of us, so we can grow into the persons You want us to be..Jesus I trust in You

  5. Rachelle | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, that was really beautiful

  6. Gerald Mullaney | | Reply

    Great presentation focusing on what one can do and how god see the can do .

  7. Tiwiya | | Reply

    What a beautiful message. – Holy Spirit filled indeed. Thank you Bruce and the TCG team. Annamaree

  8. Luce dunn | | Reply

    Very inspiring and uplifting message today. Thank you Bruce .

  9. Harold and Pierrette Maurice | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your good work God bless.

  10. Colleen Bracken | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing such a beautiful and personal story. Our trust in God is so important but I fail miserably so many times but He is always there to pick me up. God bless you and your family and your wonderful ministry.

  11. Janet | | Reply

    Now I see the way Jesus loves us in another way He loves us because He made us the way we are warts and all. Janer

  12. Mary | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce I loved your sharing it was really beautiful

  13. Carmen Court | | Reply

    Our true potential is largely untapped and that’s because we are human and have shortcomings. Some of them big ones but most of them small ones. It is these shortcomings that prevent us from reaching our full potential. That’s why during lent we seek to curb these shortcomings in order to get closer to that potential that God has instilled in each and everyone of us to enable us to live the life to which we are called.

  14. Lynda | | Reply

    That was beautiful to know about Hannah. God Bless Hannah, her Mum and Dad too. I can relate to this because I have a Child who has Down’s Syndrome. He is precious in God’s eyes and in ours too. Thank you Bruce for sharing.

  15. Mary | | Reply

    How true that statement is about God loving us for what we can do not what we can’t do

  16. Pat Mullins | | Reply

    What a beautiful image of God. I love the way you use family and everyday life examples, Bruce. Thankyou.

  17. Adrian Duffy | | Reply

    Dear Hannah, Thank you for being you. may God always be by your side Adrian

  18. bridget | | Reply

    91ce1, man o God.

  19. Majo | | Reply

    I thank the Lord for you, Bruce. This inspiring lenten journey with you is showing us how huge God’s love is for each of us. May you and your family be blessed abundantly for what you do for us.

  20. Cristina | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing your personal experience with all of us. Thank you for helping us to understand better the love that God feels for each of us. I know my limits and the things that I can do or the ones that I won’t be able to do. But for God nothing is impossible, living close to him every moment, trusting in him in the big and little things of my everyday life, it will give me the strength to go ahead doing things that I didn’t think I will be able to do. Help me Lord to see as You see, to see things from your eyes. Amen

  21. Diane Carmody | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for todays message and may God bless little Hannah and her parents.
    I look forward to our next teaching tomorrow. What a blessing this journey is,

  22. Pat | | Reply

    Thank you for sharing how Hannah’s parents see her, and equating it to how God sees us. May God bless your family.

  23. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce,for letting us see who we are through Hannah…..

  24. Eve | | Reply

    Simple but powerful message- how God does not see us as the world sees us and how we see and judge others. Dear Jesus help me to see you in each and everyone of my brothers and sisters.

  25. Phillis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing your personal and touching experience with us. Thank you for helping us and reaching out to us with your everyday life’s little adventures. May God bless you, sweet Hannah and your family.

  26. Vivienne | | Reply

    I enjoy listening to your words and follow this daily Lent programme. I lost my husband about 2 years and 6 months and really miss him as he was indeed a wonderful husband, dad, son, brother and friend to all those he came in contact with. I ask God for to the strength to carry on in my daily life without him. God be my rock and strength in whatever I have to do.

  27. Trish | | Reply

    Bruce thank you for your talk today. Prior to your talk I was feeling quite anxious and when you started talking about Hannah I felt a calmness, peacefullness and pure Love from God. Many Blessings to you and your Family for all the Disciple work you are doing in Jesus Name

  28. Lindy | | Reply

    In our weakness, Christ is glorified…… the Amplified Bible….2Cor12:9b………” for My strength & power are made perfect (fulfilled & completed) & show themselves in [your] weakness. Therefore I will all the more glory in my weaknesses & infirmities, that the power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over & dwell) upon me!”

  29. Marilyn | | Reply

    Just beautiful.

  30. Sandra. | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce – I am crying. My husband and I have had the privilege of having many friends who are intellectually different/challenged – what we discovered is that often they are very wise. Wisdom has nothing to do with intelligence, there are a lot of people with very high IQs who are not very wise. Wisdom is knowing God and knowing that He loves us and our friends have showed us so many times that they know that.

  31. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing the example about Hannah and her parents as to the way God loves us and sees us. Thank you too Bruce for your prayer. Thank You loving Father for seeing us for the way we can be and for looking beyond what we can’t do.

