Day 5

 Day 5


  1. Bridget | | Reply

    Real talk man of God… In other words, one day@ a time. Study to get theyself approve unto God.

  2. Elly Boardman | | Reply

    Praise God for your beautiful corollary for God’s love. You have touched my heart.

  3. Jeanette Easton | | Reply

    Please God transform me little by little so that I will be worthy of your love and the person you want me to be for you

  4. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  5. Dominique autard | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. listening to you has become my morning ritual before starting my day. May God bless you and your beautiful family for the work you do.

  6. Janet Murton | | Reply

    Thanks, love your talks. My husband’s comment for today was “even God didn’t make the world in a day!”

  7. Arend de Weger | | Reply

    Your words are down to earth and inspire me to be a better person, little by little. Thank you.

  8. John | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. I love your simplicity. Little by little by little. Its those little drops that make the rivers and the oceans. The little ants who work little by little to build the anthill. But we humans wants everything immediately.
    God bless you and your ministry for your beautiful work, simple but very meaningful words.

  9. Jill Mitchell | | Reply

    Thank you for making my transformation tangible, one little step at a time. How special this Lenten time is, it really makes me realize that if Jesus suffered so terribly on the cross for me, then I can carry my cross dailly. Thank you for that special message, and may our God bless Joel, Bridgette and Fred’s house.

  10. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    Wise words Bruce and something that we need to practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day…Raymond

  11. Paula edlinger | | Reply

    Awesome message

  12. Rani | | Reply

    The ‘little by little’ really spoke to me. Thank you, Bruce. God bless you and your family.

  13. Bruce | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, these powerful positive messages, that save us little by little that bring us to understand love little by little, got me thinking about the little by little negative messages our children are receiving, the little by little adult conversations we allow them to engage with, the little by little violent messages they witness on the television, the little by little poor language they hear in the street or at school.
    So my prayer for our children this Lent is that they may be flooded little by little with powerful positive messages like those you deliver so that enemies may be destroyed by the love Jesus taught us to live.
    God Bless my friend.

  14. Sandra. | | Reply

    Years ago I was privileged because I was chosen to work as the first volunteer in a men’s prison – some of them had been in and out of jail several times but the ones that I could work with were the ones who finally saw themselves as responsible for where they had ended up – they had little hope that they could change but all I did was expect little, little changes from them but in improvements they chose to do – and little by little everyone of them changed and not one went back to prison. The big thing I did was pray for them and I asked others to pray for them – so little by little even works for those who have no faith in God simply because GOD HAD SUCH FAITH IN US THAT HE SENT HIS ONLY SON …

  15. Jenetta | | Reply

    Thank you :)

  16. Peter Rutherford | | Reply

    Thank you so much, Bruce.

  17. Eve | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for such a positive message. Often when we are guilty of sin, the devil overwhelms us with this enormous sense of guilt which draws us away from the saving grace of Jesus. Now we can boldly approach the throne of grace and ask Jesus through the power of His Holy Spirit to transform us little by little daily. It may take a long time but at least we have taken the first step to being transformed in the image of Jesus.

  18. Rebecca | | Reply

    Little by Little, reminds me of the the song we used to sing many years ago, “Little by little everyday, little by little in every way, Jesus is changing me. Since I made that turn about face, I’ve been growing in His Grace, Jesus is changing me….

  19. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Bruce, I loved your analogy….it teaches that growth does come slowly and it’s not us doing it , but rather God doing it in us, and “us” becoming aware of wanting to be closer and closer to the God we are getting to know. the sharing of our comments is very meaningful for me….a little community together praising our God.

  20. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce I needed to be reminded that the work of transformation over this period of Lent is going to happen little by little. Certainly not by my own efforts alone, only with God’s grace.

  21. Antoinette Maceri | | Reply

    This is the first Lent in my life that I will be monitoring my own transformation gradually throughout the 40 days. It gives me something to really focus on and look forward to. Many thanks…

  22. Gabriel James | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing the wonderful prayers

  23. Cristina | | Reply

    Thank you Lord for the little transformation and changes that only You can see in me today. Everything happen because You work in secret inside of me and in others lives. Help me to see the skin of God in others and in myself in order to don’t give up during this journey of Lent.

  24. Tommy | | Reply

    Thank you Lord for revealing your Love in bits and pieces. I as a sinner could not handle the Whole Truth all at once as it would be just too powerful. As a Child of God I receive your love bit by bit. It is so nourishing. Thank you for my Oasis. And thank you Bruce and Bless you.

  25. theresa | | Reply

    Little, by little, by little, please dear God open the hearts of those who have left the church and bring them back home!

  26. Claudia Merkler | | Reply

    Thank YOU so much

  27. Brigitte | | Reply

    Thank you so much Bruce I’m really touched by your words!ngod bless you!

  28. Rose Towery | | Reply

    Thank you so much. Lord stay with me through this journey .

  29. Shirley | | Reply

    Bruce. I love your soft spoken voice. The tone is like a child describing little by little. We will meet God, in each and everyone little by little
    Happy Valentines Day

  30. John | | Reply

    I have been praying for a person for a long time but every time I thought I would take over every thing went wrong. When I really handed this person
    to Our Lord to take over, little by little Our Lord Love filled this person and gently bring her back, now I fell that I am the one to change for Our Lords Love
    radiates from her it is only when we come to realise His way is the only way and little by little the change comes in Jesus time. My Lord change that me
    that I may become a little child in your eves That I may grow in your Loving arms. Lord I love you for You are my Lord and my the eyes of the
    blind so they can see Your haly Face. My Lord and My God. Jesus I trust In You.


  31. Mark | | Reply

    Little by little . . . is good!

    Thanks Bruce!

  32. Milane | | Reply

    Little by little everyday Jesus is changing me. I am growing in His grace.

  33. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, it is so true, that changing ourselves is little by little by little. There are days that I find it easier than other days. I know that God is helping and assisting me to become the person that God wants me to be. Thank you so much for your beautiful talk it helps me so much and I feel so uplifted and happier.

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