Day 10

 Day 10


  1. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    To always help “Angels in Disguise”

    • Karen S Y | | Reply

      Be aware of those around me that are hurting and pray for them.

    • Avé Micco | | Reply

      Today spending time with my Jewish friend who has terminal cancer. Bringing her a frozen treat that she can eat with her mouth sores, Taking a walk if she is up to it. Just loving her. Also praying at Planned Parenthood with 40 Days for life this Lent for the women who are so afraid and the innocent unborn.

  2. Joyce | | Reply

    Sharing ur Ministry & daily homilies/prayers with friends has given me so much satisfaction. May God bless u in all ur endeavors. Thank u….

  3. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce,

  4. Kaye Josephs | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce , to encourage someone is a blessing. The point is to look at what’s right and build on that. Listening is key. This is what you have taught me today. God Bless you.

  5. David Massoud | | Reply

    To pay more attention in my peers conversation and offer my help. I should always remind myself to put myself in ones shoes. We are all created in the image of God, so protect it and embrace it.

  6. Linda chai | | Reply

    Thank you God for speaking to me through Bruce. Thank you Bruce. I was feeling so overwhelmed by work. But after I hear your day 9 lent msg, I feel so much better. I feel encouraged that God is speaking to me that I can manage this project, that He will help and guide me to support my team, to bring them together to collectively resolve issues, to be calm amongst the high stress and volatile atmosphere so that the team and stakeholders will be encouraged and motivated to push themselves on this last day of the project to achieve a stable system. This us my prayer as I write it down. Thank you for this life saving rope. Last night, I was walking round and round and almost on the verge of crying. Now I know we can do it with God’s help.

  7. mary | | Reply

    I will go & visit the lady down the road who lives alone.

    • Bernadette | | Reply

      Good on you Mary. Such a simple and practical response. X

    • Maureen Seckold | | Reply

      Yes Mary that is truly helping and serving. I visit 2 people who have no one and are in aged care. One forgets those close to home.

  8. Linda | | Reply

    Hi Bruce & team i love 2 listening 2 yr inspiring words daily as it gives me an extra boost each morning before I go about my daily life.

    I resonate in so many ways with what u have shared with us all however like you, I & am sure many others struggle daily trying 2b the person God wants me/us 2b due to constant influences everywhere around us. By the grace of God however & other trully beautiful people in my life am built up & comforted when i am down so i usually get by.

    You asked for an example of an act of service.
    This morning walking 2 my train i come across a man who wanted a chat, even though i was in a hurry i managed 2 have a short meaningful conversation with him. I left him feeling valued as he lives alone & just wanted some 1 on1 with someone (this all happened b4i i had listened 2 yr broadcast)

    Everyone is busy with one thing & another but something as simple as acknowledging or smiling at a stranger may make a world of difference 2 that person . Praise God

    Linda from Adelaide Australia

  9. Max | | Reply

    Act of service……when with others and they start talking negatively about someone, verbally say, ‘We best honor the absent’ then politely change the conversation. You are serving others by showing respect, and demonstrating how we should be more Christ like.

  10. Cristina | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for today meditation. I thank you Lord first of all, for the acts of service others make for me, and I ask your help for me to be aware of the needs of others. When I give something from my spiritual richness and graces to help others, be with me sweet Lord,. in order for me to be humble and my acts be like one of a disciple of yours

  11. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    As I go through my day today, I pray to be aware of the need that I see in whoever I am with, it maybe that I be the good listener they need, it maybe a simple smile, or it maybe a physical load I can be of some help for…whatever I do when the focus is not on myself it becomes real love for that person in need.

  12. Jenny | | Reply

    Sharing time with friends who are going through a hard time in their life and listening to them completely in that time. e.g taking them out to a coffee shop or for lunch.

  13. Rosemary | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

    By simply saying hello and chatting with the new families in our school community.

  14. Marilyn | | Reply

    I want to give as much time as I can to be there for my daughter and 2 grandchildren, especially when her husband is away for two weeks every month as he is a FIFO worker. She has a teenager and a toddler.

  15. Margaret | | Reply

    I will help this person in her needs and not criticise or speak unkindly of this person to others. Jesus, help me to remember your words, “As long as you did it to the least of my brethren, you did it to Me” Please help me, Jesus..

  16. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce thank you for making me think about what I can do for some who I love very much and who I am very close to. My Mum is so precious to me and I am going to do more for her, than what I am currently doing. I will take on more her workload which I know will be a huge help for her.

  17. Bridget | | Reply

    Stay with him, Stand by me oh my God & help me to do it more in your way,through Jesus Christ our lord & personal saviour Amen. Thanks man of God

  18. John | | Reply

    I am in a group that, amoung other things, reaches out to the poor of Melb on Friday nights where we offer tea and coffee etc. to the poor and homeless. (Bruce, I hesitated in writing this as I do not wish to take any credit. ) Anyway, what we are really there for is to listen to the poor. Most can find food, but, what they lack is someone to listen to them. Someone to care about them. Someone to show them Jesus’ love for them.

    • Kathy | | Reply

      Mother Theresa was once asked, “What do the poor want?”. Her response was, “The poor want to be wanted.”
      How simple and yet a powerful reminder that we all want to be listened to and wanted for who we are. Great work to do just that.