  32. Errol | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Just needed to hear that today. What a journey you are taking us on during these days, marvellous and it has just started.

  33. Bob | | Reply

    Thank you for those words of comfort at a time I need to here them

  34. Margaret Smith | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your touching story of Hannah and relating it to God’s love. It helped me to be more aware of God’s love for me as I am. I don’t have to earn God’s love.

  35. Donna Liscia | | Reply

    God bless you and your family.

  36. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and may God bless you and your family always

  37. Christina | | Reply

    I worked it out tonight in church. That its impossible for us to be perfect so its time to stop beating yourself up about it and stop being afraid to say, your not perfect, its Ok to be wrong, and not good enough. That’s what being human is about, living. The next life is where we get to be perfect, Heaven. So now I have accepted that I feel like a layer has been shed and I am one door closer to God.

  38. TONY D'SOUZA | | Reply

    Thank You ,Bruce

  39. Marion | | Reply

    Psalm 139:13-14 – For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.

  40. Diane Forsyth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce water a lovely message, Gold bless Hannah

  41. Jenetta | | Reply

    Thank you :)

  42. Max Horton | | Reply

    AMAZING sweet the sound…and application for our lives.

  43. N.F. Miller Ortiz | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.. Your prayer was most helpful in letting me see what the Lent season is about. and God’s love.

  44. Irvin Flood-Holmberg | | Reply

    What a beautiful and fitting example to show us how we “judge” ourselves – and others – so harshly. And then there is GOD who sees all, beyond our flaws into the goodness that is HIM in each one of us, each of us in different and special ways, despite our humanity! Bruce, you communicated so beautifully in today’s message that Hannah’s parents LOVE their child like many others do too, in GOD’s image and likeness! And importantly, that we can ALL LOVE, just like that – to see the GOOD in others, and LIVE it to the full!
    Thank you, Bruce for illustrating, and calling us, in this Lenten program to open ourselves and learn to love ourselves – and others – as GOD LOVES!!!

  45. Jill Mitchell (South Africa) | | Reply

    Thank you for Hannah Lord, and thank you for her Mom, Dad and Music Teacher. Thank you too Bruce, for this wonderful message. May God bless you, your family and team and keep you all in His special care.

  46. Antoinette Maceri | | Reply

    The tears are flowing. My little sister, my parents fifth and last child was very similar to Hannah. Our love for her was tremendous and she brought us joy and much laughter through her immemse sense of humor (despite not being able to talk or walk) and others noted how compassionate we were attributing much of it to her influence. The beauty and “knowing” within her was amazing. Certainly cildren like Hannah are perfect in God’s eyes given their innocence and incapacity for deliberate sin. Imagine the glorious brightness of their souls. Thank you.

  47. Malcolm | | Reply

    Stopped now focussing totally on my sinful side and giving myself a break and realising that, hey! there are parts of me that are good! and I am happy God sees that as well – thanks for the guidance

  48. Gabriel James | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  49. Rosie imbert | | Reply

    Than you Bruce for this very special message today.. Yes our special child brings so much joy in our life even though at times it can be very difficult , I am enjoying each day as it goes n in God!’s eyes they are the most amazing people in this world. We are so blessed to have you ,rosemary and this amazing bunch of people that are praying every week to reach out to the needy. And to the people that are disconnected to God… Kris loves u guys n looks forward to attend the church meeting every week, and he feels so important and loved with the group.. Thank you.

  50. Anne Weeks | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for the gentle, beautiful and real way that you bring us closer to God. My work this year brings me close to many ‘Hannahs’ and they simply radiate peace and joy. I think these little ones lead us directly to God, they are blessings that sometimes appear to wrapped in a different package. Hope all is going well x

  51. Tommy | | Reply

    God is Love. Love is Healing. Jesus Loves all His Children. Thank you Sweet Jesus for Loving all the Children of the World. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. God Bless Hannah and her drums.

  52. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce it is so wonderful knowing that God loves us for who we can be. Other people in our lives judge us and, and are critical of us. God I know that God loves us for who we are. Hannah is so precious and I am so happy that she plays the drums. God thank you for loving all of us.

  53. Alan & Maureen Hendrie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your opennness & sharing your wonderful family with us

  54. Judy | | Reply

    I am having a hard facing my daily struggles & wonder why me!

  55. Mark | | Reply

    Another good one Bruce! Thank You!!!

  56. Milane | | Reply

    Father, thank you for loving us.

  57. Toni McNeill | | Reply

    This was an amazing message and a great positive way to face each day -blessings to Hannah.
    cheers Toni Mc

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