  19. Josleene Maroun | | Reply

    Assist the elderly, give them time patience and a warm hand,

  20. Tommy | | Reply

    The Lord has been using my vessel as a caretaker to my very best friend of 41 years. We have raised a foster son who gave us grandchildren and great grand children. My friend of 41 years now has cancer. With a new IV drug he may live 18-24 months longer. The Lord helps me daily to meet his every need, no matter how big or small. The Lord has made me his advocate when he is so when he cannot speak for himself. This care taking is overwhelming but there is nothing I would not do for my friend. On the other hand, I take care during the day of our 19 month old great grand son, who makes his “Daddy Chuck” smile every day from his bed. The Lord is with us and has drawn us closer as one life will soon come to an end and another just beginning. I am not worthy of the task before me but I am humbled and grateful the Lord is with me every step of every day. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  21. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.I will try and support my colleagues through this time of change at work and help those to deal with difficult situations that they face during their work.

  22. Elaine Pereira | | Reply

    Thanks for the encouraging words and good ideas how to be. More like Jesus.

  23. John | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, the greatest gift is to be extraordinary Minister of The Eucharist. To share the Precious Body and Blood to Our Parishioners, but currently I have had an operation only to find that I have a staph. bug in my system which has set me back a bit, but Our Blessed Lord looking after me I am getting better, thanks to our Lord Jesus. He never fails to answer our Prayers. I also ask to hold the Nurses and Doctors who are Angels without wings who serve those who are bedridden in Hospital and in their homes. this We ask in Jesus Holy Name that our Lord will bind the sickness in His Most Precious Blood. Take the sickness to the foot of your cross Fill each person with your precious healing Love, Your Peace and Forgiveness so You Father may be Glorified through Your Son We Thank You Father for answering Our Prayer We Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. Amen .
    “JesusI Trust We You”

  24. Jeannette | | Reply

    I feel Jesus through Bruce is following me, wanting me to be closer to him, first deciding on a big move how daunting it would be but Bruce spoke about in at the time I was feeling unsure ( when he told us of his move from Perth) and everything has worked out – and then he just spoke of building a new house (his son) which we are going through right now (relating it to Lent – bit by bit coming closer to Jesus) and today I drove past a Regatta Hotel and I dwelt on it a little about it being a place where people meet -(I’ve never been to one) and now just home I listen as Bruce spoke of his meeting at a Regatta Hotel … Jesus is talking to me/us in our everyday lives and today I sent a text to someone I love telling them we we loved him… Thank you Lord and thank you Bruce and your team!

  25. Jenni H. | | Reply

    I’m going to drive two ladies from my area to the beach. They have never been to the beach!

  26. chopper | | Reply

    Donating to charity.
    thanks bruce. Lovely inspirational message.

  27. Tim | | Reply

    I will be ever so much minder to my Millie from now on. This I do in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  28. Shelbyville | | Reply

    Being more available for others

  29. Ann | | Reply

    Continue on with the heart of Jesus as I minister to my husband daily. He has Stage IV, Pancreatic Cancer. I get down…but today I am back up. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Dave | | Reply

      Prayers coming your way,to you & your Family. Trust in Jesus….

  30. Antoinette | | Reply

    Having a mother in her 90’s gives me plenty of opportunities for serving. I love helping animals too. Cruelty towards animals is at an all time high and I feel motivated and called to serve God’s precious creatures in this area.

  31. Phillis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

    I will try to spend time talking with my very dementia husband, even though after 15 minutes later, he could not remember we had chatted.

  32. Carol | | Reply

    I am a mentor at an elementary school and am working with 2 third grade boys who each have different needs. Once a week I meet with them individually and am there to assist them academically and socially. One has been in the foster care system and the other is currently in a guardianship home. Despite the upheaval in the very young lives, they are happy kids. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

  33. k powenski | | Reply

    I am a retired teacher and for about 10 yrs. I have been volunteering several days a week at a nearby Catholic school. Since I am already doing this, can it be considered an act of service for the Lord?

    • John | | Reply

      All volunteer work that improves the lives of others, is a service pleasing to god. God Bless

  34. Liz Picker | | Reply

    I think these words today were acting as a little push to me to take on a position on a committee to help someone out….I have been very worried re taking the step…not feeling confident…..but your analogy at the beginning of rowers in a boat….there are people and God who are there to support u..thank you.

  35. Brendan James Dunleavy | | Reply

    I will be more understanding and kinder to my friend Mitchell’s needs. To help him without question get through his problems

  36. Mary McGee | | Reply

    I try every day to reach out to my very large family with a text message of encouragement or a phone call the family member that needs it most. My life, like yours, is so busy but taking a few minutes to reach out and MD just ask how are you today, brings comfort to some of them. Thank you for reiterating how important taking that time is.

  37. Diane Rhodes | | Reply

    For 18 years I have tried to be available to help with my grandchildren whenever I am able. I can’t say that I don’t get anything out of it. I have a wonderful, loving relationship with them. God has blessed me with 14 grandchildren from 18 years to 7 weeks. I treasure any time I can spend with them. I know my children appreciate knowing that When they are away, someone is loving them

  38. Cedric Auwardt | | Reply

    My wife and I run a family Bible Study each fortnight for most of the year. We have just commenced our tenth year and it has progressed well. When we first started we thought if it goes for about 3 or 4 months it would be good. We are very thankful to God how it has progressed. We also do some baby sitting for our grandchildren in Melbourne.

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